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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

If you are looking for high quality burgers that is competitively priced, head on to Big Better Burgers!

If you are looking for high quality burgers that is competitively priced, head over to Big Better Burgers! It was a pity that I had just recently discovered this place that I had been ignoring for so many years. Perhaps because their outlet was so unassuming. But as the old adage goes, “do not judge a book by its cover.” Anyway, my wife and I discovered Big Better Burgers during one of our leisurely weekend afternoon walks in the mall. We wanted to get light snacks but we ended up here.

We ordered ¼ lb. blue cheese, ¼ lb. bacon wildshroom melt and French fries. We also got iced tea for our drinks. Looking at the photos in their menu, I figured out their patties were grilled.

When our orders arrived, I was surprised by the size of the burgers – they were huge! I hungrily unwrapped my bacon wildshroom melt and, lo and behold, it had generous vegetable toppings that were still crisp, rich melted cheese, mushrooms and strips of smoky bacon. But what struck me was the patty. It was every meat lover’s delight – compact, heavy and grilled to perfection. The meat was also very moist and juicy. Bite into it and take pleasure on the mélange of flavors and complementing textures.

Big Better Burgers
Here's a look inside
I asked my wife also if I could have a bite of her blue cheese burger. It had the same fresh vegetables and awesomely meaty patty. The generous blue cheese was melted and dripping over the thick meat. It smelled heavenly! A bite into it and I was almost overwhelmed by the flavor of smoky meat and the impeccable taste of blue cheese. As they say, it was love at first bite. This was our favorite.

Big Better Burgers
1/4 lb. Blue Cheese Burger
Big Better Burgers
Extremely satisfying
Good thing we ordered only ¼ lb. because we were so full after our snack. For this extremely satisfying gourmet meal, we paid only P394.

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