Celebrating Father’s Day with Camella

June 05, 2023

Camella Homes is having a Father's Day Letter Writing Contest which will award the winner with an Honor mobile phone and a Dear Joe gift certificate.

With Father's Day drawing near, our hearts overflow with immeasurable love and a deep connection to our dads. Hence, we are delighted to introduce not just one but two exceptional ways to celebrate Father's Day!

Camella Father’s Day Letter Writing Contest

Celebrating Father’s Day with Camella

In collaboration with Dear Joe, the first-ever letter-writing cafe in the Philippines, Camella is delighted to announce their Father's Day Letter-Writing Contest that will present a special opportunity to pay tribute to all our hardworking fathers through heartfelt letters while also sharing love with the world. 

This competition will be followed by an exciting Father's Day Quiz that will determine your dad's personality and the perfect gift to make his day!

Come, celebrate with us, the unbreakable bond between fathers and children as we forge lasting memories and offer the thrilling opportunity to win a brand-new smartphone for your dad!

The best letter-writers will win an HONOR mobile phone and a gift certificate from Dear Joe as a special gift for their dads!

Other ways to celebrate Father’s Day

Aside from surprising your dad with a heartfelt letter, here are other ways that you can celebrate Father’s Day:

If you have a foodie dad, surprise him with a treat to his favorite restaurant. There are many restaurants around Metro Manila that are sure to please your dad’s tastebuds. Aside from a restaurant meal, you can also opt to celebrate at home by having food trays delivered. That way, you can personalize your Father’s Day celebration with DIY decors and other gimmicks, in addition to his favorite food items, of course.

If you have a travel aficionado dad, you can also consider booking a hotel staycation with your parents as well as your family. If you want to go on an out-of-town trip, there are resorts near Metro Manila that you can consider.

You can also organize a game night featuring classic board games for a little bit of nostalgia in your family celebration.

If you have kids, you can also get them involved in the preparations by assigning tasks to them by blindfolding Dad and leading him to the dinner table.

Lastly, dads are extremely appreciative. Even the simplest of gifts from his dear family would put a big smile on his face. So, if you can’t think of anything to do on Father’s Day, any gift item would surely make his day.

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  1. Bongga naman nito
    May pa contest at may chance pa manalo
    And Thank You for sharing this Daddy Ivan

  2. Alyssha Nicole Leopoldo Galvez5 June 2023 at 21:39

    Ang bongga naman ni Camella talagang nag effort para maging special ang father's Day ngayon ❤️ and pay tribute to all our hardworking fathers through heartfelt letters while also sharing love with the world and ang bonnga ng pa prize ❤️ Happy Father's Day Daddy Ivan ❤️