6 Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Parents Even During Your Travels

December 20, 2023

Here are some helpful tips on how you can help your elderly parents even when you are traveling.

We all get that feeling of being pulled in a million different directions when taking care of our elderly parents. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it feels even more challenging when planning your travels — how on Earth do you make sure your elderly parents are taken good care of? Luckily, there are several practical things you can do through planning and communication to ensure that your dear elderly ones stay safe while you’re away. Read on to learn strategies anyone can use to keep their loved ones safe during their time apart!

6 Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Parents Even During Your Travels

6 Ways You Can Help Your Elderly Parents Even During Your Travels

    Consider hiring professional home care services

    For those who require assistance with daily living activities, professional home care services could be a wise decision. Especially if you're away from the elderly in your family, expert home care solutions could be the perfect way to have someone keep an eye on your parents. 

    Be it for a few hours a day or around-the-clock care, home care providers can provide essential services such as medication management, meal preparation, and assistance with personal hygiene. With trained professionals fulfilling vital roles, family members and caregivers can have peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving high-quality care while they are apart.

    Set up auto-pay for bills and other recurring expenses

    To ensure a seamless flow of services and utilities, setting up automatic payments for bills and recurring expenses is highly beneficial. This guarantees that payments for essential services like electricity, water, Internet, and health insurance are made timely, preventing any inconvenience that late payments or missed bills could cause.

    Automatic payments can be easily set up through your bank or the service provider, offering a worry-free solution for both you and your elderly parents. Note, however, that you should regularly review these transactions, as automatic payments can sometimes lead to overlooked charges or errors. With this step taken care of, you'll be one step closer to ensuring that your elderly parent's needs are met even during your travels.

    Check in frequently on the phone or video chat

    Modern technology enables us to stay connected even when we're miles apart. Regularly checking in with your elderly parents via phone calls or video chats is a great way to ensure their well-being: they keep us updated on their health status, and we can monitor if everything is well at home. For older adults who may live alone, these check-ins can also serve as a source of companionship and prevent feelings of isolation.

    Regular communication also helps you gauge any significant changes in their health or behavior that might require immediate attention. While you're off exploring new places, your elderly parents might be feeling lonely or anxious, and these regular check-ins can go a long way in making them feel loved and cared for.

    Make sure their home is secure

    Installing security systems such as alarm systems, CCTV cameras, or smart door locks can provide an added layer of protection. These systems deter potential intruders while allowing you or a trusted individual to monitor the home remotely.

    If possible, provide your parents with a personal emergency response system (PERS). These devices are designed to signal the presence of a hazard requiring urgent attention and summon emergency medical personnel. This combination of security measures can offer peace of mind and create a safer environment for your elderly parents when you're not physically there.
    Have meals pre-prepared or delivered

    To ensure that your elderly parents are eating healthy and nutritious meals, consider pre-preparing meals for them in advance. This could be done before you leave for your travels or by enlisting the help of a trusted friend or family member.

    Alternatively, you can arrange for meal delivery services from local restaurants or grocery stores. Many cities now have services that cater specifically to seniors, providing nutritious meals at affordable prices. This option can save your elderly parents the hassle of cooking while still ensuring they receive proper nutrition.

    Send care packages or gifts

    Sometimes, the smallest gestures can make all the difference in someone's day. Sending care packages or small gifts to your elderly parents while you're away can brighten up their spirits and remind them of your love and appreciation.

    You could send homemade treats, photos of your travels, or even practical items that they may need. The thought behind these gifts will surely bring a smile to your loved one's face and let them know that they are always on your mind, no matter how far apart you may be.

    With thoughtful planning and the use of modern services, it's entirely possible to ensure their well-being even when you're miles apart. From hiring professional care, automating bill payments, and setting up security systems, to arranging meal deliveries and sending thoughtful gifts, every action contributes significantly to their quality of life. The ultimate goal is to make sure our loved ones are safe, comfortable, and happy.

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