12 Actionable Tips to Maximize Social Media For Your Online Business Growth

February 23, 2022

Here are some of the best actionable social media methods that you can utilize to scale your business in no time.

Starting your online business can be a tricky affair in these trying times. One factor that contributes largely to the success of a business in today’s world is the right use of various Social Media tools. These tools translate branding into sales which eventually will generate revenue for your business.

Social media for business growth

12 Actionable Tips to Maximize Social Media For Your Online Business Growth

    To help you out, we have listed below the top tips that can be applied to churn out a successful business online.

    1. Product Knowledge should be at the back of your hand

    As a business owner, you need to start off by listing the Features, Benefits, and Real Advantages of your products to identify how to properly draw your communication and marketing plan. 

    These three facets are essential for customizing branding and helping your product and/ or service stand out amidst a sea of online sellers breaking from the clutter and eventually converting leads to effective sales.

    2. Identify your Target Audience

    As an entrepreneur, you have to walk in your customers’ shoes and identify correctly what their concerns, needs, and pain points are. Having figured your business audience, you can come up with an effective marketing, content, and communication plan to reach out to your target audience.

    3. Identify your price points

    As an online seller, it is important to identify accurate price points of your offerings which are generally based on factors like your target audience, their consumption habit, the market competition as well the value for money the product offers. 

    An estimated price point lets you benchmark your position and helps you customize your communication plans for promoting your offerings and engaging well on social media without overdoing it. If gauged well, a well-thought price point can scale up a business to a great extent.

    4. Craft a content strategy

    An essential way to maximize social media reach for your business is to have a content strategy calendar in place and choose appropriate tools which if properly utilized can prove advantageous for most brands or businesses.

    5. Showcase your products with multiple images

    While shopping online you would want to vet a product and inspect its details quite minutely before making a purchase, similarly, it is essential that your customer gets to view different angles of the product you are cataloging on your website. 

    Always make sure that you upload multiple images that are shot well, backed by suitable lighting conditions and backgrounds, for your audience to fully appreciate it.

    6. Leverage Facebook's pinned post option

    You can highlight the product and/or service that you want to feature with this option. It could also be an FAQ, ways to order, and modes of payment in order for your customers to easily navigate their way and understand your offerings.

    7. Use the auto-response feature

    Using an auto-response feature is the best way to engage your customers, while you’re away. You can earn loyal and new customers depending on reliable and satisfactory customer service. With this auto feature, you can assist customers, answer their queries in real-time without having to log into your account every single time.

    You may also resort to messenger chatbots like Many Chat that are easy-to-use and support well with longer responses and photo attachments features.

    8. Use the Facebook live selling feature

    Part of your content strategy must include Facebook Live sessions to further engage your online audience. With this feature, you can directly engage with your audience in an instant while also offering your product and services. 

    However, the Live sessions must be planned well in advance and spaced out adequately to build a sense of anticipation amongst your audience. Do not rush into these sessions, Live Selling is a terrific opportunity and if leveraged well, it can have a high positive impact for your brand and business.

    9. Find a bankable supplier to tend to your overall business needs

    Apart from a considerable social media presence, as a seller, you should have access to the best available space to procure your regular supplies. Always make sure that your supplier is a legitimate source of products with trusted sellers and offers dedicated customer service. 

    You may opt to use Zilingo Trade as a hub where you can source from varied categories at wholesale prices with multiple shipping options to sellers along with custom offers on credit and available discounts. With fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, the Zilingo Trade platform offers great options for existing as well as growing businesses.

    10. Your creative materials are your most essential tools

    Presenting a fetching catalog of product photos is no easy task. It takes a good amount of creativity and adequate skills to make your product stand out from the clutter of online sellers. There are various options to curate highly engaging content online as per your business taste and needs.

    11. Use Canva

    “For starters, you may use Canva to create your layout. This is an easy-to-use platform where you can use templates to layout your product photos, plus it is free. You just have to be consistent with the colors and template style of your photos to have an effective brand recall and brand association,” shares Janelle.

    12. Use an Affordable Marketing service

    If you have a small budget and not enough time to invest or find it difficult to use Canva or Photoshop, you may opt for Zilingo’s MAAS service that lets online businesses have professionally shot photos for as low as 110 Php per layout. The set of MAAS offerings also includes Videography and Layouting services as per requirements.


    Using social media to get positive leads and generate revenue doesn’t need a big budget. As an entrepreneur, you need the right attitude, a positive and go-getter mindset, and the ability to tap into free online tools which are at your disposal to unlock social media’s prowess and strive towards a successful online business venture.

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