Christmas Gift Ideas: Gifting Experiences for Families

October 21, 2022

Here are wonderful gift ideas that you may consider the next time you shop for Christmas gifts.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" The month of December brings joy to most countries all over the world. The smell of cinnamon wafting from bakeries, the gorgeous decorations outside shops, hotels, and shopping malls. Themed decorations outside all suburban homes, fluffy hats, woolen scarves, and warm boots, topped with the sound of Christmas carols. It truly is a beautiful time.

Christmas Gift Ideas
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Christmas Gift Ideas: Gifting Experiences for Families

    Material Gifts vs. Experiences

    However, there is a dark side to it as well. Christmas brings out the worst side of capitalist consumerism. Everything you see in shopping malls is scientifically designed to draw you in. The placement of toys on the shelves, the gift wrapping paper, and all the colors you see in stores are placed there to encourage you to swipe your card and buy, buy, buy.

    The tradition of buying gifts for all your family members, immediate and extended, goes back to when people spent time "making" gifts when the family would exchange produce from their farms instead of socks from the dollar store.

    Where do these gifts end up? At the back of their cupboard or stored in the basement. The industries that manufacture children's toys and fast fashion clothes create the most plastic waste in the world. But there is still hope for us. The mindset toward Christmas is slowly starting to shift. Families prefer to get together and eat various food instead of wasting money on gifts.

    Some families also choose to take vacations instead of buying lots of presents for one another. People are starting to focus on accumulating experiences instead of things for Christmas.

    6 Memorable Experiences to Gift

    Here's a list of some experiences that will create more meaningful memories for your family than video games or Christmas sweaters:

    1. A Hot Air Balloon Ride

    This would be a first for most people since Hot Air Balloons aren't very common. There are many reasons why Hot Air Balloon Rides are an excellent gifting idea.

    Firstly, they are so much fun! Secondly, many people avoid spending on Hot Air Balloon Rides because they feel the experience might not be worth it. Third, the ride is such a peaceful experience with magnificent views!

    2. A Stay in a Treehouse or a Human Nest or a Camping Ground

    Depending on what's available to you, a unique "staycation" is a fantastic gifting idea for couples and families.

    It gives them a chance to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and spend time together in a new environment. No dishes to clean, no grocery shopping to do, just driving out and traveling to a resort or a camping ground outside the city and basking in breathtaking views.

    3. Concert or Event Tickets

    This is another experience they won't easily forget. Whether it's the latest teen sensation for your nephews and nieces or a classic rock band for your parents, concerts are super exciting.

    If you have a football enthusiast or a tennis fan, gifting tickets to the semi-final or final matches will bring a positive glow to your family's faces.

    4. Open Flight Tickets

    If your relatives have been planning for a family trip but haven't been able to save for one in a while, flight tickets will surely bring some Christmas cheer.

    Most airlines can purchase Open Flight Tickets, where you have the freedom to choose the name of the passengers, the destination, and the dates within a specific time period. Such a gift is much more meaningful than a pair of new boots.

    5. An Afternoon Tea Experience

    This is the perfect gift for most women in the family. Your nieces, aunts, mother, and grandmothers would appreciate an afternoon of sipping tea, eating crumpets and mini sandwiches, and chatting.

    The afternoon tea experience is a beautiful bonding experience that will leave them feeling joyful and content. It's not just the tea, and the snacks that are filling but the open conversations and smiles shared with family that fill the soul.

    6. A Cooking Class

    This one would be especially memorable for the foodie of the family. Cooking classes offer a lovely chance to mingle with fellow foodies, learn to cook something you haven't experienced before and try out new cuisines.

    It could also be tasting wine and cheese or opening a new restaurant. Any experience related to food and drinks is sure to win brownie points with your family.

    Whether a 5-course meal at a Michelin Star restaurant or tickets to a K-Pop concert, experiences are sure to generate more memories and bring more smiles than the things we usually buy for our families on Christmas.

    Choose from the abovementioned incidents or tell us about any other experience your friends and family have gifted you. It's the most beautiful time of the year when we don't spend money on "things" but on "experiences."

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