Grateful Dad #11.23: Goodbye, Teacher!

July 23, 2023

I'm grateful for our teachers (and our children's teachers) who dedicated their time to equip us with knowledge and who showed concern for us.

It’s the start of the second semester in Kuya Miguel’s school and I know that my fellow dads can relate to how busy the school preparations can be. That’s not to mention the school-related expenses which can be nerve-wracking every time the billing invoice is sent by the school admin. Anyway, that’s our life as parents. In the end, all the tiring days at work are well worth it because we know that our children are learning many things at school. And for that, we can only be grateful.

Grateful Dad #11.23: Goodbye, Teacher!

Grateful Dad #11.23: Goodbye, Teacher!

On a different note, you might be asking why I’m writing about the topic “Goodbye, Teacher!” when a new semester has just started. I’ve long wanted to write about this, as a tribute to teachers (our teachers and our children’s teachers) for all their hard work. The previous school year is not too far off and I’m sure the memories are still fresh among teachers and students alike. It’s not just the memories but I’m sure the emotions are still quite palpable.

We all know that teaching is a noble profession; our teachers are also our second parents. It’s definitely fulfilling especially if teachers see their pupils gaining achievements and growing up.

Just the same, being a teacher can be a lonely vocation. It’s sometimes a thankless job. Oftentimes, teachers have to deal with the sadness of seeing their students leave, especially during graduation when it’s the time to say goodbye for the final time. I remember some of my high school teachers crying on our graduation day. I felt pity for them; I recall the same emotions when I saw social media posts of teachers getting emotional during the most recent school graduation.

We’ve also had to say goodbye to some (at least three) of Kuya Miguel’s previous teachers. In 2020, we had to say goodbye to Kuya Miguel’s first occupational therapist because of the first Metro Manila lockdown. Then in 2021, we also had to say farewell to Kuya Miguel's second teacher because of the on-and-off quarantine restrictions in Metro Manila. A few months ago, we had to say goodbye to another teacher because of a change in Kuya Miguel’s schedule. 

When his teacher said, “Daddy, last day ko na po kay Miguel ngayon” (“It’s my last day with Miguel today, Daddy.”), I just smiled and said, “Thank you, Teacher!” I didn’t say anything anymore because I felt the sadness in the teacher’s voice when she said goodbye. I thought staying a little longer might be harder for the teacher.

As I look back, I think you really have to be tough to be a teacher. Aside from the technical skills that a teacher must have, they should have nerves of steel to deal with the many emotions that come with teaching.

I’m also extremely grateful for teachers who are genuinely concerned with the welfare of their pupils. Kuya Miguel’s current occupational therapist has always been very keen on her observations of Miguel. Just recently, she alerted us of a possible issue that might require medical attention. I don’t consider those as minute gestures, I consider them to be big acts of kindness.

So, the next time you say “Goodbye, Teacher!” don’t forget to also say “Thank you for everything!”

Do you have a teacher who made a big impact in your life? Feel free to share your story in the comment section below.

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  1. Richelle Milar25 July 2023 at 05:35

    My sister is a teacher and I can see how hard it is to be a teacher. This is a really great article to read

  2. My son is gearing up to start a new year of school. As we prepare for the new year I'm looking forward to meeting his new teachers. His teachers last year were great! And I agree with you, they definitely need to be thanked each and every year.

  3. Teachers can definitely make such an impact on children's lives. It is great when you have a wonderful teacher like this!

  4. Teaching is a really noble profession, and the gratitude from the parents is a bonus! Where we are, the kids only has one teacher during their entire gradeschool (extra teachers for PE and so) otherwise, all subjects are taught by the same teacher - she/he knows each kid so well having spent four years with them and can ready them for middle school properly...