Kurin Water: Our All-Around Home Cleaning Partner [Review]

May 11, 2022

Sharing my review of Kurin Water, an all-purpose home cleaning product that works well in disinfecting, degreasing, and deodorizing surfaces.

These days, keeping our homes clean and germ-free is still a top priority that’s why we’re huge users of bleach and detergent products. Admittedly though, I find these cleansing products to be too harsh, smelly, and may not be the best choice if you are considering environmental protection. As such, I was glad to have discovered Kurin Water a few months ago and we’ve been using it at home for our cleansing needs since then.

Kurin Water Spray Product Variants
Kurin Water Spray Product Variants

Kurin Water: Our All-Around Home Cleaning Partner [Review]

    All about Kurin Water

    For those who are not yet familiar with it, Kurin Water is an all-purpose cleaner that uses super ionized water to clean, remove grease, eliminate unwanted odors, sanitize, and disinfect a variety of surfaces. It’s effective and versatile, as such, it’s good to have Kurin Water in your home and even in your bag.

    Kurin Water All-Purpose Spray
    Kurin Water All-Purpose Spray

    Kurin Water uses a Japanese technology (Kurin is the Japanese word for “clean”) of super alkaline water that is composed of 99.98% water electrolyzed with food-grade 0.02% food-grade potassium carbonate.

    It does this through reverse osmosis to distill the water or soften it. After which, the softened water is combined with potassium carbonate through electrolysis. This process will safely increase the water’s pH level so that it will have the same cleaning power as regular bleach or soapy water while staying as safe as ordinary water.

    Kurin Water variants

    Kurin Water has the following variants that you can choose from:

    Kitchen Spray

    This is made specifically for disinfecting and degreasing kitchen surfaces such as tabletops and counters.

    All-Purpose Spray

    This can be used for disinfecting a variety of surfaces like jewelry and watches, gadgets, toys, and appliances, to name a few. I like to use this for cleaning my children's toys which always accumulate dirt and grime. 

    Fruits and Vegetables Spray

    This variant is made for cleaning fruits and vegetables as well as removing pesticide and fertilizer residue on these items. 

    Kurin Water Fruits and Vegetables Spray
    Kurin Water Fruits and Vegetables Spray

    To use this, just submerge the fruits and vegetables in a basin of water, spray Kurin on the surface of the water, wait for a minute, and then drain. There’s no need to rinse the fruits and vegetables again anymore.

    Bathroom Spray

    This will help deodorize and remove mold and mildew on bathroom tiles, fixtures, toilets, and glass walls.

    Kurin Pocket Spray

    This handy bottle will let you bring Kurin Water anywhere for effective disinfection of hands and surfaces as well as neutralizing odors in the air.

    Hand sanitizer

    This is made for sanitizing the hands as well as surfaces that are frequently touched or handled.

    Kurin Water also comes with a refill pack which you can buy instead of the regular spray bottles.

    How to use Kurin Water

    Kurin Water is easy to use. Just spray it on surfaces, wait for a minute, and then wipe it off. It works by lifting off dirt particles and grease from surfaces.

    Kurin Water Kitchen Spray
    Kurin Water Kitchen Spray

    In terms of its sanitizing properties, Kurin Water works by weakening and killing germs and bacteria through its high alkalinity and negative ORP (oxygen reduction potential). These properties of Kurin Water break up the cell membrane of microorganisms to exterminate them.

    Disease-causing bacteria strains like Escherichia coli, staphylococci, and Salmonella, to name some, are resistant to acidic environments. Since Kurin Water’s pH is 12.5, it can kill these microorganisms as well as other germs that survive basic environments of up to pH 11 when they are exposed to Kurin Water for one (1) minute.

    Kurin Water has certifications from the FDA, SGS, AMS/Eurofins, HACCP, ALS, MGT/Lab Mark, and Intertek to assure users of its effectiveness.

    Where to buy Kurin Water

    You can buy Kurin Water products on its website as well as on Shopee and Lazada.


    If you are looking for an effective and versatile cleaning product, then I highly recommend Kurin Water. Aside from killing germs and bacteria, Kurin Water is as safe as regular water so you have nothing to worry about when using it.

    Kurin Water Pocket Spray
    Kurin Water Pocket Spray

    Kurin Water works great in disinfecting, degreasing, and deodorizing surfaces.

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    1. A friend of mine got the Kurin filter, I am thinking of getting it as well. It is expensive but a worthy investment.

    2. You make Kurin water cleaning product sounds amazing,actually I really like the packaging!

    3. Kurin Water sounds like a great set of products. I am currently spring cleaning and would love to try these. Sarah S

    4. Looks like a great product. Love to try it.

    5. Say what??? As effective as bleach but as non-toxic as water? That's amazing.

    6. I have never heard of this brand before but it sounds amazing!!! Will have to get some for my home.

    7. Interesting. This is the first time I heard about the Kurin water brand.

    8. I have never heard of a fruit spray for cleaning fruit! Thank you for sharing this, I will have to check it out.

    9. Christalene J. De Castro2 June 2022 at 14:28

      must have all-in-one cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer, sanitizer, and disinfectant.