5 Online Money Games To Help Children Hone Their Finance Skills

October 24, 2023

Here are some engaging online money games to help kids hone their finance skills.

When people hear about topics related to money, budgeting, investing, and becoming financially savvy, oftentimes, they become intimidated because of the vague concept of money – how it flows within the economy, how wealth is created, and how a business is run, to name a few.

5 Online Money Games To Help Children Hone Their Finance Skills

5 Online Money Games To Help Children Hone Their Finance Skills

    Admittedly, I’ve also long been terrified by the topics of investing and trade but through self-studies and with the help of my colleagues, I’ve gradually grasped the concept of finance.

    But how does one begin if they have no one to teach them the concepts of money, finance, and economics? Self-study would be your best option then. YouTube is a great place to start. There are channels that offer free and engaging lessons about money and related topics. TikTok is also a great social media site for discovering content creators who provide valuable lessons on being financially smart.

    However, if you prefer to learn financial concepts through actual application, you can try online money games that allow you to play and have a good time while learning. You can choose from different online money games here.

    Even your kids will enjoy playing online money games while getting exposed to the idea of money at a young age. It’s a good idea for children to grasp the concept of money early on so that they will be comfortable and financially smart when they grow up.

    Here are five games that I recommend for your children:

    Cashier Simulator

    Cashier Simulator online money game

    Cashier Simulator is possibly the simplest game to play and is, thus, best for children. The Cashier Simulator is built around the concept of arithmetic; the addition of the prices of the items that customers will buy and the subtraction of the payment from the total cost when handing out change to the customers.

    Counting Money

    Counting Money online money game

    Counting Money is another good option if you are looking for a simple online money game for your kids. Just the same, this game is very engaging and will really test one’s money-counting skills.

    Cash Back

    Cash Back online money game

    Cash Back is another easy-to-play game with a very intuitive interface. Again, the concept is being able to provide the correct change to your customer. That involves the addition of money and earning points for each correct one.

    Grocery Cashier

    Grocery Cashier online money game

    Grocery Cashier is an online cash register game in which you, as the cashier, would need to input in the cash register the items that are being bought. Once the grocery items have been totaled, you will receive a payment from your customer. As a final action, you would have to provide the correct change to your customer.

    Idle Money Tree

    Idle Money Tree online money game

    Want to emphasize the value of saving money? With Idle Money Tree, you have to collect as much money as you can from an idle tree. It’s as simple as that; you earn money based on how fast and how diligent you are in collecting money.

    These are just some online money games that you can try. You may explore other games since they are all free to use.

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