No-Drowse Decolgen Keeps Me Going [Work-From-Home Essential]

June 01, 2022

Here's why I consider No-Drowse Decolgen as one of my work-from-home essentials.

Whenever I get the common colds or allergic rhinitis attacks, sinusitis almost always follows. It’s a good thing that there’s No-Drowse Decolgen that I can easily reach to help relieve my headache caused by sinusitis and clogged nose. I don’t have to endure my throbbing head and I can continue with my work or with taking care of my kids after just a few minutes.

No-Drowse Decolgen is a work-from-home essential

No-Drowse Decolgen Keeps Me Going [Work-From-Home Essential]

    No-Drowse Decolgen is my best partner when working from home

    I’ve always loved the convenience of working from home but, then again, since our house is not really made to be an office, I don’t get to enjoy the amenities of a regular office. For one, there’s no air-conditioning so the air or the temperature is less controlled.

    That meant that I’d have to work in the midst of heat during the dry (summer) season or the humid air during the wet (rainy) season. Add to that the dust that seems to never go away at home, then you have the perfect recipe for allergic rhinitis which seemed to have been frequent for me when working from home. 

    No-Drowse Decolgen helps relieve clogged nose so I can still do things at home

    I do try my best to strengthen my immunity to prevent the attacks but the lack of sleep when Miguel would wake up in the middle of the night would compromise my resistance against germs and irritants in the air.

    As such, one of the essentials in our medicine kit is No-Drowse Decolgen because I can take it when I have sinusitis without having to worry about feeling drowsy.

    How does No-Drowse Decolgen work?

    No-Drowse Decolgen contains Phenylpropanolamine HCl and Paracetamol to help ease the pain caused by constricted nasal passages.

    Phenylpropanolamine HCl is a more powerful and longer-lasting nasal decongestant versus regular Phenylephrine-based over-the-counter medicines on the market.

    Doing household tasks is lighter because of No-Drowse Decolgen

    Phenylpropanolamine HCl clears blocked and congested air passages to make breathing easier. Thus, you get relief from stuffy nose and clogged nasal sinuses.

    Meanwhile, paracetamol is a proven safe and effective medicine to relieve fever and pain.

    Of course, when your symptoms persist or worsen, immediately consult your doctor.

    Where to buy No-Drowse Decolgen

    No-Drowse Decolgen is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. You can also conveniently buy it online through Shopee and Lazada.


    Whenever I get headaches due to my congested nose, I always rely on my ever-trusted No-Drowse Decolgen. It’s safe and it works fast to ensure that I don’t get any disruptions at work and even at home.

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    1. No drowse decolgen ay super subok subok Ng gamitin talaga napaka effective at super fast Ang ginhawa talaga Ang bigay niya kaya highly recommended to use ito

    2. Very effective at talagang trusted na natin. Affordable too and very helpful dahil always on the go nating kasama at nagbibigay ng ginhawa

    3. Highly recommended at very effective ito,at isa ako sa gumagamit ng no-drowse decolgen tuwing may sipon ako🥰😊

    4. Wow maganda pala po yang no drowse decolgen unlik other brand na pag uminom ka aantokin ka talaga kaay affected yunf work natin. thank you for sharing.