A Day At A Time

December 20, 2023

When things get a little rough, take things a day at a time.

In a previous post, I said that my weeks were uneventful in terms of work. However, that doesn't mean that everything had been a breeze for me. In fact, it’s the other way around in the sense that I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. I don’t have anything urgent on my plate right now but I’m still feeling exhausted. It’s mostly about my career (day job) and the things outside of it that I wanted to pursue and eventually generate income from it. After all, I don’t want to spend all my years working in the office. Yes, I have a lot of projects that I wanted to start but, let’s face it, money is essential to be able to start something that can make an impact, such as a business, a property, etc.

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A Day At A Time

Going back to my career, while I do admit that I’m an individual contributor, I sometimes can’t help but think if there’s something bigger in store for me. Many companies preach that there are a multitude of opportunities for all employees across the corporate stratum. However, that’s not really the case in real life. More opportunities are given to those with leadership potential. Although that’s perfectly understandable and I get it, it can be discouraging for individual contributors. We often think if the future or the prospect ahead is bright and if we can’t get any concrete answer to that, then we either just stagnate e to grow seek greener pastures in another organization.

On top of it all, we had Miguel assessed by the developmental pediatrician yesterday and the result was not very encouraging. The interventions that we did during the past year seemed ineffective. There were challenges that were brought to our attention by the developmental pediatrician, and we somehow agree with their observations because they were also apparent to us. Of course, giving up is never an option when it comes to my children. We will do whatever it takes to ensure a good future for them.

Whew! These recent life updates were quite a lot. As my former colleague once said when things get a little rough, “A day at a time.” There’s no value in tackling problems all at the same time head-on. We wouldn’t be able to resolve anything that way. As our HR Training told us, whenever we encounter roadblocks, we should group them according to the things that we can influence and those that we can’t. For those issues that we can influence, we can prioritize finding the solution for them. Again, tomorrow is not really guaranteed; we don’t hold the future. We should live for the moment and get the most out of each day. After all, God will not forsake us and He knows exactly what we need.

I still worry a lot but I try my best to find the sunlight each day – moments with my kids, conversations with my wife, watching my favorite videos, and even funny clips on TikTok. These things help ease the burden and make things a bit bearable.

Plus, it’s a few days before Christmas. It’s a welcome break and a time to be merry with friends and loved ones. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and a time to reconnect with your spiritual side if this is your cup of tea.

Anyway, a day at a time.

With that, may you have a wonderful Yuletide celebration with the most important people in your life!

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