Christmas Party Season

December 22, 2023

It's Christmas party season again and I'm loving that my children finally get to experience the holiday fun and cheer.

I loved Christmas parties during my high school and elementary days, just like any other kid. However, as I grew older, I lost some of that excitement and that was partly because preparing for the Christmas season somehow started to become like a chore -- having to shop for gifts in crowded malls, the heavy traffic in the metro, being made to organize Christmas parties at work, and so on.

Christmas Party Season

Christmas Party Season

For a while, I thought that I lost the Christmas spirit and became a Scrooge. Akala ko talaga nawala na yung spark ng Pasko. All of that changed When I became a father. Suddenly, I was excited for the Christmas season again. My kids brought back the magic of Christmas in me.

I still don’t like the huge crowd and traffic but I do look forward to buying gifts for the kids again and, most especially, Christmas parties. Gustong gusto ko talaga dalhin sa Christmas parties ang mga bata kasi kitang kita ko ang happines at appreciation nila.

Anyway, it’s their second time to attend a Christmas party this year. Last year, Mommy Khris and I took Miguel and Rafa to their first Christmas party held at McDonald’s. There were still some precautions observed at that time because of COVID-19 so there were still some reservations in terms of socializing. In short, the celebration was subdued.

Christmas Party Season parol-making contest

This year though, Kuya Miguel’s Christmas party was different. It was all fun, with a nice venue, a real program, a lot of food, and fun games for both parents and children. Of course, we took Rafa with us again. Di naman magpapaiwan si bunso. The two kids had a great time. Before the program started, they had free ice cream courtesy of Kuya Miguel’s school. They also made good use of the playground amenities. By the time the party started, both kids were already sweaty but their energies were still sky-high.

We participated in some of the games and won a few prizes. We also joined the parol-making contest but our entry didn’t make it to the top three (we still got a consolation prize though). Meanwhile, Rafa was just being himself throughout the event and making sure he was with his Kuya anywhere (including the stage). Kuya Miguel gave gifts to his classmates and also received presents from his friends. Mommy Khris and I were just happily watching our two kids having a good time.

Christmas Party Season exchange gift

Kuya Miguel’s Christmas party ended well; everybody had a good time and left with smiles on their faces. Sabi nga ng matatanda, ang Pasko ay para sa mga bata at ramdam na ramdam naman namin ito during the Chirstmas party. Masaya, makulay, maingay, at puno ng tawanan. Talaga namang pati mga matatanda ay babalik sa saya ng Pasko ng kabataan nila.

It’s moments like this with our kids that we cherish. I hope they grow up with fond memories of Christmas with us and pass on the magic to their own kids someday. As for me, I’m glad to see Christmas with a renewed perspective.

How about you, were you able to attend a Christmas party this year? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Merry Christmas!

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