Explore the world worry-free with Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master

July 12, 2019

Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master is probably one of the wisest investments that you can make before embarking on your next trip, whether locally or abroad.

Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master is probably one of the wisest investments that you can make before embarking on your next trip, whether locally or abroad. With Travel Master’s extensive coverage, travelers are assured of peace of mind, so they can focus on enjoying their adventures and creating wonderful memories during their trip.

Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master protects you during your travel

Explore the world worry-free with Malayan Insurance's Travel Master

    What is travel insurance? 

    In simple terms, travel insurance is intended to cover accidental expenses and losses incurred when you are traveling. Depending on the coverage, some of these expenses include medical, lost baggage, and flight cancellations, just to mention a few.

    It is actually one of the most accessible types of insurance in the market because travelers may avail of travel insurance both from banks and insurance companies. Furthermore, some insurance companies even offer their products through their online portals. 

    Travel insurance in the Philippines 

    During the third quarter of 2018, an article published by ABS-CBN News based on a study published by Lloyd’s, a world leader in the insurance and reinsurance market, said that insurance penetration in the Philippines remains less than one percent. No doubt, insurance purchases remain low among many Filipinos. 

    Given the lack of popularity of insurance products among certain market segments of Filipinos, travel insurance, understandably, may not always be their top priority when it comes to making their travel arrangements. 

    After all, when preparing our travel itinerary, we only tend to think about the items that require our immediate attention such as booking accommodation, preparing a list of all the places that we want to visit, and estimating the amount of pocket money that we need for the trip, among other concerns. 

    Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master let's you explore the world with no worries

    We often do not think about the negative events that might occur during our trip. Ultimately, holidays are about having as much fun as we can and letting go of our worries.

    However, it is also a fact that no matter how well we plan our trip, small yet unpleasant events do pop up and spoil our time because we failed to foresee them. Some examples of such incidents when traveling are damaged and lost luggage, missing passport, minor accidents, or even sickness. 

    Oftentimes, travelers are caught by surprise because they have not prepared for those unfortunate incidents. This is where travel insurance comes in practical and convenient. 

    Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master 

    Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master is a reliable brand when it comes to Schengen travel insurance in the Philippines. With Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master, policyholders can embark on their adventures with full confidence because they are getting one of the most reliable travel insurance products available in the market today.

    Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master can protect you andyour loved one when you travel abroad

    Through its vast global network of emergency centers, Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master can offer the most wide-ranging international travel insurance available in the Philippines. 

    For maximum peace of mind of travelers, Travel Master assures policyholders of the following coverage: 

    1. Personal Accident to protect the insured from accidents during travel as well as compensation for accidental death, dismemberment, or disablement as well as accidental burial benefit.

    2. Emergency Medical Treatment of the insured during incidents of unexpected and sudden medical treatment abroad, as well as follow-up care and the daily incidental expenses incurred during hospital confinement.

    3. Personal Liability for cases in which the insured accidentally inflicts physical harm on another person or causes damages to other people’s property.

    4. Recovery of Travel Expenses in case the insured needs to cut the trip sooner than planned. Travel Master’s Emergency Trip Termination feature shall reimburse the unused portion of travel and the non-refundable accommodation expenses that have been paid in advance.

    In case the trip has been canceled within 30 days before the scheduled departure, the non-refundable portion of travel and accommodation expenses shall be reimbursed.

    Do keep in mind that the termination or postponement of the trip must be due to death or life-threatening sickness or injury of the insured, or from a member of the immediate family requiring immediate medical attention. 

    Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master lets you take flights with peace of mind

    5. Travel Inconvenience Benefits which will provide compensation for loss of travel documents, loss of baggage, baggage delay, loss of cash, damage to a laptop, and flight delay as a result of severe weather, mechanical trouble, strikes, and even skyjacking. 

    6. Travel Assistance Benefits (in partnership with Assist America, hotline +632-811-2521), to provide medical aid to travelers like medically-supervised repatriation, emergency evacuation, return of mortal remains, care for unattended minors, compassionate leave, hospital admission guarantee, critical care monitoring, prescription assistance, legal and interpreter referrals, and emergency medical transmission.

    7. Travel Master also provides free insurance coverage for damage to rented cars and medical treatment and assistance services for accidents during sports activities. 

    Aside from air travel, Travel Master will also provide coverage to policyholders during travel on ships, trains, and cars. That means enjoying ultimate peace of mind when you are out on your adventures. 

    Traveling is one of the best activities to gain new knowledge like culture and history. Best of all, it provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of work, and generally from stress brought about by the daily grind. As the popular saying goes, travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer.

    Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master insures you when you travel to a foreign land

    However, it is also a fact that you are putting yourself at greater risk when you are on the move, especially if you are in a foreign land. Just some months ago, social media channels were abuzz because of a couple who figured in a fatal accident while vacationing abroad.

    While there were a lot of good Samaritans who were ready to provide help and financial support, it took quite a bit of time before enough funds were raised to repatriate the couple’s remains. 

    Nobody wants to be in a similar situation but it is always good to be prepared because we do not really know what might happen to us when we are traveling. Getting travel insurance is, thus, a wise investment in protecting yourself should something untoward happens during your trip.


    Should you have additional questions or would want to request a quotation, you may avail of Malayan Insurance’s free consultation. Simply call 242-8888 or visit any Malayan Insurance branch.

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