The 14 Top Things To Do In Boracay For First-Timers [A Travel Guide]

February 28, 2022

Boracay is one destination that you either hate or love. For us though, there is more to love about this island that keeps us coming back to it.

Boracay is one destination that you either hate or love. I came to Boracay without much expectation because of the many negative things I always hear about it. Oftentimes, adjectives like commercialized, overcrowded, and polluted seem to abound when people talk about Boracay.

Dusk at Boracay
One of the best views in Boracay

The 14 Top Things To Do In Boracay For First-Timers [A Travel Guide]

    Boracay travel requirements

    Please refer below for the list of travel requirements for Boracay under Alert Level 1 this 2022:

    • Proof of identification with Philippine Residency/Passport for foreigners /OFWs / OFs
    • Accomplish the Online Health Declaration Form at; take a screenshot of the confirmation page.
    • Booking confirmation from a DOT-accredited hotel/resort with Certificate of Authority to Operate.
    • Roundtrip travel details (Mode of Travel: Air, Sea, Land; Place of Origin; Arrival Date; Flight/Bus/Plate No/Vessel Name).
    • For fully vaccinated tourists: VaxCert PH COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate with full vaccination status from or locally issued vaccination card / ID with verifiable QR code or with contact details of vaccination center. The World Health Organization International Certificate of Vaccination or a vaccination certificate issued abroad are also accepted.
    • Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated tourists must submit a negative RT-PCR test result (saliva test from Red Cross is allowed) with a 72-hour validity from a licensed testing facility.
    • Those below 12 years of age must accomplish the Certificate of Undertaking Travelling with Minors from the Aklan Government website.

    Boracay through the eyes of a first-timer

    Admittedly, I initially felt that I had to go to Boracay because it was obligatory; everybody’s been here except me. I wouldn’t want to be left out during conversations about this famed island, so it's just fitting that I should go and see it for myself soon.

    A sign welcoming tourists in Boracay
    Welcome to Boracay

    Weeks before we went there, I was wondering why I have not been to Boracay before. I could think of several reasons – lack of time and budget, too lazy to plan my trip, or just not interested at all to do it. But then again, I really could not pinpoint a good explanation of why I have not made the trip to Boracay.

    A funny sign telling guests that they are not dreaming that they are in Boracay
    Yes, I thought that I was just dreaming that I was in Boracay

    The idea of visiting Boracay popped up when Khris and I were planning our first-anniversary celebration. It was actually the only destination that came to my mind. I was not really excited, only incredibly curious to see and feel the powdery white sand that everybody has been raving about on my feet.

    Going to Boracay is easy although you have to prepare yourself for the long land trip from the airport to Caticlan. Boracay can be accessed via the Kalibo International Airport (KLO) or the Caticlan or the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (MPH). We chose to take the Kalibo International Airport. 

    Fire dancers in Boracay
    Fire dancer

    We arrived at Kalibo International Airport a little past seven in the evening on April 05, 2015. When we got our luggage, Khris told me that we may either take a shuttle van or a bus to go to Caticlan. We chose the former. 

    It was not long before the van was on the road because there were many tourists this time of the year. In fact, we only had to wait for a few minutes for more passengers to arrive before our vehicle proceeded to Caticlan. 

    A sign outside a restaurant in Boracay
    There are a lot of places to eat in Boracay

    Travel time was around two hours through the meandering highway. The road was mostly dark but sometimes, we could make out the image of a beach. There are times when the road felt creepy, but it was mostly just our imagination playing tricks on us. Thankfully, it was generally a smooth and comfortable ride.

    When we got to Caticlan, we had to pay for our ferry ride as well as the environmental fee. From Caticlan jetty port, it was a short 15-minute journey to Boracay jetty port.

    Upon disembarking at Boracay jetty port, we hailed a tricycle and asked to be dropped off at D’ Mall at Station 2. Once Khris and I were inside D’ Mall, we began looking for Alamo Bay Inn, our accommodation that evening.

    Sunshine in Boracay
    Boracay sunshine

    Admittedly, I was quite taken aback by the thick crowd inside D’ Mall. Not being used to large crowds, I initially felt suffocated but I soon warmed up. After all, it was the beach crowd. The type that had nary a care in the world; just like us, they were there to relax and have fun.

    After a fair amount of asking for directions, we were finally able to find Alamo Bay Inn. It was a small apartment-type accommodation with all the basic necessities – a bed, an air-conditioning unit, a small table, a television, and a bathroom and toilet.

    Alamo Bay Inn was perfect for anybody on a budget or overnighters. We were hungry because of our long journey so we immediately changed clothes and headed out to get dinner.

    Happy crowd in Boracay
    Boracay is filled with happy people

    After a few minutes of weaving through D’ Mall and deciding on where to eat, we finally settled for Big Mouth, a restaurant specializing in sizzling dishes. I ordered T-Bone steak and Khris got Salisbury steak. The food was actually good and very affordable at P250 and P180, respectively.

    After our satisfying dinner, we decided to walk around. We went out to the beachfront; there was music coming from every direction – reggae songs, pop songs, techno songs – with the people soaking themselves in every beat and note.

    There were a lot of people but it was a happy crowd, not the rowdy kind that one would normally expect in such a setting. In fact, a generally cheerful vibe was very palpable all around us. It was then that I realized that we made the right decision to go to Boracay for our first wedding anniversary.

    I knew as well that our succeeding days on this island will surely be enjoyable and memorable. We went to bed early, excited for what was in store for us the next day.

    American breakfast in Boracay
    My first breakfast in Boracay

    We woke up early to catch the Boracay sunshine on our second day. We got dressed and immediately headed out to find breakfast. From the multitude of restaurants that dot D’ Mall, we settled for Jammers because there were just a few people eating there plus it looked affordable.

    My very first breakfast in Boracay was American Breakfast consisting of two slices of toast, two sunny sides up eggs, three strips of bacon, sausage, and a cup of coffee. Khris, meanwhile, ordered a longganisa with egg and rice.

    After our quick meal, we took a stroll along the beachfront. The Boracay in front of me now was much different as compared to the previous night’s milieu. It was more laid back and much more alluring. The bright sunshine further brought out the brilliant turquoise hue of the sea.

    A giant native decor in Boracay
    A giant décor

    Now I know why it is still considered one of the best beaches in the world despite the commercialism. Never mind the green algal bloom, it was still magnificent. The people were now leisurely enjoying the sun and the clear water. Nobody was in a hurry, nor was there anybody who seemed anxious about anything. Life was slow.

    The powdery white sand felt nice under my feet. As such, most of the time, I would rather walk barefoot.

    Slippers on white sand in Boracay
    Walking barefoot

    We took a long walk towards Station 3 until our feet brought us to the Talipapa market. We went around and checked out the different pasalubong and souvenir items being sold – shirts, ref magnets, coin purses, and all.

    After a few minutes of walking around, we went back to Alamo Bay Inn to check out and transfer to Boracay Regency Hotel (now Henann Regency Resort & Spa, Boracay), which will be our home for the next few days.

    Walking along the beach in Boracay
    We loved walking on the beach

    Once we have checked in at Boracay Regency, we rested for about 30 minutes then headed out. Our first activity for the day, of course, was to take a dip in the aquamarine water. Despite the bright sun, the water was still very cold.

    Afterward, we again took a long walk,  this time going in the direction of Station 1. What better way to enjoy the sights and sceneries of Boracay or any place in general than to travel on foot. Along the way, we tried fresh fruit shakes and isaw from roadside stands.

    Slippers being sold at D' Talipapa Market in Boracay
    Slippers for sale

    We saw one of Boracay’s most iconic landmarks, Willy’s Rock. It is a small rock formation a few hundred meters from the beach near Station 1. On top of it was a statue of the Virgin Mary. It was already low tide when we got there so we took the opportunity to take photographs near the islet.

    Several photographs later, we decided to go back to Station 2 and wait for the sunset. On our way back, we saw the famous Jonah’s restaurant, a popular snack bar on the island that is best known for its rich and thick fruit shakes.

    The beautiful white beach of Boracay
    Beautiful White Beach

    We thought it best to take advantage of the opportunity to try their shakes. I got my favorite avocado shake with evaporated milk while Khris got a banana-pineapple combination. Indeed, the concoction was thick and tasted generous of fresh fruit. The milk lent the shake with added richness.

    By mid-afternoon, we could already see a lot of colorful sailboats or paraw. A paraw is a small boat with two outriggers and two sails. If one would want to try paraw sailing, there are vessels for rent for 30 minutes. Price is dependent on the size and capacity of the boat.

    Sandcastle in Boracay
    A sandcastle

    Not having walked very far, we thought of lounging on the beach and catching the sunset. We took out our sarong, spread it on the white sand, and then we unabashedly slumped on the ground. We could already see the sun quickly plummeting on the horizon. This whole spectacle painted the Boracay skyline with hues of yellow-orange, slate blue, and dark gray. We beheld this mélange of colors as if it were a beautiful work of art.

    By early evening, we were back to our hotel and got dressed. It was our first wedding anniversary and we were to celebrate it on Fridays Boracay.

    The aquamarine waters of Boracay
    Boracay's aquamarine waters

    Around 7:00 PM, we hailed a tricycle and asked to be dropped off on Fridays in Station 1. Fridays is a 48-room resort, best-known for its nipa-hut-inspired accommodations. Unfortunately, the restaurant only offered a buffet that evening.

    We thought the buffet was too much for us so we transferred to Discovery Shores. The hotel staff was very accommodating to allow us to have our dinner at one of the tables at the beachfront. In a very romantic fashion, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary dinner by the beach.

    After our light dinner, we had another crazy idea of walking all the way back to Boracay Regency, which we did. Tired from the long walk and a day full of activities, we went to bed early excited for the adventures that awaited us the next day.

    Paraw boats in Boracay
    Paraw boats

    Our days in Boracay consisted of long and slow walks and sitting on the beach while dreamily looking at the glistening water. We would wait for the sunset, watch the beachfront get transformed into a party strip, sometimes we would listen to some music from a bar, at times we would watch the fire dancers, and most of the time we were hunting for a good place where we can eat.

    Like any other vacation though, our Boracay adventure must come to a close. With heavy feet, we had to go back to the reality of the urban jungle. However, by this time, I was already deeply in love with Boracay. All my previous misconceptions had totally vanished -- Boracay is a beautiful paradise. It's already our favorite island and we promised ourselves that we would go back here whenever we could.

    The things that you must do if it's your first time in Boracay

    "When in Boracay, do as the locals do!," a middle-aged lady selling souvenirs in Talipapa said this to us in the vernacular. She said that in Boracay, one is free to do what he wishes to do (as long as it’s legal) or wear what suits his taste, and nobody will care about you. That adage, I reckon, applies to almost every other place around the country.

    Couple travel bloggers enjoying the beach in Boracay
    That's us enjoying the beach

    During my very first Boracay adventure, I found out that one will never run out of things to do on this island. Some you have to pay for, of course, but most of them are free.

    Here is a list of the things that you must do in Boracay, especially if it's your first time visiting:

    1. Lounge leisurely at the beach

    Boracay's beach is spectacular. I could never get enough of the powdery white sand and the crystal clear water.

    Beach umbrellas in Boracay
    Beach umbrellas

    Frankly speaking, I could spend my day in Boracay just sitting on the beach. What Khris and I would usually do is we would wake up early, have breakfast, then do nothing but sit on the beach and frolic in the water for the whole morning.

    2. Take long walks along the beach

    What better way to explore Boracay than to take long walks along the beach. Walking allowed us to see the island in detail – its people, the way of life here, and the different attractions around us.

    A beautiful stretch of powdery white sand in Boracay
    A beautiful stretch of powdery white sand

    From our hotel, we would walk all the way to Talipapa Market in Station 3 and, from there, go back until we reach Willy’s Rock near Station 1. On one occasion, we walked from Discovery shores in Station 1 up to Boracay Regency near Station 3.

    3. Try the fruit shakes at Jonah’s

    Jonah's Snack Bar has gained popularity among tourists because of its fruit shakes. I tried the avocado shake and it was very good. It had a very thick consistency and tasted of rich avocado and milk. It’s a perfect cooler after a long walk under the sun.

    Fruit shake at Jonah's in Boracay
    Jonah's fruit shake

    Khris and I also love ordering their chori burgers and grilled isaw. These are our favorite snacks when we get hungry after walking on the beach.

    4. Eat in a buffet restaurant

    Khris and I are fans of buffet restaurants. While we were in Boracay, we saw a lot of restaurants offering buffet meals but we could not make a decision on where to eat because their selections were unexceptional when we checked out their menu.

    One evening, we passed by Victory Beach & Dive Resort and our attention was instantly caught by their sign offering unlimited seafood for around P298.

    We were already famished from our day-long activity so we decided to check it out. What we saw was a huge spread of clams, mussels, shrimps, pancit, oysters, crabs, and steamed tuna. Rice and iced tea are also unlimited.

    We thought it was a good deal so we decided to try it. It turned out to be a good decision because the seafood was very fresh, was cooked well, and tasted really good. We indulged in the steamed oysters and shrimps to our hearts' delight.

    5. Visit Talipapa Market and D’ Talipapa Market

    A visit to Boracay would not be complete without heading out to Talipapa Market to buy souvenirs and pasalubongs.

    Souvenirs in Boracay
    Souvenirs in Boracay

    We found out that there is also a D’ Talipapa Market where they sell fresh seafood like crabs, lobsters, clams, and fish. There are also stalls here that sell native products and souvenirs. As with many similar marketplaces, always haggle for the lowest price!

    6. Go island hopping

    Island-hopping is probably your best option if you intend to explore the neighboring islands of Boracay.

    Boat for island-hopping in Boracay
    Preparing a boat for island-hopping

    Aside from lounging leisurely at the beach and partying at night, what else can you do in Boracay? If you are looking for activities beyond helmet diving, banana boat riding, and paragliding, then island-hopping might be for you. Yes, there's much more to see in Boracay aside from the stretch of white beach along Stations 1 to 3.

    Getting an island-hopping tour requires no effort at all as boatmen will approach just about anybody on the beach. Alternatively, you may inquire from your hotel who will refer you to their partner tour operators.

    A small boat that we saw while island-hopping in Boracay
    Passing by a small boat on the way to our first island-hopping destination

    Island hopping tour packages are arranged by locals for around P1,000. When we asked one gentleman offering us a tour, he told us that it was the standard rate among all operators and that it was regulated to ensure fairness.

    However, when we inquired from our hotel, they offered island hopping tours for only P800 per person. It was a steal so we booked right away. The tour package included a one-hour stopover at the well-known Crystal Cove; a buffet lunch of crispy shrimps, fish, barbeque, and fruits; a visit to Puka Beach, and 30 minutes of snorkeling in open waters above a reef.

    Exploring a different side of Boracay
    Exploring a different side of Boracay

    On a different note, I like that the no-smoking policy at the beach is being strictly implemented and adhered to in Boracay. I heard our island hopping tour guide politely tell an Australian gentleman that smoking was prohibited on the beach and the guy readily complied.

    Anyway, the following are the details of our Boracay island-hopping tour:

    Crystal Cove

    Our first destination, Crystal Cove, is a private island. As such, we had to pay an admission fee of Php200 per head. The water around the island is still crystal clear but the beach is a little gravelly, not as fine as that in Boracay.

    At the Crystal Cove Island entrance in Boracay
    At Crystal Cove

    Once inside the resort, you are free to trek around the island, have your photographs taken in beautiful spots, and even visit the museum.

    At Crystal Cove's highest point, you will have a good view of the vast surrounding aquamarine waters. Down below, huge waves pound the rocky shores. Thick foliage also covers the island so it's a little shady as you stroll around.

    From Crystal Cove, we had a one-hour lunch break. It was a filling lunch buffet of rice, grilled fish, pork adobo, pork barbecue, and crispy shrimps. The food was sumptuous and reminded us of classic home-cooked food.

    Puka Beach

    After lunch, we proceeded to Puka Beach. The waves are a little strong but you may still swim at the beach. The cream-colored sand is coarse and there are broken shells all around so better wear aqua shoes to protect your feet. We stayed here for only about 45 minutes.

    Puka Beach in Boracay
    Puka Beach

    From Puka Beach, our boatmen took us snorkeling in open waters. Visible in the water were schools of fish but their colors are not really exciting. The waves and the currents are a little strong so we recommend wearing a life vest while swimming.

    Another 45 minutes later, we were once again back to Station 3. It was an enjoyable tour, a change in scenery, and a chance to explore. At least we got to see other islands near Boracay.

    7. Catch the Boracay sunset

    Aside from sitting on the beach and doing nothing, waiting for the sunset is also one of our favorite things to do in Boracay.

    Sunset in Boracay
    Sunset in Boracay

    By 4:30 PM, we would nonchalantly slump on the sand with our drinks and wait for the sun to sink over the horizon until darkness envelops the beach. Boracay at dusk is just as beautiful as it is during daybreak.

    8. Have your photo taken at Willy’s Rock

    You cannot say that you have been to Boracay if you have not yet visited Willy’s Rock. This iconic landmark is a rocky islet with a grotto perched on top of it.

    Photo of a couple travel blogger at Willy's Rock in Boracay
    Our photo at Willy's Rock

    Willy's Rock is easily accessible by foot during low tide but do be careful because the rocks are sharp and slippery. Have your picture taken here as proof that you’ve been to Boracay.

    9. Try the banana boat ride

    One of the best ways to experience the beautiful waters of Boracay is through a banana boat ride. This thrilling ride is best shared with your friends and family and will take you through the clear waters of Boracay. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    10. Experience helmet diving

    Helmet diving is one of the most popular activities in Boracay. It lets visitors explore the breathtaking beauty of Boracay's underwater sceneries, including walking amid colorful fishes and stunning coral reefs. Helmet diving is a good alternative to scuba diving, especially for those who have no formal training or those who would not want to be bothered by putting on scuba gear. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    11. Go parasailing

    Parasailing is another popular activity in Boracay. It lets visitors enjoy the best views of Boracay while flying above crystal clear waters. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    12. Explore the island via ATV

    With the all-terrain vehicle or ATV, travelers can explore the side of Boracay that is not commonly seen by other visitors. The ATV lets guests drive through the rugged terrain and hills of the island for a different kind of experience. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    13. Enjoy a massage at the beach

    If you want to relax after some physically intensive activities in Boracay, why don't you try getting a massage by the beach? It's not hard to find because there are trained masseurs at almost all points of the beachfront. You can easily spot (and hear) them as they offer their services to tourists.

    14. Have a beach photoshoot

    Take your Boracay travel photos to the next level by booking a photoshoot on this famed island. Professional photographers can take your pre-nuptial photos, family photos, or your couple photos so that you could immortalize your travel memories in beautifully executed photographs. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    Where to stay in Boracay

    Boracay is home to many world-class five-star hotels, mid-tier hotels, and budget accommodations and hostels. We have actually experienced staying in all types of accommodations in Boracay and we could say that all of them provided us with a fairly good experience.

    Enjoying the view at Crystal Cove in Boracay
    Enjoying the view at Crystal Cove

    If you are still undecided on where to stay in Boracay, here are some hotels that you may want to consider:

    1. Henann Regency Resort & Spa

    Location: Station 2, Boracay

    We have stayed here during our first wedding anniversary when it was still called Boracay Regency Hotel. During the time when we were at Boracay Regency, we remarked how lovely the hotel was even though it was an old building. It was one of the most beautiful hotels in Station 3, especially with its water cascade in its façade.

    To know more about our experience, please read this post: Boracay Regency Hotel: Creating Wonderful Memories. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    2. Sur Beach Resort

    Location: Station 1, Boracay

    We stayed here during our third trip to Boracay. It was a small hotel but it was lovely with its gardens with abundant plants, its outside dining area, attractive reception area, and helpful attendants. We also loved the food here and the generally affordable room rates considering the quality of the hotel and the service.

    To read more about our experience at Sur Beach Resort, please read this post: Sur Beach Resort Boracay: a slice of paradise. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    3. Boracay Backpackers

    Location: Station 1, Boracay

    This is one of the best-rated accommodations in Boracay because of its excellent location and great value for money. It has all the basic amenities like clean beds, LCD tv, towels, and a locker, just to name some. It's got everything that is to be expected from a backpackers' hostel without compromising quality and cleanliness. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    4. CHILLAX Flashpackers Boracay

    Location: Diniwid Beach Road, Boracay

    CHILLAX Flashpackers is another highly-rated hotel in Boracay. It offers a good mix of deluxe rooms and dormitory-style rooms. So whether you are traveling with your family or with your friends or colleagues, CHILLAX has the perfect accommodation for you. All rooms are accorded basic amenities like a television, clean linens, and comfortable beds. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    5. Alamo Bay Inn

    Location: D' Mall, Station 2, Boracay

    Khris and I stayed at Alamo Bay Inn during our very first night in Boracay. We found it a bit challenging to find this hostel because it is located in a not-so-conspicuous corner inside D' Mall. It was apartment-style, with a room that is good for two, a bed, a television, air-conditioning, and a bathroom. Although our room is clean, it is basic - no decorations or even posters on the wall - so don't expect too much from it. If you are on a budget and you intend to spend much of your time outside, then Alamo Bay Inn is just okay. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

    Where to eat in Boracay

    If there is one thing that will never run out in Boracay, it's the places where you can eat. Different restaurants - big, small, affordable, expensive, Italian, Filipino - abound in Boracay.

    Huge waves at Crystal Cove in Boracay
    Huge waves at Crystal Cove

    Some of the restaurants that you may want to try are the following:

    1. Big Mouth

    Location: D' Mall

    This is the very first restaurant where we ate in Boracay. Big Mouth offers delicious sizzling Filipino food as well as seafood and soups at affordable prices. We made sure to eat there at least once whenever we visit Boracay.

    2. Jammers

    Location: D' Mall

    Jammers offer affordable and delicious continental and Filipino dishes at fairly affordable prices. What we also love is the rustic feel of this small restaurant. I have read that their burgers are a must-try so do check that out, too.

    3. Victory Beach & Dive Resort

    Location: Station 2

    We love the dinner buffet here, especially the selection of seafood like oysters, shrimps, and fish, as well as good old Filipino favorites.

    4. Subo Boracay

    Location: Calle Remedios, Station 3

    This is one of the most prominent Filipino restaurants in Boracay. It is unlike any other Filipino restaurant in Boracay because it offers a different take on local cuisine with its reconstructed Filipino food.

    5. Discovery Shores Boracay

    Location: Station 1

    We had our first wedding anniversary dinner here at Discovery Shores Boracay. We loved how accommodating the staff was who gave in to our request to have dinner by the beachfront, which is reserved only for those who are checked in to the hotel. On top of that, the food is delicious, the servings are good, and the price is affordable.

    To find out more about our dining experience here, please read this article: Discovery Shores Boracay: A Romantic Dinner by the Beach.

    6. Le Soleil de Boracay

    Location: Station 2

    Le Soleil de Boracay, one of the pioneering hotel resorts on the island, is also known for serving delicious food in its restaurant. Diners may enjoy either a breakfast buffet or a hearty dinner buffet. We tried their Filipino dinner buffet and we were completely satisfied with the delicious food that was served.

    To find out more about our dining experience here, please read this post: Le Soleil de Boracay: Savoring a Delicious Filipino-themed Dinner Buffet.

    Sample Boracay Itinerary for First-Timers

    Here is a sample four-day itinerary for first-timers Boracay. You may use this as a guide and reference but feel free to make adjustments as you see fit.

    Day 1 - Arrival

    • Arrival - 8:30 AM
    • Travel by boat to Boracay - 9:00 AM
    • Travel to the hotel - 9:15 AM
    • Check-in - 9:45 AM
    • Breakfast - 10:00 AM
    • Walk on the beach - 10:30 AM
    • Lunch - 12:00 Noon
    • Go to Talipapa - 1:00 PM
    • Swim at the beach - 2:00 PM
    • Sunset-watching - 4:30 PM
    • Dinner - 7:00 PM

    Day 2 - Island-Hopping

    • Breakfast - 8:30 AM
    • Crystal Cove - 10:00 AM
    • Lunch - 12:00 Noon
    • Puka Beach - 1:00 PM
    • Snorkeling - 3:00 PM
    • Return to shore - 4:00 PM
    • Watch the sunset - 5:00 PM
    • Dinner - 7:00 PM

    Day 3 - Water Activities

    • Breakfast - 8:30 AM
    • Helmet Diving - 10:00 AM
    • Lunch - 12:00 Noon
    • Banana Boat - 2:00 PM
    • Parasailing - 3:00 PM
    • Take a walk along the beach - 4:00 PM
    • Watch the sunset - 5:00 PM
    • Have a dinner buffet - 7:00 PM

    Day 4 - ATV

    • Breakfast - 8:30 AM
    • ATV ride - 10:00 AM
    • Lunch - 12:00 Noon
    • Walk along the beach - 1:00 PM
    • Eat at Jonah's - 2:00 PM
    • Have your picture taken at Willy's Rock - 3:00 PM
    • Lounge at the beach - 4:00 PM
    • Wait for the sun to set - 5:00 PM

      How to go to Boracay

      You may choose from three options to reach Boracay: via the Kalibo International Airport, via the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan Airport), or via RORO ferry from Batangas to Caticlan. We have not yet tried the RORO ferry so we cannot share our experience on how it is in terms of convenience and cost-efficiency. We have only tried air travel going to Boracay so that is what I will share here.

      Souvenir photo at Crystal Cove in Boracay
      At Crystal Cove

      Personally, our decision on which route to take is based solely on our budget. Usually, the more affordable airfares are serviced by the Kalibo International Airport. If budget is not your concern and you want to save on travel time, then you may take the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan Airport)

      Via Kalibo International Airport

      • From Kalibo International Airport, ride a van going to Caticlan jetty port.
      • Pay the boat and environmental fees at the Caticlan jetty port.
      • Take the boat going to Boracay jetty port.
      • Take a tricycle to your hotel.

      For your convenience, you may want to arrange airport transfers from Kalibo International Airport to Boracay. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

      Via Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan Airport)

      • From the airport, ride a tricycle going to the Caticlan jetty port.
      • At the Caticlan jetty port, pay the boat and environmental fees
      • Take the boat going to Boracay jetty port.
      • Take a tricycle going to your hotel. 

      For your convenience, you may want to arrange airport transfers from Godofredo P. Ramos Airport to Boracay. CLICK HERE TO BOOK



      We left Boracay with many wonderful memories and the promise to come back whenever we have the opportunity. If you have not yet been to Boracay, I urge you to experience it for yourself. It might have earned the reputation of being a touristy destination over many years but it is still a worthy place to visit.

      View from the higest point at Crystal Cove
      View from the highest point at Crystal Cove

      The powdery white sand, the bright aquamarine waters, the breathtaking beachfront, the easygoing vibe are all irresistible once you get to experience them. Now that Boracay has been rehabilitated and given a breather, it is often described as looking nearly like its old pristine self.

      If you do decide to visit Boracay, I hope that you will have a lovely experience and that you will fall in love with it just like me.           
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