The Happiness That Discovering A Local Park Brings

June 04, 2023

For so long, we were looking for a local or neighborhood park where our children can play so imagine our happiness when we found a nearby playground.

We love going to parks. Ever since the COVID-19 health restrictions have eased, we made it a point to bring our children to parks where they can freely run, have lots of fun, and just be themselves. We felt that the pandemic has robbed some of their childhood years so we wanted to make it up to them.

The Happiness That Discovering A Local Park Brings

The Happiness That Discovering A Local Park Brings

We've been to several parks and open spaces like UP Diliman, QC Memorial Circle, and the open areas in shopping malls. Just the same, we were still hoping for a public park that is located near where we live. Well, there is one near our house located at the village hall but it's just open space -- no amenities like swing or seesaw.

Miguel on the swing in a local park

However, during one of our morning commutes, I spotted what seems to be an arc with the word "park" written on it. I thought to myself it must be a public park within the village. It's not immediately visible because it was hidden behind a row of townhouses but the gate to the park is a little visible from the road.

Rafa enjoying the swing in a local park

With that, I made a plan to go further from our usual afternoon destination and head over near the village entrance to check out if there is indeed a park in the area. That's what we did and, indeed, there was really another park within the village.

It's called "Teacher's Village Park" and was smaller than the "Rotary Park" that we frequented. Nonetheless, there were slides, swings, monkey bars, and seesaws. It doesn't also seem to be popular because there were only a few kids who were playing. They seemed to be just nearby residents. Anyway, we were happy to have discovered a new playground near our house where our kids can have a good time.

Benefits of Parks for Children

Do you know that frequenting parks can be beneficial for children? And also for you! Here are the benefits:

  • Provides children with physical exercise to help develop their bones and muscles
  • Develops their motor skills, agility, and alertness
  • Provides a venue to socialize with other children
  • Enhances their mental well-being as compared to being cooped up the whole day with a gadget
  • Satisfies their curiosity to discover new things

Other things to remember when playing in parks

Rafa on a slide in a local park

Make sure your kids are comfortable when you bring them to parks. Since these are outdoors, it can get hot sometimes. They can become sweaty and irritable. Here's how you can ensure that they feel cool and comfy:

  • Clothes - buy cool and comfy clothes HERE.
  • Footwear - buy it HERE.
  • Baby bag - buy it HERE.
  • Face & back towel - buy it HERE.
  • Water bottle - buy it HERE.
  • Knee pads - buy them HERE.


Miguel and Rafa on a slide in a local park

We love that there is a public park and playground near our house. We can just go there whenever we feel like going outside to take a breath of fresh air. It's also practical because we wouldn't have to bring a car just to go there. No admission fees and we can play for an unlimited amount of time.

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