A Hearty Family Lunch at Lasa BBQ in SM City Fairview

November 05, 2023

Lasa BBQ is one of our favorite restaurants for our regular family weekend lunch outs. The food is delicious, and the ambiance is homey.

For the last few months, our go-to restaurant for our weekend family lunches was Lasa BBQ in SM City Fairview. It was a good decision to try Lasa BBQ because the food became an instant hit with us, especially with our children. If you are a parent, you know how little kids can be picky with their food so when you discover a restaurant that serves food that they approve, you will keep coming back to it. That is the case with Lasa BBQ, that’s why we kept coming back to it. The food at Lasa BBQ is delicious, that’s why we highly recommend it if you are eating out with your family or having a celebration with your friends.

Lasa BBQ's All-Meat Platter
Lasa BBQ's All-Meat Platter

A Hearty Family Lunch at Lasa BBQ in SM City Fairview

    By the way, in case you don’t know it yet, Lasa BBQ is the barbecue and roasting station of Lola Café, a chain of restaurants that offer some of the best Filipino dishes in the country.

    The ambiance at Lasa BBQ SM City Fairview

    Lasa BBQ at SM City Fairview gives out a homey vibe and I think that’s one of the reasons why we love eating here. The floor space of the restaurant itself is small but it’s comfortable because of the large tables and chairs. 

    A Hearty Family Lunch at Lasa BBQ at SM City Fairview
    Family lunch at Lasa BBQ

    Each time we have lunch here, we always see big groups enjoying Lasa BBQ’s delicious food. Nonetheless, it never felt crowded inside the restaurant. There is always adequate space between tables so moving around is comfortable.

    What we’ve tried at Lasa BBQ

    Whenever we go to Lasa BBQ, we always order the All-Meat Platter (P1,055) composed of four sticks of pork barbecue, four sticks of boneless chicken barbecue, four sticks of boneless chicken inasal, and four sticks of longganisa hamonado.

    Lasa BBQ's Pork Sinigang
    Pork Sinigang

    As I’ve mentioned earlier, our children love the pork barbecue and the longganisa hamondo, that’s why we love to order the All-Meat Platter. The pork barbecue is delicious and meaty; it tastes like the classic Filipino barbecue that we are accustomed to. What I love at Lasa BBQ is the spicy vinegar dipping sauce that comes with each order of the grilled food. The spicy vinegar sauce pairs well with the grilled food to balance out the richness of the meat.

    Miguel and Rafa also love soup, so we make sure to order a soup dish when in Lasa BBQ. We’ve tried pork sinigang and it’s also good. It’s not spectacular but it tastes like homecooked sinigang with a hot and sour soup, vegetables, and pieces of pork. We’ve also had beef bulalo, which we all agreed was delicious. The bulalo broth is flavorful and the meat is extremely tender.

    Lasa BBQ's Chicken Isaw
    Chicken Isaw

    Sometimes, we would have extra orders of pork hamonado (which would usually end up in the takeout bag for our children to enjoy later) and chicken isaw. The chicken isaw is also good but not exceptional; just enough to satisfy our street food craving.

    Lasa BBQ's Vegetable Lumpia
    Vegetable Lumpia

    We also recently tried the crispy lumpia and we also loved it. The wrapper is delightfully crunchy and the vegetable filling is bursting with flavor. 

    Lasa BBQ Menu

    Lasa BBQ's menu is composed mainly of classic Filipino food that we are all familiar with. These are are following:

    Pinoy BBQ

    • Premium Pork BBQ (P235, four sticks)
    • Chicken Skin (P170, four sticks)
    • Longganisa Hamonado (P250, four sticks)
    • Eggplant and Cherry tomato (P180, four sticks)
    • Buttered Maiz (P105, four sticks)
    • Grilled Tofu Skewers (P145, four sticks)
    • Grilled Chipirones (P290, four sticks)
    • BBQ Isaw (P135, four sticks)
    • Pork Tocino (P185, four sticks)
    • Boneless Chicken Inasal (P260, four sticks)
    • Boneless Chicken BBQ (P270, four sticks)

    Pinoy Starters

    • Lumpiang Shanghai (P130)
    • Palabok (P385)
    • Pancit Guisado (P245)
    • Baked Scallops (P290)
    • Pork Laing Lumpia (P145)
    • Longganisa & Cream Cheese Wantons (P185)
    • U.S Beef Tenderloin Salpicao (P470)
    • Gambas and Spanish Chorizo (P345)
    • Fried Calamares (P285)
    • Garlic Baby Squid in Olive Oil (P230)

    Grilled Favorites

    • Boneless Bangus (P270)
    • Tuna Belly (P430)
    • Stuffed Squid (P460)
    • Pork Belly Liempo (P240)

    Soup-based dishes

    • Bulalo (P460)
    • Bangus Sinigang (P380)
    • Shrimp Sinigang (P455)
    • Pork Sinigang (P360)

    Sisig Plates

    • Pork Sisig (P275)
    • Tofu Sisig (P265)
    • Lechon Sisig (P335)
    • Bangus Sisig (P260)
    • Red Egg Sisig (P310)


    • Beef & Tripe Kare-Kare (P560)
    • Seafood Kare-Kare (P575)
    • Lechon Kawali Kare-Kare (P550)
    • Lechon Belly (P390)

    Fried Dishes

    • Sweet and Sour Fish (P295)
    • 72-hour Marinated Fried Chicken Fillet (P405)
    • Lechon Kawali (P385)
    • Crispy Pata (P835)

    Rice Bowls

    • Lechon Sisig Rice Bowl (P240)
    • Bicol Express Rice Bowl (P230)
    • Escabecheng Isda Rice Bowl (P220)
    • Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Bowl (P220)
    • Grilled Liempo Rice Bowl (P220)
    • Lechon Kawali Rice Bowl (P280)
    • Chicken BBQ Rice Bowl (P200)
    • Red Egg Sisig Rice Bowl (P250)
    • Grilled Bangus Rice Bowl (P220)
    • Pork BBQ Rice Bowl (P250)

    Vegetable Dishes

    • Fried Vegetables Lumpia (P160)
    • Pinakbet with Lechon (P325)
    • Sauteed French Beans (P250)
    • Chopsuey (P230)
    • Pinakbet (P220)
    • Pork Laing (P245)


    • Cassava (P200)
    • Mango Cheesecake (P395)
    • Mais Con Hielo (P150)
    • Halo-Halo (P160)

    Lasa BBQ Branches

    Lasa BBQ has outlets in several locations around Metro Manila. Here's the complete list of branches, as well, as the contact details so that you won't have to Google "Lasa BBQ near me" anymore.


    Level 2, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, Balintawak, Quezon City
    Mobile no.: 0917 684 0921
    Telephone no.: 02 8954 6314


    Second Level, SM City BF , Paranaque City
    Mobile No.: 0917 160 0370
    Telephone No.: 02 8838 0594


    3rd Floor, Ayala Malls Feliz, Pasig City, Metro Manila
    Mobile No.: 0916 748 6548
    Telephone No.: 02 7117 2602


    2nd Floor, SM North Towers, Quezon City, Metro Manila
    Mobile No.: 0917 528 8896
    Telephone No.: 02 8251 5584


    Upper Ground Level, SM Fairview, Quezon City, Metro Manila
    Mobile No.: 0917 190 4221
    Telephone No.: 02 8637 4089


    Ground Level, Building A, SM Sucat, Parañaque City, Metro Manila
    Mobile No.: 0917 150 6220
    Telephone No.: 02 7273 8627


    All in all, our meals at Lasa BBQ are always satisfying. The food is delicious and, while I won’t consider it one of the most affordable restaurants around, I think the quality of the food items and the service are all worth it.

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