8 Best Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas According To Dads

May 03, 2021

If you are thinking of unique gift ideas this Mother’s Day, here is a list of eight items that you might want to consider.

Mother’s Day is one of the most highly-anticipated celebrations in most parts of the world each year. This day serves to honor mothers and motherhood in any form, whether through birth, adoption, or guardianship.

Unique Mother's Day gift ideas according to fellow dads

8 Best Unique Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas According To Dads

    Mother’s Day in the Philippines

    Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May like in many other countries worldwide. I would say that it’s also a fairly big occasion in terms of popularity. As far as I can remember, Mother’s Day has always been something that families, establishments, schools, and even companies prepare for.

    Mother's Day before the pandemic

    In the years before Mother’s Day 2020, restaurants would often have set menus for those who want to celebrate it outside their homes. While the dine-in options in restaurants have been limited because of the quarantine, there are still many food establishments that offer pickup, takeaway, and delivery options.

    Malls and online shops would always have Mother’s Day sale events before the pandemic but these days, only digital stores can offer promos and special offers on brands.

    Despite the limitations brought by COVID-19, Mother’s Day celebrations still bring a lot of hope, positivity, and happiness to many families in the Philippines and around the world.

    The best Mother’s Day gifts according to fellow dads

    We also celebrate Mother’s Day at home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be grand or big. Before the year 2020, we would just eat out or bring home food, aside from the usual Mother’s Day greetings, of course.

    Best Mother's Day gift ideas
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    I sometimes give small gift items for Khris or buy her flowers from Island Rose. In the end though, as long as we get to remember Mother’s Day, we are happy.

    However, a discussion in one of my Facebook dad groups caught my attention. It was posted by a fellow dad I know and he was asking for Mother’s Day gift ideas. I was just amazed to know that there are still many dads around who would still want to give their wives a nice treat.

    I won’t divulge their names, of course, because I don’t have permission to do so but I was inspired to share their suggestions because I’m sure these would also, make you smile.

    Here are the Mother’s Gift suggestions given by my fellow dads:

    1. Flowers and takeout food

    This is a classic no-frills Mother’s Day gift idea. I know a lot of dads turn to flowers and food if they run out of creative ideas to surprise their wives. I used to give flowers to Khris as well but eventually switched it up with a nice lunch or dinner date or a practical item instead.

    2. A day off from house chores

    One fellow dad suggested this and I honestly think that giving your wife a day off from house chores is a brilliant idea. She’d really appreciate a whole day to herself when she’d do nothing but relax and pamper herself or binge-watch her favorite TV series.

    As for dads, you can take charge of the laundry, dishes, and taking care of the kids. I know a lot of dads are already involved in running their respective households so this would already be easy for them.

    3. An extra hour of sleep

    An extra hour in bed can do wonders for Mommy. If you have a small baby, your wife would all the more appreciate the extra hour of sleep. That will give her more energy and do wonders for her mood. Of course, it would be much better if you would let her take the whole day off.

    4. Breakfast in bed

    Related to the previous suggestion, you can prepare breakfast in bed to surprise your wife as she opens her eyes. Prepare her favorite breakfast or have it delivered, then arrange it on a tray, and put a flower beside her plate when you deliver it to her bed. It’s simple, affordable, and definitely, something that will make your wife feel good.

    5. Video appreciation slideshow

    One dad also suggested making a video slideshow as a form of appreciation for his wife. He would play this while his wife is having breakfast in bed or, if that’s not possible, just show it at the breakfast table.

    6. Prepare her favorite food

    If she is craving a particular food, you can prepare it for her on Mother’s Day. If you don’t the time or the cooking skills, then good old reliable takeout food is your answer.

    This is one that I personally do because I’m a little comfortable in the kitchen. I prepare Khris’ favorite Shrimp Aglio Olio Pasta or Adobo sa Asin even when it’s not Mother’s Day and I feel happy that she appreciates this gesture very well.

    7. Make hand-made gift certificates

    This is another brilliant idea that I got from a fellow dd. You can make hand-made gift certificates for your wife. Unleash your creativity and make personalized gift certificates like “two hours break,” “no chores today,” or “one-hour massage.” Put these gift certificates in envelopes and have her redeem these from you on her chosen dates.

    8. Set up a dinner table on the terrace

    Even if the pandemic is ongoing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have an intimate dinner date. You can set up a table on your terrace or garden, then serve your wife’s favorite food. You can also have wine and desserts to go with your dinner.

    If you want, you can also have a movie night to cap off your dinner date or just give her your undivided attention and talk to her.


    You’d think that dads typically don’t have an ounce of creativity in them when it comes to planning surprises but these Mother’s Day gift ideas prove otherwise.

    Take note these are just a handful of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas but I do like this list because they are from my fellow dads, many of whom I know from different groups.

    If you have other special gift ideas for Mother’s Day, why don’t you share they in the comments section below?

    Disclosure: These ideas are not my original Mother’s Day gift ideas. They are from my fellow dads that I compiled from our group DAD Tribe PH.

    List of the best Mother's Day gift ideas
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