Casa Renato: Fairview's Hidden Gem

Sunday, 14 September 2014
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Casa Renato
Casa Renato is a gem tucked away in a quiet nook along Dahlia St. in Fairview, Quezon City. The place is warm, friendly, clean and cozy. The first thing that you would notice when you enter the place is the many antiques that were used to decorate it -- a phonograph with an old record, old posters and decors, and liquor bottles to name a few. We loved the fact that Casa Renato is not just a feast for the palate but for the eyes as well with the numerous beautiful decors that can be seen all over the place.

We have been here on many occasions, some were for regular casual dinners with friends, or to celebrate something special like a birthday or Mother's Day. The space is not really too big, it was perfect for intimate gatherings with families and friends. but over the course of several years, they have expanded the place to include a much bigger events and reception area at the back of the property.

Casa RenatoCasa Renato
                Pork belly                                Quesadillas
Casa Renato offers Filipino, Mexican, Spanish and American cuisines. The food is great -- from appetizers to the main course. The servings are hefty - perfect for sharing - and the price is just right.

Pan-seared tuna
Worth trying are the quesadillas with its delicious and meaty filling; melt-in-your-mouth pork belly that is rich and perfect with rice; and also pasta selections that are on offer. The last time that we were here, we also enjoyed dishes that were part of their Mother's Day special menu -- pan-seared tuna and beef salpicao.

Caesar Salad
The pan-seared tuna was lovely and juicy. It was swimming in lemon butter sauce that brought out its flavors. The beef salpicao, meanwhile, was tender and garlicky. It was also best enjoyed with a generous scoop of rice.

Capping off our meal was a decadent slice of Brazo de Mercedes.

Brazo de Mercedes
Lovely Brazo de Mercedes
The restaurant is perfect for weekend dates with a loved one or a relaxing after-work meal. And for those who do not like crowded places, Casa Renato is for you.

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