Where To Buy Royce Chocolate In The Philippines [Complete List Of Shops]

March 15, 2022

Sharing with you my quick review of Royce Chocolate as well as the list of shops in the Philippines where you can buy it.

If you are looking for premium and extremely indulgent chocolates, then you can’t go wrong with Royce Chocolate. We love Royce Chocolate; I’m sure those who’ve also tasted this brand will agree with me why it’s easy to like. It has a rich taste and smooth texture.

List of Royce Chocolate shops in the Philippines

Where To Buy Royce Chocolate In The Philippines [Complete List Of Shops]

You can really tell that all Royce Chocolate is made with superior quality in mind. Even the dark chocolate variety has a wonderful bitter taste because it is offset by a creamy aftertaste. It just leaves a lingering flavor on your palate that would make you want more. We also tasted the Royce Chocolate with Almonds and they were also outstanding.

Even the packaging looks classy so that you can give it as gift items without having the need to wrap it.

One thing that’s keeping us from enjoying it as much as we want to is the price. It’s really expensive, with the lowest priced items at around P350, that’s why we buy it once in a blue moon. Then again, you pay for the quality of this brand which is not in any way disappointing. By the way, Royce Chocolate is a Japanese brand so you are assured of the highest standards when it comes to its production.

Royce Chocolate Philippines review
Delicious Royce Chocolates

The last time that we bought Royce Chocolate was last February before Valentine’s Day. It was sort of a treat for ourselves plus we were at Trinoma that time for some errands so we decided to pass by the Royce Chocolate shop.

Given its high price, it's easy to understand that you can’t really just buy Royce Chocolate everywhere. Having said that, it’s also not available in online shops. And even if there were online sellers, you’d have to think twice whether you’d be getting the real thing or if the quality is excellent.

Anyway, here is the complete list of shops where you can buy Royce Chocolate:

ROYCE' Power Plant Mall Shop
Stall 318A R3 Powerplant Mall,
Rockwell Center, Makati City
TEL: +63-2-984-8698

ROYCE' Greenbelt 5 Shop
Level 1 Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Greenbelt Complex, Makati City
TEL: +63-2-984-8364

ROYCE' Trinoma Shop
Third Level (Mindanao Side),
Trinoma, Quezon City
TEL: +63-2-394-5242

ROYCE' The Podium Shop
Ground Floor, The Podium
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
TEL: +63-2-379-3224

It’s not bad to indulge once in a while in Royce Chocolate. After all, you deserve to have a bite of it for all your hard work.

For more information about Royce Chocolate, you may visit https://www.royce.com/contents/english/.

Royce Chocolate Philippines

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  1. I've never had this chocolate, but it sounds delicious. If I ever make it to the Philippines, I'll pick some up.

  2. I've never tried Royce chocolates before, but they sound amazing! I wonder if we have them in Canada, where I live.

  3. Kimberley Asante17 March 2024 at 18:58

    Ivan, your post about Royce Chocolate Philippines has me craving sweets already! The way you describe the luxurious taste and texture of Royce chocolates makes it impossible not to want to indulge in them. I appreciate how you've provided insight into the brand's history and the unique flavors they offer, giving readers a glimpse into what makes Royce chocolates so special. Your photos beautifully capture the elegance of the packaging and the richness of the chocolates themselves, making this post even more tempting. Thanks for sharing your delightful experience with Royce Chocolate Philippines!

  4. As someone who loves chocolate, Royce Chocolate from the Philippines sounds delicious. I'd love to try them all...lol lol.

  5. I will be saving this because I LOVE chocolate and would love to try the Royce chocolate. Great and informative post.

  6. This is my fav chocolate. I usually buy it to gift my friends.