6 Quick Relief Remedies That Make Life Easier For A Dad Like Me

September 17, 2020

These 6 quick relief remedies are what we use for our two children because they definitely make life a lot easier for us.

Fast-acting and quick relief remedies are an important part of our trusted arsenal for our babies. Let’s face it, no matter how much we try to do our best in protecting our kids from any type of itch, bite, scratch, or pain, the inevitable unfavorable situation is bound to happen. 

Six quick relief remedies that make life easier for a dad like me

6 Quick Relief Remedies That Make Life Easier For A Dad Like Me

    Keeping a kiddie first aid kit 

    It’s important to keep a first aid kit for children because this will come in handy for situations that need immediate attention but do not warrant a trip to the doctor. 

    As such, we try to keep stock of essentials in our baby bag. Aside from multivitamin supplements, we also keep a bottle of paracetamol (either Biogesic or Calpol) for sudden fevers, Disudrin to provide our kids an almost instant relief when allergic rhinitis becomes worse, and Erceflora Probiotic Supplement for upset stomach and diarrhea. 

    Again, these are all approved by our pediatrician so you should also do the same when you want to keep bottles or packets of medicine in your bag. 

    Essentials that make life easier for Daddy and Mommy

    Aside from medicines, we also keep topical medication to provide remedy whenever our children experience some redness or irritation on their skin or discomfort anywhere else in their body. 

    Here are some of the brands that we love and have been using for years: 

    1. Mustela Diaper Cream 

    We have tried several diaper cream brands when our first baby was born. It was trial and error, naturally because Khris and I were first-time parents. However, what we found the most effective is the Mustela Diaper Cream. 

    A tube of Mustela diaper cream as quick relief for rashes
    Mustela Diaper cream

    What we do like about it was how fast it provides relief against diaper rash. We would just use a small amount to coat the affected areas and after two or three applications, the soreness is gone. 

    What also convinced us about this product is its consistency; it is not too thick to the point that it was like coating our baby’s behind with adhesive. Even so, it is protective enough against the recurrence of rashes. 

    2. Desowen Cream and Lotion 

    We use Desowen Cream and Lotion for red spots, rashes, and other itchiness that may appear on our babies’ arms, body, or even the face. Just a little of this light lotion will provide almost instant relief, even eliminating redness almost right away. 

    A bottle of Desowen cream and lotion as quick relief for skin irritation
    Desowen cream and lotion

    It contains mild corticosteroid that is safe for babies. However, we do use this with caution still. It’s just my personal apprehension for anything with steroids in it. 

    3. Xylogel 

    Xylogel is our ever-reliable natural oral teething gel for both of our children. Our two kids love Xylogel's bubblegum flavor, so it's effortless to apply this on gums. But more importantly, it’s really effective in relieving teething pain. 

    Xylogel oral teething gel as quick relief for teething pain

    We use it especially at night to ensure that our babies sleep soundly. Recently, we forgot to put Xylogel on our second baby's gums so he kept crying and waking up at night. When we finally figured it out and used Xylogel, he was sleeping much more comfortably. 

    4. Betadine Cold Defense Nasal Spray 

    This is one of our recent discoveries. We did not know that this product existed until it was recommended to us by our pediatrician as a quick relief against colds. 

    A bottle of Betadine Cold Defense Nasal Spray for kids
    Betadine cold defense nasal spray

    It's good to use it at the onset of colds because it will prevent it from worsening. Anyway, our pediatrician is quite paranoid when it came to respiratory diseases, including simple colds, since there is a COVID-19 pandemic. As such, she wanted us to use medications that can address respiratory illness at the quickest possible time and Betadine Cold Defense Nasal Spray is one of those products. 

    This is quite hard to find in drugstores though because not many drugstores carry it. 

    5. Betadine Gargle 

    Betadine gargle is good for curing mild diseases of the mouth and throat such as minor cough and sores. When our firstborn recently had a fever, he developed some coughing and two or three mouth sores. We used this antiseptic for cleaning his mouth. 

    A bottle of Betadine gargle as quick relief for cough and throat irritation
    Betadine gargle

    Since he does not know how to gargle yet, his doctor said that what we can do is to saturate a cotton bud with the liquid and apply it on his gums and around the walls of his mouth. It does not taste or smell good (it’s Betadine!) but it sure did its job fast. 

    6. Flotera 

    Technically not a topical medicine, Flotera (BioGaia ProTectis) is a probiotic supplement that can strengthen the tummy and the overall immune response of children. 

    A small bottle of Flotera probiotic drops for tummy ache relief and immunity boost

    Our doctor told us that when there is an upper respiratory infection, the microbes can go down to the tummy because, well, babies swallow their saliva (plus milk and food, of course). 

    Flotera gives a boost to the good bacteria in the tummy to help fight the bad bacteria. Only a few drops of this is what you need for a quick dose of wellness. 


    Those are the six quick relief remedies that we trust and keep a supply of in our baby bag. Keep in mind though that if symptoms worsen, do not hesitate to go to your pediatrician. Also, I am reminding you again to consult your doctor first before using on or giving anything to your children.

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    1. The Flotera sounds easy to use. It's nice to have such information.

    2. I think carrying a little first aid kit is so important. My son had a tick on him and luckily we had a tick removal device in our first aid kit.

    3. I've heard great things about Mustela. I also heard of Triple Paste as being a good option as well.

    4. When my girl was a baby she had bad nappy rashes. We tried everything available on the market at the time and the only one that seem to work for her was Sudocream, in the UK. At the end the most important is to have on hand something it works for your little one. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

    5. It is so important to be prepared, so having a check list for a emergency kit is so handy. Thank you so much for sharing.

    6. I haven't been using these products with my kids but thanks for sharing and recommending this items. I'll def check these out.

    7. It's so useful and important to have a good first aid kit on hand and all these products sounds ace

      Laura x

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      Thank you for sharing this blog po ! sobrang napaka helpful , especially,I'm a mother too. Grabe , I love your blogs , sobrang nakakatulong po๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป❤

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      Thank you for sharing this blog ! Super helpful talaga , especially, I'm a mother too. Ang dami kong natutunan sa mga blogs niyo po. I hope marami pang makabasa ng mga ganito ng sa ganun ay maging aware sin sila , especially , sa mga parents ❤

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      wow recommended

    13. You are welcome po! Hope you found it helpful. :)

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      You have a great list here! I always had meds on hand just in case as well!

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    19. It is important to stock up on remedies. That way you are prepared and can avoid having to run to the store

    20. Natalia Gerlich8 May 2022 at 03:16

      As Tara has just mentioned it's really great to have some medicines at hand, as sometimes we just simply can't go out and buy them. Well done! :)

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    23. It is always a good idea to think ahead and keep things on hand. I always try to stock up on things just incase!

    24. Jocelyn Nielson8 May 2022 at 03:16

      That's so smart to keep extra things on hand, not just regular medicine! Thanks for sharing the ones that have worked for you!

    25. Even though I have a teenager in my house, this was a great read and informative. We tend to lose sight of things until they happen and we are almost surely unprepared. This gives parents a good step ahead in preparing for anything and as you said just making life a little bit easier. I like how all of these items can be very easily found and purchased.

    26. Thank you for your kind words. :)

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