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Hainanese Delights
I distinctly remember Hainanese Delights not for its outstanding food but because this is where my wife and I had our first date. That time, we were not yet together but I invited her out to dinner. It was a Saturday afternoon and most restaurants at SM Fairview were already full so we decided to try this.

I never really liked Hainanese Chicken, neither do I recall ever trying it, but there was something about the place that drew me to it. A certain aroma, perhaps? Or maybe, that time, I was just craving for the taste of ginger.

Upon entering the restaurant, the word "sanitary" immediately popped in my head. The white walls and bright lights probably contributed to this initial impression. But, no, it's not hospital-like. Otherwise, I would never have eaten here.

Without doubt, this restaurant specializes in Hainanese Chicken which can be had either fried or steamed. Definitely no steamed chicken for me; I never quite grew fond of eating greasy, fatty and moist chicken meat. For me, juicy chicken meat tastes raw.

And so I placed my order for porkchop (very safe) and my date for fish fillet. My porkchop is the regular breaded kind chopped into strips. It was crunchy but taste-wise, there was nothing exceptional. However, what I like about it is the three kinds of dipping sauces available. I made the usual soy sauce with calamansi and added to it loads of ginger. It definitely added a dimension of flavor to the otherwise bland pork strips. By the way, rice is unlimited and will definitely satisfy those with big appetites.

Service is fast while price is easy-on-the-pocket at less than P500 for two.

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