How I Still Manage To Relax While On My Laptop

July 03, 2022

Even while working on my laptop, I still manage to find the time to relax through the following simple routines.

Since most tasks can now be done digitally, we now equate being in front of the laptop to being at work. Gone are the days when opening a laptop meant watching a movie or checking our social media accounts. Most of those things can now be done through our smartphones, hence, laptops and even desktop computers have now been almost used exclusively for work.

How to relax while on laptop and other devices
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How I Still Manage To Relax While On My Laptop

    The same holds true for me. I’ve been working from home for a long time and my laptop is essentially my office. I also do my writing and blogging gigs on my laptop so I’m almost always in front of my computer especially if I have some tasks to rush.

    Given all of that, the question “is it possible to relax while in front of my laptop?” begs to be answered. For me, yes, it’s still very much possible. Like in any task, all you have to do is establish a routine and use your time efficiently to be able to sneak in some self-care and relaxation techniques even if you are online.

    Here’s how I do it:

    Write something

    While I do earn from my blog and I treat it as a side business, I don’t let go of the fact that writing relaxes me. What I meant is that I began blogging as a form of relaxation, sort of an outlet from the pressures of my day job. Even if what I’m writing is commissioned work, I still enjoy doing it just because I love creating long-form blog content. I will continue to write even if I don’t gain income from my blog.

    You’ll know what I mean if you are an old-time blogger or even a new blogger who happens to like composing articles and playing with words.

    Read my favorite blogs

    I have a set of favorite blogs that I love to visit and read. I find inspiration from these blogs and even get some topic ideas from them. Reading blogs has also become my alternative to reading traditional books, which I also love but don’t have the luxury to do so these days.

    Play online games at

    I’m honestly not much of a fan of online games but I do like the ones available at because it also offers word games. Some of my favorites are the following:

    Letter Scramble

    Letter Scramble at

    Letter Scramble is a straightforward game in which you have to form words from the available letter tiles. It’s an addicting game that will really keep your brain cells working. 

    Letter Scramble game at

    This game is also timed to add more challenges to players.

    Daily Word Search

    Daily Word Search at

    I also like how hooking the Daily Word Search game is. Again, this is a straightforward game in which you have to find the hidden words on a board. 

    Daily Word Search game at

    You can choose the size of the board (12x12, 14x14, and 16x16). It’s also timed so players have to work fast in finding as many words as they can.

    Watch videos on YouTube

    Watching videos on YouTube is much more enjoyable on a bigger screen. As such, I visit my favorite channels as well as watch gadget reviews on my laptop.

    These are some of the ways I relax while on my laptop. A quick break from my work and online tasks is a great way to restore my energy and get my brain working again.

    How about you, how do you find the time to relax while working remotely? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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