Photowall Canvas Prints Review [We Had Our Family Photos Printed!]

June 03, 2023

Sharing our review of Photowall Canvas Prints as well as our experience in ordering from its website.

If you are looking for ways to make your plain, old, and boring wall alive with brilliant designs, then consider Photowall, a company specializing in wallpapers and canvas prints. I've seen Photowall's wallpaper designs and they are breathtaking; they can literally transform ordinary walls into works of art. For our home, I opted to have our family travel photos printed into canvas prints, although you can choose from Photowall's library of designs and have these printed into beautiful frames for hanging.

Photowall canvas print review

Photowall Canvas Prints Review [We Had Our Family Photos Printed!]

    Get to know Photowall

    Photowall is a Swedish company established in 2006. Since then, it has grown to be a well-known company that ships worldwide. Photowall prides itself on bringing quality designs to its customers, with attention to detail and good customer experience.

    Photowall family photo canvas print

    What are Photowall's products?

    Photowall offers the following products that are of topnotch quality:

    • Wall murals
    • Designer wallpapers
    • Canvas prints
    • Posters
    • Custom wallpaper, canvas, and posters

    How to order from Photowall

    1. Go to Photowall's website:
    2. Select your country or Other Countries on the drop-down list before selecting the product you want.
    3. Choose the product/s that you like. You may order one of the following: wallpaper or mural for up to 20 square meters, canvas prints, or posters in any size.

    If you have a gift code from Photowall, you may use it to get discounts on your order.

    Photowall canvas print customized photo

    Ordering Details

    • If you are ordering a canvas print, it is highly recommended that you choose the edge with the frame included. You may refer to this instructional video to see how our canvas is constructed.
    • On wallpaper or mural orders, please do not forget to add the Wallpaper Kit to your order by clicking on “Add to cart.” Here is a tutorial video on how to assemble our wallpaper/mural:
    • Keep in mind that wallpaper and mural orders are only up to 20 m² (square meters). If your order exceeds, it will be automatically canceled. Multiple items in an order are also subject to cancellation.

    What I think about the Canvas Prints from Photowall

    Upon receiving the canvas prints, I excitedly unwrapped them since we don't really have a printed family photo at home. I was ecstatic when I saw the canvas prints because they were of excellent quality. 

    Photowall canvas print family travel photo

    Our photos had a great resolution, they didn't look pixelated or faded. In fact, they looked like enlarged versions of our high-resolution family photos. I definitely recommend getting the services of Photowall if you want to have your photos printed.


    We were happy with the canvas prints that we received from Photowall. I think getting your family travel photos printed in canvas prints is a great way to preserve them. If you also want to give your home a makeover, getting wallpaper from Photowall is also a good idea.

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