How Live Selling In TikTok Can Help Grow Your Business

April 18, 2024

Here are some tips and insights on how live selling in TikTok can help grow your business.

Many local small business owners have enjoyed success via live selling in TikTok. Take the case of Jane Marella, owner and CEO of MJM Gold Jewelry. In this post, she shares how the popular video-sharing social media platform helped her grow her jewelry business into a thriving venture.

Jane Marella, owner and CEO of MJM Gold Jewelry
Jane Marella, owner and CEO of MJM Gold Jewelry

How Live Selling In TikTok Can Help Grow Your Business

    Making the big move

    Transitioning from ready-to-wear (RTW) garments to gold jewelry marked a significant shift for MJM Gold Jewelry. However, it was their venture into TikTok Shop last year that truly propelled the company to new heights.

    Jane Marella, owner, and CEO of MJM Gold Jewelry, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2014. Recognizing the shifting market dynamics, Jane pivoted her business to focus on crafting exquisite gold jewelry, thus laying the foundation for MJM Gold Jewelry's success.

    Leveraging on TikTok Shop for Growth

    Since joining TikTok Shop in February 2023, MJM Gold Jewelry has undergone a notable transformation. "The reach we achieved with the TikTok community is on a different level — MJM gained nationwide recognition, which we hadn't been able to achieve before," shared Jane.

    Central to MJM Gold Jewelry's success on TikTok Shop is its authentic engagement with the platform's audience. Jane emphasizes genuine connection, treating customers as friends and engaging in meaningful conversations. This approach has fostered a sense of community around the brand, enhancing brand loyalty and customer engagement.

    Maximizing Live Selling Capabilities

    MJM Gold Jewelry capitalized on TikTok Shop's live selling capabilities, which played a key role in their growth. According to Jane, TikTok streamlined the process for live selling and made it more efficient for sellers. 

    With its broad market reach and extensive viewer base, TikTok provided MJM Gold Jewelry with a seamless platform to engage with its audience and showcase its collection of gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on live streams.

    Continuing to utilize TikTok Shop's features, MJM Gold Jewelry saw substantial progress. With a 39% Compound Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR) in livestream sales, their live sessions became must-watch events, thus driving sales and excitement among consumers.

    As MJM Gold Jewelry's reputation grew, so did its sales figures. From February 2023 to February 2024, the brand observed a significant increase in Daily Active Gross Merchandise Value (DAGMV) with a staggering 54.8x uplift. This uptick in sales reflected the brand's ability to adapt and thrive in the digital landscape.

    Empowering Local Businesses on TikTok Shop

    "With the help of TikTok Shop, we're able to join campaigns and receive support, as our live sessions, short videos, and products are highlighted there. TikTok Shop is the number one commerce platform here in the Philippines. So, we must keep up because, for us, TikTok has been the way to uplift our business. Our business made a complete 360-degree turn," according to Jane.

    As MJM Gold Jewelry continues to thrive on TikTok Shop, its success story offers valuable insights for local businesses, showcasing the potential for sustainable e-commerce growth through strategic engagement and authenticity on the platform.

    To experience the collection of gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets firsthand, visit MJM Gold Jewelry's TikTok Shop storefront here.

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