Our Top 15 All-Time Favorite Restaurants in Makati City and Quezon City

June 15, 2013

This is a roundup of our most favorite restaurants in Makati City and Quezon City.

Here’s a random list of our top 15 most favorite restaurants in Makati City and Quezon City. We love the combination of good food, great ambiance, and reasonable price.

Top 15 most favorite restaurants in Makati City and Quezon City

Our Top 15 All-Time Favorite Restaurants in Makati City and Quezon City

    These restaurants are:

    1. Il Padrino Coffee

    I have been here once with some friends to have evening tea. It was a nice, cozy place with outside seating. The interior is not that spacious but neither was it cramped. Its location though is not that accessible. On the other hand, its location can also be an advantage to loyal patrons because it does not get too crowded.

    They have a lot of offerings on their menu -- an assortment of pasta, sandwiches, rice meals, hot and ice blended coffee, hot choco and juices, and more. Worth a try, I think, is their seafood marinara and chicken cream pesto pasta. And what's even better is that they serve all-day breakfast!

    Price is on the more affordable side.

    2. Pancake House

    When I think of Pancake House, the first idea that pops in my head is comfort food. When our office was still in Makati, we would always go here after a long and stressful day at work. Ironically, I have never had pancakes in Pancake House; I find them not worth the price.

    But each time I go here, and to any branch, I visit, I always order 2-piece chicken. The skin is eternally crunchy, with just the right amount of saltiness. The meat is not too juicy, which I like very much. 

    Their gravy is my favorite; mild and buttery. It balances well the slightly salty taste of the chicken. This is something that is always worth going back to.

    Aside from chicken and pancake, they also have an assortment of rice meals, pasta, taco, waffles, and salads.

    The price is a bit on the steep side but worth it anyway.

    3. Mom and Tina’s

    Mom and Tina’s Bakery has that homey ambiance, great for afternoon tea and coffee with some delectable pastries. For something heavy, they also offer rice meals. I particularly like their tapsilog. The tapa consisted of bacon-thin slices of beef smothered with a tangy sauce.

    The consistency is crispy-soft and, being thinly-sliced, the sauce penetrates the meat well. This dish is very tasty and a must-try, it is like a fusion of tapa and bacon. I would recommend this to bacon addicts like me but would like variety at times.

    Chicken empanada is also good, its filling is very tasty. However, I find the bread a bit too thick and crumbly.

    Worth going back to is their Brazo de Mercedes that has always been a favorite dessert for me.

    Prices are also reasonable. Overall, expect a great dining experience with good service at Mom and Tina's.

    4. Farinas Ilocos Empanada

    Some eons ago, my curiosity was poked by that orange, half-moon-shaped Ilocano delicacy called empanada. Fast forward to fairly recent times, I had the chance to taste empanada in that open-air food fair at Pioneer called Banchetto.

    I excitedly opened the wrapper for my curiosity will finally be satiated. The first bite was love, the second one a sinful affair that was hard to let go of. 

    The outer shell was perfectly crunchy and seasoned well. The filling was heaven; a melange of rich flavors from the salty-garlicky longganisa and runny egg. Add to it a dash of Ilocos vinegar and you're in for a good ride. Whew, food love.

    For P80 apiece, it’s definitely a steal.

    5. BurgerBar offers jawbreaker burgers!

    One evening when Khris and I were walking in Greenbelt 1, we immediately noticed this joint because of the seemingly endless number of people going in and out of it. It looked like your usual bar, that place you go to when you want a drink over loud music. But the sign said "burgers." Curious about what's inside, Khris and I vowed to try this one Friday evening.

    And so that evening arrived. The place is a bit crowded and constricted because of its limited space. The seats are comfortable though and the lights are not too bright. Yes, it had the ambiance of a bar.

    We called a waiter and ordered The Piggy and Draft-Battered Fish and Chips. The Piggy was a burger from heaven -- 100% beef, bacon strips, mozzarella, and a host of other tasty condiments. The burger patty was thick, very tender, and juicy with a hint of smokiness. Taking a bite out of it without smothering your face with condiments proved to be a challenge.

    The Draft-Battered Fish and Chips were lightly-salted with the right amount of crunch. We just found it a little too oily but it was nonetheless good.

    Food is a bit expensive but servings are good for two so no need to worry much about the bill.

    6. Motorino Pizza

    One of the best and most affordable Italian restaurants that we have been to. Unfortunately, for some odd reason, I suddenly could not remember its name. Nonetheless, it had one of the best locations in Greenbelt 3. Perhaps because it was on the farther side of the complex, hence, it was not crowded.

    It was a restaurant that we were unfamiliar with but we decided to try it because it looked really cozy. And the menu seemed okay. We ordered Caesar Salad, Quattro Formaggi, and Motorino Meatballs. The salad was very creamy and well-dressed rendering it with a rich and pleasing taste. 

    The Quattro Formaggi had an abundance of cheese, making every bite a delightful experience. The crust also had the right crispness that made eating it really enjoyable. The Motorino Meatballs were also very good. The sauce was seasoned perfectly while the meatball was packed with flavors. It was really meaty and bursting with a lot of taste.

    The price was also one of Motorino's strong points. For around P1,000 for two, it was definitely a steal. And service was also very quick.

    7. Auntie Anne’s

    Khris and I were initially looking for frozen yogurt but couldn't find one so she asked me if I wanted to try Auntie Anne's. Curious, I said yes since I have not tried pretzels before. The first thing that I noticed was the enticing aroma when we approached the kiosk. The place smelled of fragrant, sweet confection with a hint of cinnamon.

    I ordered a cup of almond pretzels and caramel dip. I got a piece, dipped it in the sauce, and when I tasted it, all I could muster was "wow!" It had a rich, milky taste, like breadsticks soaked in condensed milk then fried. It was slightly crunchy and chewy on the outside.

    Surprisingly, the caramel dip is not too sweet, not overpowering. It complemented the rich taste of the pretzels. This is one of those tasty morsels of food that will surely brighten one's day. Really comforting and satisfying.

    The price is a bit steep at P90 for a cup of pretzels and caramel dip but it was worth it.

    8. Cabalen

    Cabalen is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable but delicious Filipino food buffet. With its homey and fiesta feel, it's the ideal go-to restaurant for family lunches or simple celebrations with friends. It can sometimes be chaotic though when getting food with the many people lining up to get their favorites.

    Classic Filipino favorites that can be had at Cabalen are Kare-kare, crispy kangkong leaves, crispy crablets, pork adobo, lechon paksiw, pork sisig, bulalo, sinigang, chicharon, and balut adobo, just to name a few. This is also where I first tried adobong balut and I must say that I really liked it. They used balut sa puti with the chick still very small.

    There are also native sweets or kakanin like Maja Blanca and ube. Some stores also have a halo-halo bar.

    At around P350 per head, it's definitely a steal to eat here.

    9. Jamaican Pattie Shop

    I'm a big fan of Beef Pinatubo!

    Insanely spicy, ultra beefy, and definitely filling. Jamaican Pattie is one of those little food shops that have perfected their craft and that is being able to offer satisfyingly great-tasting quick bites for people on-the-go. 

    I like to eat my Beef Pinatubo when I'm sleepy and need to perk up in the afternoon. At P48 apiece, you would not think twice to grab one.

    10. Good Ah!!!

    We've been here one stormy evening for a quick dinner. As expected, there weren't too many diners that night because of the inclement weather. The place is typical of a Pinoy diner -- minimal designs, sterile white walls, and metal tables and cushioned seats.

    We scanned the menu and placed our orders for tapsilog, hotpot, and sizzling pork chop. There are also a lot of attractive offerings such as bangus and barbecue. Good Ah!!! also offers unlimited rice servings for those who have big appetites.

    Our orders came fast. The food was good but was not spectacular. The tapsilog had big servings. The tapa was a bit tough to chew but nonetheless easy to tackle. It had the right balance of sweet saltiness that is best paired with spicy vinegar. 

    The sizzling three-piece porkchop was also just okay but it had a lot of potential to it. Firstly, it was supposed to be served sizzling but it was not. The meat was thinly sliced, hence best served crunchy which I do like. The gravy is also "lacking in life" -- it was a little bland and a little pale. Had it been tastier, it would have added a lot of punch to the porkchop.

    Lastly, the hotpot. We ordered this because Khris and I both love noodle soups. It was perfect for the cold weather. We were not disappointed because it was piping hot. Taste-wise, the flavors were balanced although, again, it was not something to rave about. Its taste somehow reminded me of Bacolod Chicken's batchoy.

    For our orders, we paid around P500. Not bad, actually, although it could've been better.

    11. Balay Ilocos

    It is but natural for Khris and I, both with Ilocano blood running in our veins, to love Ilocano cooking. We like the simplicity and clean taste of Ilocano cuisine. 

    Among all the many notable dishes, our particular favorites are papaitan and empanada. However, there is one particular dish that I have been curious about for so long. It's called Sinanglao, a soup-based dish of beef innards and meat.

    It's very similar to papaitan but it was described as having a milder taste. Also, it is popular as a breakfast dish. I found it actually weird as a breakfast viand because it was not what one would usually eat in the morning. Nonetheless, it was interesting. As such, when I saw this dish at Balay Ilocos, I immediately ordered one. 

    It was served hot in a big bowl. Khris and I quickly got down to business and sipped spoonfuls of the hot soup. It was very good; a milder, less bitter version of papaitan. The soup was slightly sour and mildly spicy. It was loaded with cutlets of beef organ meats which had the right tender chewiness to it. This dish, as with papaitan, is best eaten as a soup together with the main dish.

    This big bowl of soup, which was good for sharing, was around P125. It's perfect for rainy days or during chilly nights of the Yuletide season.

    12. KKK Pinoy Food Revolution

    As the name suggests, the restaurant aims to revolutionize Filipino cooking by giving new twists to age-old favorites. It is one of the restaurants in SM Fairview that Khris and I wanted to try.

    We ordered Sugpo ng KKK, Beef ala KKK, baked tahong, and sago't gulaman. The Sugpo was tasty and exploding with well-balanced flavors; perfect with rice. The baked tahong was too rich because of the overpowering Japanese mayo. This dish is best paired with beer rather than eaten as viand. Our least favorite was the Beef ala KKK because it had a curry flavor that somehow did not taste well

    All in all, it was still a good dining experience but the food was on the pricey side. For two, we paid around P1,800.

    13. Friuli Trattoria

    Friuli Trattoria is another treasure along Maginhawa St. in Teachers' Village, Quezon City. It's a small place so you have to wait for a moment in order to be seated. While not as spacious, the place is cozy and clean though. We went here after one of our appointments during our wedding preparation; a respite from a week of stress and fatigue from chasing wedding requirements.

    During our visit, we had Tre Formaggi -- three-cheese pizza that Khris and I both love. It was delicious and overloaded with cheese, while the crust is crunchy because it had the right thickness. We also had spaghetti with meatballs which was also good and filling.

    Friuli Trattoria offers good food at a very affordable price.

    14. Mister Kebab

    I was lucky enough to be introduced by a friend to Mister Kabab during college. This was at their original location along West Ave. cor. Quezon Ave. Since then, it has been my top of mind when it comes to good Persian cooking.

    My particular favorite is their Beef Chelo Kebab. The meat itself tasted like your regular grilled beef; it's really the garlicky-spicy yogurt sauce that will infuse much flavor to it. I also like their sidings of grilled tomatoes and white onions that go well with the meat. 

    The last time I went there was in 2011 and they have already transferred to a new location just near their original location. The place is bigger and offers a larger parking area. But what's important is that the food still tasted great.

    15. Army Navy

    Army Navy's Freedom Fries is what I consider as the best there is -- crunchy, tasty, and not too starchy. Great with green chili sauce to add a bit of zing to it.

    Their burgers, meanwhile, are big and filling monsters. It can satisfy the cravings of two hungry people. The patty has that smoky-flame grilled flavor that further intensifies the beefy goodness of the meat.

    Great for starters are their quesadillas and tacos which are also tasty and delicious. Likewise noteworthy is their iced tea -- perfect for capping a good meal. Value for money? It's a five for me. Pay only around P650 for a satisfying meal for two.


    So those are our top 15 most favorite restaurants in Makati City and Quezon City. We make sure to eat at these restaurants whenever we have the time to do so or a special occasion to celebrate.

    I'm sure you also love some of these restaurants. Try some of them if you have not yet done so.

    Top restaurants in Makati City and Quezon City

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    1. Ang dami naman po palangg restaurant sa Makati City at Quezon City. Salamat po sa pag bahagi nito sa amin. Must visit po lahat ng to. Lalo nat kung masasarap po ang pagkain nila.

    2. This is really interesting. Having a list of top 15 all-time favorite restaurant in Makati City and Quezon City. Knowing these top 15 restaurants is just like giving the people an idea of what restaurants they should visit if they will be in Makati City or in Quezon City. Many people will surely add this to their list as a place to visit to try foods.

    3. I've heard some of the restaurant here on this list. For sure every restaurant are worth visiting to try their specialties. For me, i would recommend Burgerbar and Cabalen are the best place to eat.

    4. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:28

      i like your list of restaurants, these are all a must visit for its scrumptious yet affordable foods. i like Cabalen the most coz i love Filipino food buffet especially Kare-kare, bulalo, and sinigang. these are all a value for money and a perfect dining experience.

    5. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:28

      Gusto ko yung 15 list restaurant mo.Must visit talaga and try yung food nila na kitang kita naman ang sarap.Yung cabalen and Good ah pa lang na try ko and yes po affordable din kaya busog kana hindi pa butas ang bulsa.

    6. chriss tabamo8 May 2022 at 03:28

      Sarap mag punta dito. talaga namang nakakatakam ang mga food nila. worth it na worth it talaga ang pag punta dto

    7. カマネーロ アップルジョイ8 May 2022 at 03:28

      Wow tlgang nman nakaktuwa ang list of resto mo daddy iv. Tlgang sulit na sulit punthan masasarap ang food . Ang natry ko cabalen , tama po pwede din mg celebrate ng mga occasions Ang sasarap ng mga food dito and very affordable price . (Apple Joy Camañero)