Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa): Creating Wonderful Memories

August 02, 2015

Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa) is one of the best hotels in Boracay if you are looking for an accommodation that is classy and memorable.

Boracay Regency Hotel (now known as Henann Regency Resort and Spa) is perhaps one of the most beautiful hotels in the island paradise of Boracay.

Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa) marker
Hotel marker

Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa): Creating Wonderful Memories

    Its classy interiors, comfortable rooms, impeccable service, and beautiful beachfront location leave nothing but good impression and wonderful memories to its guests.

    We spent our first wedding anniversary in Boracay last April 2015. It was a special occasion so we wanted to splurge a little and not scrimp on our accommodation because we wanted it to be comfortable and memorable.

    Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa) beachfront

    There were a lot of good option available but after much searching and deliberation, we finally decided to go to Boracay Regency Hotel. We read a lot of good reviews about it online plus its location was perfect, so that made a lot of difference and influenced our decision.

    In fact, we fell in love with it the moment we visited its website. It looked quaint and very welcoming. It was beautiful enough but not too grand to the point that it will intimidate you. On the day that we arrived at Boracay Regency Hotel, it did not disappoint us.

    Arrival and check-in at Boracay Regency Hotel

    To be honest, the reception area of Boracay Regency Hotel was quite packed when we arrived. There were many Filipinos but a lot of the guests were foreigners. 

    Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa) fountain and stairs
    The stairs

    It was good that we were immediately handed two glasses of refreshing welcome drinks which was enough to cool us down after walking under the sun all the way from D' Mall.  Even with the number of guests that day, we did not have to wait long though. 

    In a few minutes, we were already at the counter and relaying our booking details to the hotel staff. After which, we were escorted to our room which was located in the Main Wing. It was a good location because it allowed us good access to the beachfront.

    Our Room

    We chose a deluxe room at Boracay Regency Hotel for this vacation. The room was spacious, with all the standard provisions like a 21-inch television, a lamp, writing table and a bedside lamp. 

    Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa) deluxe room
    Our room

    Unfortunately, there was no room available at the Main Wing with a single king-size bed so we opted for a room with two queen-size beds. It was no issue at all because one bed could fit Khris and me comfortably.

    Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa) deluxe room beds
    Two king-size beds

    The receptionist offered to transfer us to a room with a queen-size bed once it was available but, after some time, we were quite contended with our room already so we did not bother to follow up the staff.

    Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa) bathroom
    The bathroom

    As for the bathroom, we liked how spacious and well-maintained it was considering that this hotel is not new. Boracay Regency Hotel may very well be one of the first hotels in the island. Anyway, the bathroom also had the standard amenities like shower, toilet, toiletries, towels, and a hairdryer.

    Dining at Boracay Regency Hotel

    Our stay at Boracay Regency Hotel included free breakfast buffet for two at Sea Breeze Café. The place can get a bit crowded in the morning so we made sure that we were always as early as 6:30 AM. 

    What makes a good buffet breakfast? Unlimited bacon, garlic rice, eggs and coffee. Sea Breeze has all of that. In addition to these, customers may choose from a variety of fruit juices – apple, pineapple, mango and four seasons. Khris and I, who both love breakfast buffet, really enjoyed eating here at Sea Breeze Cafe.

    Aside from Sea Breeze Cafe, room service is also available at Boracay Regency Hotel.


    Swimming pool at Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa)
    The swimming pool

    Some of the amenities at Boracay Regency Hotel that we were able to check was the fitness center and three swimming pools. We did not go to the gym but we saw it when we were walking around the hotel.

    Kiddie pool at Boracay Regency Hotel (Henann Regency Resort and Spa)
    The kiddie pool

    As for the swimming pools, we quite enjoyed taking a dip in the main pool after a day at the beach. It was more of an early evening swim but it was relaxing because the water was warm.

    Our verdict

    All in all, our experience at Boracay Regency Hotel is one that we will never forget. It was a good hotel with friendly staff and great service. Its location is always an advantage because it was easy to go down to the beach anytime we felt like it, and if we became tired, we would just go up.

    *Boracay Regency Hotel was recently rebranded to Henann Regency Resort and Spa. 

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    1. Its the kiddies pool and view for me. Nice plan to unwind

    2. Wow, what a gorgeous hotel. Love the spacious rooms and great pool. Definitively keeping this as a reference for when we visit Boracay.

    3. Creating memories is so beautiful! And so important for a family! A vacation is always the best excuse!

    4. That walk out pool is stunning. I am ready to put on my suit now!

    5. The room looks so cozy and the pool is so spacious and inviting! Can’t wait to visit

    6. The room looks so cozy and the pool is so spacious and inviting! Can’t wait to visit

    7. The room looks so cozy and the pool is so spacious and inviting! Can’t wait to visit

    8. Melissa Chapman8 May 2022 at 03:34

      That looks like a great hotel and congratulations on your anniversary. I am up to 23 and it goes so fast so enjoy every year.

    9. Seems like a pretty nice hotel with a lot of amenities! I will keep it in mind for future vacations!

    10. AiringMyLaundry8 May 2022 at 03:34

      I would love to stay here one day. This looks like such a relaxing place to visit. We'd love the pool!

    11. Melanie Edjourian8 May 2022 at 03:34

      Welcome drinks on arrival is always a good touch. I would have done the same, once you've settled and unpacked you don't really want to change rooms. Looks like a lovely place to stay.

    12. This is a gorgeous set up and I have to agree, welcome drinks and a bountiful breakfast are always crowd pelasers.

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      This seems like the perfect hotel for us I'll keep this in mind.