Mer-Ben Tapsilogan: hearty bulalo and other affordable eats in Tagaytay

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Mer-Ben Tapsilogan is probably your best option if you are looking for a delicious hot bowl of meaty bulalo but are on a budget. Aside from bulalo, Mer-Ben also offers other favorites like tawilis that are closely associated with Tagaytay

Mer-Ben Tapsilogan is probably your best option if you are looking for a delicious hot bowl of meaty bulalo but are on a budget. 

Aside from bulalo, Mer-Ben also offers other favorites like tawilis that are closely associated with traveling to Tagaytay.

Mer-Ben Tapsilogan's Extra Special Bulalo
Extra Special Bulalo

    What we ordered at Mer-Ben Tapsilogan

    Last April, while we were on our way to Canyon Cove in Nasigbu, Batangas, we decided to stop over at Tagaytay for lunch. Our companions suggested that we try Mer-Ben because they offer good food at affordable prices.

    We were a big group so we were ushered by the servers to the second level of the restaurant. We were actually in a nice position because it commanded a stunning view of Taal Lake as well as Taal Volcano and Mt. Binintiang Malaki. We went at Mer-Ben during the peak of summer but it was breezy, thus it was comfortable despite the heat of the sun.

    We ordered bowls of Extra Special Bulalo (Php520), Crispy Fried Tawilis (Php180), Sizzling Sisig (Php260), Adobong Pusit, (Php180), Camaron (Php450), and Pinakbet (Php88). For dessert, Ynah and I had Halo-Halo (Php90), which we asked to be served after our meal. As you can see, the food is very reasonably priced as compared to other restaurants in Tagaytay.

    Waiting time was short before the food was delivered to our table, but maybe because there was not much customers that time.

    Our experience

    We immediately began with the Bulalo soup because we knew it will get cold easily because of the strong Tagaytay winds. The broth was noteworthy; it tasted of bone marrow that was simmered for a long time. We were also happy to see that there was considerable amount of lean meat in the soup. Just a tip – you can ask for more additional soup if you want more. What I like about Mer-Ben is that they always deliver the soup piping hot.

    Mer-Ben Tapsilogan's Crispy Fried Tawilis
    Crispy Fried Tawilis

    As always, tawilis left a good impression on us. This fish is always packed with flavors. I just hope that it is immediately served right after it leaves the frying pan so that it does not get cold easily. Honestly, I have not yet had crunchy tawilis in Tagaytay. I think it will be more enjoyable to eat when it is crispy and then dipped in spicy vinegar.

    Mer-Ben Tapsilogan's Sizzling Pork Sisig
    Sizzling Pork Sisig

    Meanwhile, Mer-Ben’s sizzling sisig is served on a customary hot plate and topped with fresh egg. It was meaty and crunchy but it was too rich because they used a bit more margarine to cook the meat. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it with white rice which cut the richness of the pork fat and margarine a little bit.

    Mer-Ben Tapsilogan's Adobong Pusit
    Adobong Pusit

    Lastly, Mer-Ben’s Camaron and Adobong Pusit are your best options when you are craving for seafood. The Camaron remained crunchy despite the cold air. On the other hand, the Adobong Pusit is made of native baby squid which is the more flavorful and fragrant variety as compared to the bigger species of squid that is commonly made into calamares or fried squid rings.

    Mer-Ben Tapsilogan: the verdict

    Mer-Ben Tapsilogan is not hard to recommend for those who are looking for a restaurant in Tagaytay that serves delicious food. Their Bulalo, I think, is a strong contender for the best Bulalo in Tagaytay. Plus, I cannot overemphasize how affordable the food is. If you are a big group or family who want to enjoy good food but do not want to break their wallets, then you must go to Mer-Ben Tapsilogan.

    Mer-Ben Tapsilogan is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. You may get in touch with them through their telephone numbers: 046-4830768 and +639202619833.


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