A Full Guide To Some Of The Top Towns Around The World For A Family Summer Vacation

March 31, 2022

Here are travel guides to some of the top towns worldwide for a family summer vacation.

When it comes to an ideal family summer vacation, many people hesitate for a long time to choose the best place for them and their kids. Although there are different offers and attractive places all over the world, different families look for different experiences. Some are more adventurous and they search for places where they can explore, try different water sports, and collect memories that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Explore some of the top towns around the globe with your family

A Full Guide To Some Of The Top Towns Around The World For A Family Summer Vacation

    Others are looking for peaceful, cozy places where together with their family, they can rest both body and soul. There are many hidden places, small fishing or port towns, that are still unknown to some people, but worth a visit. Research and pay attention to these cute places where you can refresh, explore and learn a lot of new things.

    1. Explore the Turkish coast

    Turkey is a great country with a magnificent history, colorful markets, and beautiful towns on the coast. It presents a real paradise for the tourists with its pleasant climate and the kindness of the locals. To learn more about the real beauties of this country, you should take a Kaş town guide, which will lead you to a romantic place to which you’ll gladly return. 

    Explore the Turkish coast with your family
    Photo by Nathan Shingleton from Pexels

    Kaş is a town located right by the sea, in a beautiful ambiance of houses overgrown with various flowers. This cozy and charming place has a typical Mediterranean atmosphere and it gives you a feeling of complete peace and tranquility. 

    Tourists can enjoy tasty food in local restaurants and bars, and this town also offers countless programs for touring and exploring. If you like boating, short trips by boat are organized every day, so you can visit the Greek island of Megisti.

    2. Visit Charming France

    One of the countries that are on the visiting list of many tourists is France. With its unforgettable scenery, endless landscapes, and delightful spirit, France inspires and takes your breath away. Along with Paris and popular places like Cannes and Nice, you can enjoy the atmosphere of serene, hidden places on the French coast.

    That type of place is Cagnes-sur-Mer, a populated place in France, located in the region of Provence, Alps, and Côte d’Azur. Unlike noisy Paris, this place is peaceful and sunny, known for its olive trees and the beautiful Medieval castle. This is a small town, but perfect for your summer vacation.

    You can stay in a hotel, but you can also rent some of the likable French suites, decorated in a typical French style, surrounded by a bunch of flowers and olive trees. Spend your time walking, enjoy the azure blue sea, visit small museums made of old houses, and experience the adventure of your life.

    3. Enjoy Your Greek Adventure

    If you like to change places while you are on vacation, then Greece is a perfect choice for you. Besides its ancient cities, Greece has to offer many interesting islands which present special places for a family vacation. If you plan your trip in your car, then an ideal place for you is the island of Thassos, which can give you a lot of adventure and fun.

    Thassos has been the most popular tourist destination for years, and this island is so beautiful that you have to visit it at least once in your life. The journey is not too long or arduous for children and a ferry ride will be a fun experience for them. The island has its capital and several popular resorts and is best known for its magical beaches throughout the island.

    Although there are also less accessible and more intimate beaches, what is characteristic for all beaches is a long shoal, crystal clear water, and a calm sea without waves. The best time to visit Thassos is between May and September because in this period you can expect nice, pleasant and warm weather. You will have a chance to swim in a warm sea and enjoy temperatures that are not too high.

    4. Choose the Portuguese Capital for Your Next Destination

    The ones who visited Lisbon say that this city is a real jewel and a place where admirers of art, amazing architecture, and good wine always find something for themselves. 

    Explore the Portuguese capital with your family
    Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

    This city is also called a melancholic seducer, because, in addition to its colorful architecture, Lisbon conquers with sounds of dreamy fado music and the scents of the endless ocean. In Lisbon, you will see many tourist attractions, historical sites, museums, and monuments. Portuguese hospitality is also known and it attracts tourists from all over the world.

    You should visit Lisbon with your family because of the rich cultural heritage of one of the leading colonial powers, it is also one of the cheapest capitals in Europe and a place with the sunniest days.


    There are many ideas on how and where you can spend your dream vacation along with your family. These previously mentioned beautiful places will move and inspire you. A man is rich as much as he visits different places, and that is something we will always carry with us. 

    So, do not wait for a perfect moment to travel, grab a chance, explore and create moments to remember.

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