The 6 Top Things That We Liked About Sonya's Garden [Review]

April 28, 2023

Find out why Sonya's Garden is one of the most recommended places to visit in Tagaytay City.

Sonya's Garden is one of the places in Tagaytay that is most often recommended to me by my friends as well as my colleagues. Honestly, I have not really given much attention as to why they would always tell me how beautiful Sonya's Garden was. However, when I finally visited Sonya's Garden, I immediately understood what the buzz was all about.

Fountain at Sonya's Garden

The 6 Top Things That We Liked About Sonya's Garden [Review]

    Tagaytay's Allure

    I have always found Tagaytay to be charming. It will always be one of my favorite destinations because it gives me some sense of peace whenever I feel the chilly air and when I see vast plains of green trees.

    A lush section of Sonya's Garden

    When Khris and I want a quick and convenient respite from the heat, noise, and frenzy of Metro Manila, Tagaytay easily comes to mind. We would often go to Bag of Beans to have snacks, coffee, and dessert. We would enjoy the fresh air and the sound of the rustling leaves when the wind blows.

    When we are at our Tagaytay house, we would often just take a walk around the neighborhood. Again, it's to enjoy the calm and quiet of the surroundings and the relaxing cool air.  

    Our experience at Sonya's Garden

    We have been to several well-known spots and restaurants in Tagaytay but it took us long to finally get to visit Sonya's Garden. We were glad that we did because that brief moment of walking around the manicured paths of Sonya's Garden gave us many wonderful memories. 

    Pathway at Sonya's Garden

    Sonya's Garden was like a different world on its own; it was filled with trees and many flowering plants. The many blooms brought a splash of colors everywhere. The quaint beauty of its surroundings kept us drawn during the entire time when we were at Sonya's Garden.

    Things to love about Sonya's Garden

    Aside from Sonya's Garden's charm, here are some of the things that we liked about it and why we think it's a definite must-visit in Tagaytay:

    1. Everybody is welcome in Sonya's Garden

    All guests who wish to visit Sonya's Garden are welcome to enter.  You do not have to pay the parking fee (yes, it's free) as well as an admission fee. 

    Resting on a bench at Sonya's Garden
    Resting on a bench

    As such, you can enjoy a tour at Sonya's Garden without having to shell out a single peso just to enter its premises. This alone is a good enough reason to visit Sonya's Garden. 

    While you are walking around Sonya's Garden, keep your eyes peeled for Sonya's Garden's adorable golden retriever who is always ready to greet guests. 

    2. The sight of Sonya's Garden's lush manicured gardens filled with colorful flowers will relax you

    Sonya's Gardens is filled with plants. Everywhere you look, you will be greeted by lush greens and colorful blooms. 

    Stingless bees at Sonya's Garden
    Stingless bees

    There's nothing more therapeutic than walking on stone pavements lined with plants and flowers of different hues. Coupled with the cool weather, the sight of plants will instantly bring you a feeling of peace  

    The Proposal Garden at Sonya's Garden
    Proposal Garden

    One of the sections that you should check is the Proposal Garden. It has a small table for two that is set up in the middle of different species of plants and flowers. If your boyfriend decides to bring you here for a date, be ready for some exciting things ahead. 

    Table in the Proposal Garden of Sonya's Garden
    The table in the Proposal Garden

    A Zen fountain is also located inside the Proposal Garden, which provides a relaxing sound from the trickling water. 

    3. Sonya's Garden sells organic products

    If you love organic products, there is a shop inside Sonya's Garden that sells massage oils, emollients, soaps, and lotions. These are hypoallergenic products that are made from natural ingredients to ensure that your skin stays healthy and nourished. 

    Personal care products at Sonya's Garden
    Personal care products

    We sniffed some of the samples on display and they were mildly-scented yet invigorating; the perfect treat after a long and tiring day. 

    4. You can buy delicious and freshly-baked pastries here

    While you are here, do visit Sonya's Garden's bakery, too. It's a must that you try the Spanish bread. Sonya's Garden's version is a soft pastry filled with a rich cheesy-buttery filling. 

    Sonya's Garden's bakeshop
    Inside the bakeshop

    It's not too sweet and it's very unlike the usual Spanish bread sold in neighborhood bakeries. A cup of hot chocolate or coffee goes well with Sonya's Garden's Spanish bread. 

    Aside from bread, there are also bottles of honey, banana chips, and turmeric tea sold at the bakeshop. 

    5. Sonya's Garden guarantees that only fresh ingredients are used in the food that they serve

    Sonya's Garden espouses the farm-to-table concept. The ingredients for their food items are organic and freshly harvested from Sonya's Secret Farm to ensure that these are of the best quality. 

    As such, one can expect to find salads and fresh fruits in season on the menu. Also, don't be surprised to find edible flowers in their salads. They add colors as well as flavor to the food. 

    If you like fresh herbs when you cook, you can buy them here. There are numerous types of aromatics sold at Sonya's Garden. 

    6. You can also buy hand-crafted products and furniture here

    If you are looking for hand-crafted pieces to accentuate your home, Sonya's Garden sells furniture produced by local artisans. 

    In one of the shops at Sonya's Garden
    Favorite Finds shop

    When you buy any of these pieces, you are, in a way, also giving livelihood to the local community of Tagaytay. 

    Sonya's Garden Bed and Breakfast

    Guests who would like to stay overnight are welcome to stay at Sonya's Bed and Breakfast where they may enjoy a quiet and leisurely evening. The cottages are devoid of air-conditioners and TV sets in order for guests to fully enjoy nature's splendor.

    Guests will enjoy a complimentary early dinner or lunch, and breakfast.

    The rates are as follows:

    • Php3,000/head (net) on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) 
    • Php3,400/head (net) on weekends (Friday to Sunday) 
    • Php3,740/head (net) on holidays and during peak season 
    • Php5,000 for single occupancy 

    Sonya's Garden Spa Services and Rates

    There is also a spa at Sony's Garden for guests who would like a relaxing massage or wellness treatment.

    Full body massages start at P879 for one hour, foot massage starts at Php600 for 30 minutes, and all facials are priced at P1,008 for one hour.

    If you want traditional Filipino massages, you can try Hilot for as low as Php1,098 for one hour or the Bentosa using glass cups at P2,000 for one and a half hours. 

    How to go to Sonya's Garden 

    If you are coming from Manila, drive straight to the Tagaytay-Nasugbu road. Then turn right to Buck Estate road. Drive farther ahead until you see the signage of Sonya's Garden which is on the left side of the road. 

    Weddings at Sonya's Garden

    Sonya's Garden is also a popular wedding venue. Many famous personalities have had their wedding reception here. As such, a wedding reception is a usual sight at the spacious Sunflower venue. 

    Sonya's Garden Contact Numbers

    If you have inquiries or you want to make reservations, you may reach Sonya's Garden through the following telephone numbers:

    Restaurant Reservations:

    • +63 917 529 1080
    • +63 917 516 1080 


    • +63 917 532 9097
    • +63 917 703 3442 

    Bed & Breakfast:

    • +63 977 850 8273
    • +63 917 503 1080
    • +63 917 533 514


    • +63 917 523 1080


    If you have not yet been to Sonya's Garden, you should include it in your next Tagaytay itinerary. You won't regret going here. 

    The many colorful blooms and the luxuriant greens around you will make you feel as if you are in a different world. Well, at least that was how we felt.

    Sonya's Garden review

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    1. What a lovely place to get lost. I didn't know about this place and since I haven't been to Tagaytay, I'll surely include this on my bucket list to see when I get the chance to visit Tagaytay. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

      1. Yup, Sonya's Garden sure was a lovely place. I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of Tagaytay, too, when you get the chance to visit. Thank you for dropping by!