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Discovery Shores Boracay

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in a very romantic fashion at Discovery Shores Boracay -- dinner by the beachfront. We were initially told by the hotel staff that al fresco dining was for their semi-fine dinner set only but they eventually allowed us outside when we told them that we were celebrating a special occasion. The soft lights, the cool sea breeze blowing and the waves gently pattering added all the more to the romantic vibe of the place.

Discovery Shores Boracay
Discovery Shores Boracay
Discovery Shores Boracay
Dinner by the beach
We ordered Crispy Baby Squids for appetizers, Greek Salad and Aglio Olio pasta. The crispy baby squids were really good. They were lightly battered and fried to a perfect golden brown. They were impeccably crispy and tasted clean; without the usual starchy taste that is characteristic of similar dishes. The slightly sour and mildly salty lemon dipping sauce was the perfect accompaniment to this appetizer.

The Aglio Olio pasta is also a winner. The al dente pasta is dressed well with olive oil, garlic and parsley. Chili flakes were sprinkled on top of the heap, giving it with just the right level of heat. It was perfect for sharing.

The Greek Salad was also good but it was not extraordinary. It was just nice that it had a generous sprinkling of feta cheese.

Discovery Shores Boracay
Romantic al fresco dining
Discovery Shores Boracay
Our welcome drink

But above everything else, what really made our experience unforgettable and special was the service. The gentleman serving us was very fast, attentive, efficient and very accommodating. It was just a pity that I could not recall his name.

We went away that night fully satisfied and happy. Given the chance, we definitely would want to check in and stay at Discovery Shores Boracay.

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