Sur Beach Resort Boracay: A Slice Of Paradise

November 04, 2017

Sur Beach Resort is a beautiful and charming little resort located in Station 1 in Boracay.

Sur Beach Resort is an attractive little hotel located at Station 1 in Boracay. What we liked about the hotel is that it's charming and well-kept, with lush gardens that added a refreshing splash of green to the surroundings. Best of all, the hotel sits in q quiet spot in Boracay, so when we just want to listen to the sound of the waves at night, we can indulge without any distraction.

Signage of Sur Beach Resort Boracay

Sur Beach Resort Boracay: A Slice Of Paradise

    Why we chose Sur Beach Resort

    Since we came to Boracay to celebrate my birthday, we wanted to splurge by treating ourselves to nice hotel accommodation. Khris and I decided to get a hotel at the less crowded Station 1. Khris is also in her second trimester of pregnancy so we didn't want to be surrounded by many people or even be in a noisy or loud environment.

    Garden at Sur Beach Resort Boracay

    In terms of its price and its location, Sur Beach Resort seemed like a good choice. It was a beachfront hotel, which meant we can come to the beach anytime we wanted to. It was also near the highway so it’s a lot easier to get a tricycle if we wanted to go to D’Mall in Station 2 and vice-versa.

    All those things considered, Sur Beach Resort would be the ideal hotel for our needs in Boracay.

    Our room at Sur Beach Resort

    We booked a Standard Double Deluxe Room that is good for two persons. It had all the standard amenities: a queen-size bed, a 24-inch LCD screen, a personal refrigerator, a spacious shower room, and toiletries.

    Bed at Sur Beach Resort Boracay

    The room looked good and was worth its price. It was clean, it was well-maintained, there was not a single crack, a tile stain, or chipped paint.

    Chair and table at Sur Beach Resort Boracay

    It felt comfortable and relaxing to be in this room, not the type that would make you want to go out all the time.

    Food and dining

    We also tried their restaurant and room service. The food was delicious, with servings that are good enough for two people.

    Pancit and lechon kawali at Sur Beach Resort Boracay

    During our first day, we had lunch and ordered pancit canton and lechon kawali. The food was scrumptious and the servings were big enough to satisfy us.

    Eating at Sur Beach Resort Boracay

    During the next few days, we would have breakfast at the restaurant. We would mostly order Filipino breakfast and tried the continental breakfast plate at one point. The items were also delicious and had good flavors.

    Sandwich at Sur Beach Resort Boracay

    The price was a little bit on the pricey side but it was still reasonable. Of course, other restaurants in Boracay offer more affordable options.

    Our Verdict

    Overall, we were impressed with Sur Beach Resort Boracay. The hotel was well-maintained: a clean receiving area, comfortable room, and lush gardens outside. 

    There were guards stationed at the open gate so security was not something that guests will have to worry about. 

    What really stood out about Sur Beach Resort is the commendable service of their staff who were very attentive to our requests. 

    They were also fast in bringing out our orders so we did not have to wait long for our food. Any establishment, no matter how unpretentious, will always stand out if it is manned by a competent crew. 

    Our stay at Sur Beach Resort helped make our third Boracay trip even more unforgettable and enjoyable.

    The third time’s the charm in Boracay, the best island in the world

    This is our third time in Boracay. We went here exactly a day after it made headlines for being hailed as the best island in the world by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine for the second year in a row. 

    A couple strolling along white beach in Boracay

    Earlier in July this year, it was included by Travel + Leisure magazine in its list of the top islands in the world. Both results were based on polls conducted by the said publications on travelers from all over the world.

    Boracay, the island loved by many but detested at the same time by some for what it had become, is, and will always be Boracay. This statement is enough to describe how truly remarkable this island is.

    Any reason for going here is simply valid — happy with your love life, come visit Boracay and make merry; hurdled college, then go to Boracay to celebrate; heartbroken, a dose of Boracay sunshine may cheer you up. 

    Catch a glimpse of the clear waters; watch the soothing sunset or feel the damp, powdery white sand on your feet and you will immediately feel at home — even if it’s your first time in this fabled island.

    For Khris and I, our third Boracay trip is a celebration of many things. It was my 36th birthday and it had become a tradition for us to celebrate our birthdays through an out of town trip.

    Enjoying the waters of Boracay while pregnant

    Most importantly, our Baby Miguel is now 27 weeks old. People who are close to us know very well that we have been waiting for a baby since we were married three years ago.

    If you have mastered the art of doing nothing, then Boracay is surely for you. Here, you do not need an itinerary to control your day. You can idly walk along White beach, soak your feet in the turquoise water, or enjoy the sun while sprawled in the talc-like sand. 

    In Boracay, whatever you do will be perfectly acceptable, as long as it’s not anything illegal, immoral, or harmful.

    On Finding Real Coffee and Tea Café in Boracay

    For the last several years, friends have been telling us to try Real Coffee and Tea Café’s Calamansi Muffin. On many occasions in Boracay, we failed to visit the café, much more to try Calamansi Muffin. 

    Real Coffee and Tea Café in Boracay

    This year, we made an effort to find this seemingly elusive coffee shop, well-known as one of the very first establishments in Boracay.

    Many travelers often say that guests will enjoy an authentic island vibe at Real Coffee and Tea Café, which has more or less remained the same since it was established in the mid-1990s. Some even say that you have not truly been to Boracay unless you have set foot inside this coffee shop.

    When we finally saw Real Coffee and Tea Café beside Sea World Dive Resort, we were amazed to realize that it was just right under our noses all along. It was true that you would not really spot it unless you are really looking for it. 

    We bought half a dozen muffins for P350. The brown paper bag had a lovely hand-written note scribbled on it. Unfortunately, we have not had a taste of the muffins because we forgot to bring some when we went to our condo unit in Makati.

    I’m sure we will be back to Real Coffee and Tea Café when we return to Boracay, not really for the Calamansi Muffin but to hopefully hear the remarkable story of a mother and daughter tandem who left their homeland in the ‘90s to start a new life in a once desolate island of fine white sand kissed by aquamarine waters.

    Travel notes

    We booked our flight to Boracay via Cebu Pacific, taking the Caticlan Airport (Godofredo P. Ramos Airport) route. From the airport, we booked for packaged transfer via Dickson (P400/head) which included a van to the jetty port, a ferry ride, and a multi-cab ride that offers door-to-door drop-off service. It was worth it, less stressful especially if you are traveling pregnant. 

    When going from Station 1 to Station 2 (and vice-versa), we always took a special tricycle trip (Php30/head) which meant that it was faster and more comfortable than regular trips because the driver would not pick up other passengers.

    On the way back to Manila, we took a boat from Cagban Port to Tabon Port as we were told that it was the faster route going to Caticlan Airport. For our return flight to Manila, we took AirAsia as it offered lower fares versus Cebu Pacific when we were booking our seats.

    Sur Beach Resort Boracay review
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      1. Hi!! first of all congratulations!! You really deserve your third time visit to Boracay for a reason. I was there last week with my team for work and I really enjoyed the Island, mostly the beach even only at night .

      2. nice to see the glow in your photos. picture of happy contented people :)

      3. Great post! Hope to make it there one day.

      4. Boracay looks amazing! I'm glad you both had a wonderful time again....

        1. Boracay is paradise. You will like it in Boracay if you love the island vibe. It has powder-fine sand, and clear, aquamarine waters. But there are also many other wonderful beaches and islands around the Philippines.

      5. You are so lucky to live there! <3

        1. Yup, that is true. But you are also lucky. We all have different types of privileges that we get to enjoy.

      6. Very true. I like your perspective! <3