Why buffet dinners are a good time to catch-up with loved ones

September 10, 2014

Find out why buffet dinners are a great venue to catch with your family or friends.

Buffet dinners are a good venue to bond with your family. There's nothing like good food that can successfully bring people together and keep them. Delicious food not just satisfies the palate but it also keeps people together and gets the conversation going.

A plate of steak, vegetables, salmon, and cheeses at Circles Event Café
An assortment of steak and potatoes swimming in gravy, braised vegetables, salmon, and cheeses

Why buffet dinners are a good time to catch-up with loved ones 

    Reasons why buffet dinners offer a great venue for catching up with loved ones

    As such, these informal dinners are perfect for catching up with your loved ones and even your friends. Here are some of the top reasons why buffet dinners are a good time to catch up with the important people in our lives:

    1. There is unlimited food

    There is an (almost) endless selection of food in dinner buffets. As such, there is no risk of running out of items to eat. That means conversations can go on and on without having to transfer to another restaurant when food runs out.

    2. Drinks are also available

    The usual routine for people getting together is to have coffee or even a few alcoholic drinks after dinner. In buffet restaurants, unlimited coffee and tea are usually included in the menu. 

    Thus, you can enjoy these without having to go to a coffee shop. What's more, you can also buy cocktails if you want something with spirits. 

    3. Cozy interiors

    Have you noticed how cozy the seats in buffet restaurants are? If not, then try to observe during your next dinner out. Buffet restaurants have seats and tables that are comfortable and conducive to relaxing informal talks. 

    As long as you are not boisterous or rowdy, you will not feel awkward or out of place when you are conversing with your loved ones.

    Our favorite dinner buffet restaurant  

    Khris and I consider Circles Event Cafe as one of our most favorite and most memorable restaurants. We've already had three celebrations at Circles, out of the four times that we've been here -- first was the wedding anniversary of my in-laws in 2013, second was our first anniversary as a couple last January 2014 and third was our first breakfast as husband and wife last April 2014.

    This being the case, food at Circles always evokes fond memories of celebrations with families. And because it's a buffet restaurant, eating here is always a culinary adventure for us.

    Circles offers a good selection of international cuisines, ranging from Asian to American to Middle Eastern to European-Mediterranean. However, being unfamiliar with the dishes in the Indian and Mediterranean sections, we would usually just get food from our favorite stations.

    Our feast would normally begin with slivers of succulent salmon sashimi from the cold section. We’ve always loved their sashimi because the fish is always fresh that is why it tastes sweet. 

    Fresh sashimi at Circles Event Café
    Fresh sashimi

    After having had our fill of sashimi, we would also have crabs, shrimps and mussels. You can either eat these cold or have them cooked in garlic and butter. We prefer ours hot so we would request for these delectable sea foods to be cooked in garlic butter.

    Another favorite is the meats from the carvery. We would always reserve space in our bellies for roast beef, steak and lamb. The meat is always perfectly cooked, rendering it with just the right tenderness and juiciness. 

    I like mine a little salty with the edges a bit charred. The meats are best paired with potato wedges with a good dollop of mushroom gravy.

    Being fish lovers, my wife and I would also sample the fish dishes that are available like grilled tuna or baked salmon.

    And if there is still space in our tummies, we would also sample dim sum from the Asian station. These steamed goodies are always tasty and delightfully tender. For soup, sukiyaki is a good option.

    Must try also is the assortment of cheeses available at the bread and salad station. I always get a good chunk of gruyere and camembert cheeses here.

    I also remember the time when we had breakfast here the morning after our wedding, we feasted on, of course, bacon and their selection of sausages. You can also have an omelet done with your choice of ingredients like onions, mushrooms, cheese, etc.

    Desserts at Circles Event Café
    Butter pudding and brazo de mercedes swimming in vanilla sauce

    Dessert is also a joy for us with the various assortments of sweets. We would always cap our good meal with yoghurt ice cream, Brazo de Mercedes, Tres Leches cake, warm vanilla cake and a host of other goodies.

    Stuffed, you can also ask for tea or coffee to warm and relax your full tummy.


    All in all, Circles Event Cafe is a recommended venue for your family get-togethers or dinners out with your friends.

    Service-wise, one can also expect a good one from the personnel. Although Circles is on the pricier side, everybody should include this in their bucket list of restaurants to try.

    Also, Makati Shang-La also has an annual Circle's voucher sale where buffet for one is priced at around P1,000++. It usually happens early in the year so always watch out for it!

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    1. Not a bad place at all! Everything looks so delicious. No wonder this is your favourite restaurant there.

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    3. Wow no wonder it is your favourite, the range of choices available is varied and impeccable. Plus the butter pudding looks divine!

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      I want to go here now!! Everything looks so amazing and I'm drooling over that dessert picture.

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