8 Ways Spektra Graphic Marketing Services Can Help MSMEs Grow And Succeed

January 06, 2021

Spektra Graphic Marketing Services offers product packages to help MSMEs grow and succeed.

Spektra Graphic Marketing Services is an official channel partner of PLDT Enterprise and offers postpaid, broadband plans, and operational solutions with the primary aim of helping micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) cope with the new normal and succeed in their businesses.

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8 Ways Spektra Graphic Marketing Services Can Help MSMEs Grow And Succeed

    Spektra’s operation is initially focused in South Luzon. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the objective of reaching and helping more MSMEs, Spektra has launched an official Facebook to make service inquiries faster and easier. 

    Here are the top reasons why Spektra’s services are advantageous to MSMEs: 

    1. It offers a full suite of products depending on the customer’s needs 

    Spektra has a wide range of mobile plan options to ensure MSMEs are connected to their customers for seamless services and positive client experience. 

    Its postpaid plans start at Plan 300 and includes unlimited calls and text messages to all networks and unlimited calls to landlines. Spektra also has a Limitless Plan for nonstop surfing starting at Plan 3500 to keep its customers connected all day, every day. 

    Moreover, Spektra has wireless broadband options, such as Biz LTE and Smart Bro, to help MSMEs grow their businesses even while on the go. 

    Lastly, Spektra has business solutions to help MSMEs maintain operational efficiency. These are Smart Biz Load, Smart Messaging Suite, Smart Tracker, Smart Cloud PTT, Smart M2M Sims Data Plans, and Smart Emergency Response Solutions (SOS Dispatch). 

    2. Spektra is mindful of the importance of secure connections  

    Spektra knows the value of security when transacting online. As such, the business solutions that it offers are engineered to give utmost data privacy protection as well as to enhance business security starting from ordering and payment to the delivery of goods. 

    Spektra has in place PayMaya QR, PayMaya Business, Endpoint Advanced Security, and Samsung Knox Licenses for the maximum protection, security, and peace of mind of both the MSMEs and their customers. 

    Ensuring data privacy and secure service delivery are critical because most transactions are now done online. 

    3. Its solutions are practical and made with MSMEs in mind 

    One of Spektra’s objectives is to guide MSMEs, particularly those that have not been previously exposed to online and web platforms, as well as to remote or off site operations, in choosing practical and useful options for their businesses. 

    As such, Spektra has Post-paid Sim Only Plans with Unlimited Calls and Text or Unlimited Calls To Landline at the lowest cost to ensure businesses stay connected with their employees and customers. 

    Likewise, Spektra has wireless broadband offers like Biz LTE and Smart Bro for on-the-go reliable connectivity, thus, enabling customers to share, communicate, contact, and stay within the reach of their employees and customers. 

    4. It offers services to help MSMEs enhance their operations 

    Spektra will help ensure existing and new businesses are able to step up with the requirements of the new normal through business solutions that focus on enhancement and employee and customer engagement. 

    These are the following:

    • Mobile Website Creation Application 

    This is a complete digital marketing platform package created for individuals and SMEs to help them in designing their mobile website so that they can transact from the comforts of their mobile phone.  

    • Smart BizLoad - Hassle-Free Load Management and Distribution

    This is a secure, easy-to-use, and web-based prepaid loading platform for Smart & TNT services.

    5. Spektra can help MSMEs monitor and track their orders 

    Spektra recognizes that in-store purchases are already in decline and that transactions are shifting to pick-up or delivery mode. 

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    As such, it is offering affordable and reliable centralized tracking systems even to MSMEs, particularly the Smart Tracker, a solution that utilizes a GPS tracking system to help users increase operational efficiency and security. 

    6. Spektra knows that reliable internet connection is critical to businesses 

    Spektra realizes that internet connection will play a major role in the success of business operations. Thus, it guarantees reliability of connectivity and prioritizes technical assistance to its business partners. 

    Spektra ensures the implementation of 90% of the subscribed speed at 90% Reliability. Its Priority Class of Service enables businesses to stay online even with the congestion of usage especially during working hours. 

    7. Spektra offers alternative communications channels for MSMEs 

    Aside from the usual mode of communications, such as SMS, Calls, and Messenger, Spektra also offers alternatives as part of its continuity plan for its partners. This is to assure continuous operations even during calamities and emergencies. 

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    Spektra has a smart cloud-based field force communication tool, which is an online instant communication service between groups of users using mobiles or smartphones. 

    It combines the features of a traditional two-way radio with the flexibility, effectiveness and cost efficiency of a cloud-based service that emulates professional walkie-talkie communications among smartphones. 

    Spektra also has a smart Public Safety and Emergency Response System, which is a complete public safety and emergency response system designed to efficiently record, dispatch, and monitor incidents reported to an organization’s emergency response desk. 

    At the same time, it keeps the concerned individuals connected throughout the emergency response process, all in near-real time. 

    8. Beyond helping MSMEs, Spektra has services tailored for schools 

    Spektra offers services that are mode for schools and academic institutions to help them adapt quickly and be prepared logistically for the new normal. 

    These are the following: 

    • Microsoft All in one eLearning solution for Academe 

    A suite of educational tools designed to drive student and teacher engagements and focused learning. 

    • GIGA Study Data Pack for Learning 

    A data pack aimed at giving students a much simpler access to a selection of learning apps and productivity tools. 


    Spektra knows that one of the critical factors in influencing the success of any business relies on a dependable technology platform, secure connection, and fast internet connectivity. 

    These days when the norm is virtual transactions, having a reliable business solution is a definite must and Spektra delivers that. It has products and services that are designed for MSMEs so these businesses are guaranteed of packages that are attuned with their needs. 

    To know more about Spektra Graphic Marketing Services, you may view their YouTube channel, call mobile numbers 09218737444 and 09174796187, or email rjavier.spektrasales@gmail.com.

    Advantages of Spektra Graphic Marketing Services

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    2. such great marketing services.
      success of one's business really depends on one great marketing.

    3. Sounds like a truly reliable service provider. Most especially at such a time as now, MSMEs need all the help they can get for both sustainability and growth.

    4. Sounds like a truly reliable service provider. Most especially at such a time as now, MSMEs need all the help they can get for both sustainability and growth.

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