7 Meaningful Fathers’ Day Activities To Do This 2022

June 05, 2022

June 19 is fast approaching. Are you running out of ideas to do with your dad this Fathers’ Day? Here are some meaningful activities you can try.

Some fathers are serious, some are spontaneous, and some are silent. Whether your dad falls under one of these categories or a quirky combination of awesome qualities, they deserve our appreciation every chance we get, especially on Father’s Day this 2022, which will fall on June 19, Sunday.

7 Meaningful Fathers’ Day Activities To Do
Photo by Cristian Dina

7 Meaningful Fathers’ Day Activities To Do This 2022

    Depending on your financial capabilities and abilities, you may be thinking of numerous gifts for your father to show how much you love them and appreciate the things they’ve done for your family. No matter how simple or extravagant your gift and surprise may be, your dad wants to spend time with you, whether you are in your beautiful house and lot for sale or a serene weekend getaway.

    What meaningful activities and acts of appreciation can you do with and for your father this Fathers’ Day 2022? Here are some ideas:

    1. Cook His Favorite Breakfast

    Start your day with a heartfelt and sumptuous breakfast! You can prepare your father’s favorite breakfast meal paired with a steaming cup of coffee or his favorite drink. If you’re not so confident with your cooking skills, you may request the help of your family members so it counts as a team effort.

    2. Help Add to His Collection

    If your father has a knack for collecting, why not tag along as he looks for a new item to add to his collection? It may be coins, stamps, pens, film cameras, or other unique items. You can easily find these at online marketplaces, buy-and-sell shops, and on the Internet.

    3. Rent the Car of Their Dreams

    Almost every dad has the car of their dreams. Sometimes, these dreams don’t materialize because that car may be too expensive for them to buy, or they have other financial priorities. 

    Regardless, you can still help your dad’s dreams come true by renting the car for a day! Once you’ve rented the car, you may go on a road trip and allow your dad to drive the car, or if he prefers to relax, drive it for him and go to places he wants.

    4. Gift Your Father (And Mother) A Retirement Home

    If you’ve saved up enough funds, you may surprise your parents with a retirement home! Aside from being a retirement home, this may also serve as your family’s vacation house. 

    You can also surprise your parents with the location of the house, like choosing a tranquil house for sale in Iloilo City, where urban conveniences and rural serenity are both present. Beach houses and houses near the mountains are also popular choices for a retirement home.

    5. Take Your Father Shopping

    Pick a store your dad loves and treat him with something he wants. It can be clothes, shoes, or perhaps a power tool if he has a knack for repairing things.

    6. Go Camping

    Fathers often enjoy the great outdoors. So for Fathers’ Day, you may go to a nearby camping area near you to enjoy nature. Maybe you can also go on a hike in the mountains and bask in a breathtaking view of the sunrise, sea of clouds, and stars at night!

    7. Host a Wine or Beer Tasting at Home

    If your father loves wine and beer, why not host a wine and beer tasting session within the comforts of your home? You may invite friends and family over or even an expert sommelier for additional knowledge on these well-loved drinks. Make sure to prepare your father’s favorite snack or pulutan to complement the drinks!


    You can do other things with your father this Fathers’ Day aside from these recommendations! After all, it’s the thought that counts. But whatever things you plan to do on June 19th, we hope that you enjoy it because for sure, your father will be happy to do these activities with you.
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    1. That's nice,usually yung number one , everyday ko yan ginagawa,pero kahit anong gagawin natin to let them be happy,still they appreciate our efforts to them!Kaya to all amazing dad/papa,Happy Father's Day✨🥰🤍

    2. Thank you for sharing this po daddy ivan nag karoon po tuloy kami Ng idea Ng mga anak ko para sa fathers day po sure na ma appreciate po talaga niya Ang mga ito at talagang magiging meaningful po Ang mga ito ngayong darating na father's day🥰😊

    3. Yay thank you for sharing po very helpful na siguradong ma appreciate ng mga father's jan lalo na araw din nila yan😍.