Grateful Dad #16.23: Family Moments at Massway

October 24, 2023

Our simple trips at a local supermarket called Massway has become an unexpected family bonding moment for us.

A few months ago, we discovered a neighborhood supermarket called Massway. It’s like any other supermarket that sells home and pantry essentials but at a lower price compared to the more popular stores. But what we do love most about Massway is the extremely affordable toys and home items that they sell.

Grateful for our Family Moments at Massway

Grateful Dad #16.23: Family Moments at Massway

In fact, Massway has half of its second level dedicated to toys of all kinds – robots, animal toys, toy cars, transformer toys, battery-operated toys, balloons, inflatable pools, dolls, etc. You name it and they have it. Now, when I say affordable, the price is almost 50% lower as compared to the cost of similar toys sold in trendier shops. Yes, the quality is the same so why would we choose the more expensive ones?

Anyway, because of the seemingly endless number of toys to choose from, Rafa fell in love with Massway. Whenever we asked him where he wanted to go, he would say, “Let’s go to Massway!” When we couldn’t decide where to go on weekends, we would say, “Let’s go to Massway first.”

Each time we went to Massway, Rafa would be all excited and immediately head to the second floor. His face would light up as he picked one toy after another. It was also amusing to see a little boy having a hard time deciding between a toy police car and a fire truck. Miguel, on the other hand, would be drawn to any toy that lit up or pink in color.

Little kids at the toy section of Massway Supermarket

Of course, we would also buy our grocery items like fresh milk, bread, children’s snacks, cleaning products, chips, drinks, and many more. Again, the prices are lower versus those sold at other shops. By the way, I just found out that Massway also has other branches: Massway Hypermarket - Zabarte (North Caloocan), Massway Supermarket – Malinta, Massway Supermarket – Obando, Massway Supermarket – Pulilan, Massway Department Store – Kawit, and Massway Supermarket and Department Store – Pandi.

In any case, those little trips to Massway have become a family bonding moment for us. We love seeing the anticipation in our children’s faces before going to Massway and their satisfied reactions while holding their toy finds for the day as we are about to go home. We’d also take them to a nearby McDonald’s outlet for their favorite treats and more playtime in the indoor playground.

In the end, it makes me happy and grateful knowing that my little family can appreciate the simple things around us.

How about you, do you also have similar simple routines that have become regular bonding moments with your family? Share them in the comment section below.

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