Grateful Dad #10: Valentine’s Day 2022

February 18, 2022

Here's what made our Valentine's Day celebration at home extra special.

Valentine’s Day 2022 will probably be forever memorable for us because it’s the first time that we celebrated it at home. Not that we were really big on celebrating Valentine’s Day but Mommy Khris and I would usually make it a point to eat outside, no matter how simple the restaurant is.

Grateful for the things that made Valentine’s Day 2022 special

Grateful Dad #10: Valentine’s Day 2022

In 2020, we were still able to enjoy a meal at Nono’s Comfort Kitchen in Makati. In 2021, even if there were restrictions, we still got to enjoy a buffet meal at Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Unlimited Barbecue after doing the groceries. That meal at Tong Yang was completely spontaneous as we were just planning to take out food. But when we saw that it was open, we got tempted to eat.

Anyway, even if we celebrated Valentine’s Day at home, we didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything. It was even better because our kids got to also enjoy the food that we bought.

Here are the things that we are grateful for during Valentine’s Day:

1. Ordering our favorite food at Auffrance

It’s no secret that Auffrance is one of our most favorite party tray suppliers in Metro Manila. Auffrance used to cater to weddings and parties around Metro Manila that’s why their food is always of superb quality.

Auffrance spinach lasagna
Auffrance spinach lasagna

The owner, Ms. Nina Ramos, is also very nice to talk to. She would always update us on the status of our orders, provide clear instructions when picking up the food, and then remind us to sanitize the food once we receive it. She is always so pleasant and warm.

We bought a family size Spinach Lasagna and a tub of Ribs by the Bucket. Auffrance’s Spinach Lasagna is always spot on. It’s cheesy, meaty, flavorful, and fragrant with herbs. The Ribs by the Bucket, meanwhile, is meaty and tasty. It’s not tough or cartilaginous like other meat dishes made of ribs.

2. The efficient service of Fruits In Bloom

Fruits In Bloom is actually a recent discovery because I used to think that only flowers provided the ultimate element of surprise for your special someone during Valentine’s Day. That was the reason why I was hesitant to try Fruits In Bloom. However, as time went on, bouquets of flowers somehow felt impractical because they just wilt and eventually get thrown away.

Fruits In Bloom fruit arrangement for Valentine’s Day 2022

I thought of trying Fruits In Bloom and I was amazed with how good the quality is. The arrangement looked beautiful. Not only that, you can eat it after admiring how it looked.

3. Finding a fruit basket supplier in the province that delivered to our town

Finally, I was able to find a good fruit basket supplier in Cabanatuan City (RAM Fruit & Fruit Basket Cabanatuan) that delivered to our town. 

Fruit basket from RAM Fruit & Fruit Basket Cabanatuan for Valentine’s Day 2022
Fruit basket from RAM Cabanatuan

I ordered a fruit basket and had it delivered to our house during Valentine's Day. RAM Fruit & Fruit Basket Cabanatuan was efficient and followed my instructions well. At least I can send a gift to my mother during special occasions.

4. Ordering banana loaves from a local pasty supplier in San Antonio

I also ordered four banana loaves from One Sweet Day, a local pasty supplier in San Antonio. Of course, we also wanted to send over something that my father would also enjoy during Valentine’s Day.

5. Splurging on Royce chocolates

We treated ourselves to Royce chocolates and also gave two small boxes as gifts to our loved ones at the house. This is a once in a blue moon purchase because they're really expensive although they do taste delicious. Again, you pay for the quality of the product and not the quantity.

That’s pretty much how our Valentine’s Day went. I hope you also had a good Valentine’s Day celebration or at least you had a reason to be grateful during that day.

If you have stories to share, do write them in the comment section below.

Grateful for Valentine’s Day 2022

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  1. Ganda pa dun po ng celebration niyo kahit sa bahay kasi masarap naman yung food na siguradong magugustuhan ng kids may fruits in bloom pa si Momsh.

  2. Joaquin Eli Bacod18 February 2022 at 03:39

    Isa sa pinaka perfect na celebration po ung sainyo . Ang sarap ng mga foods nyo . And ung bouquet healthy na masarap pa 💞❤️