Grateful Dad #7: Grab Delivery

February 08, 2022

This Grateful Dad post is dedicated to our delivery services providers such as Grab, Lalamove, and Ninja Van who tirelessly transport our essentials.

I think I haven’t been expressing my gratitude enough to Grab Delivery, as well as to the rest of our delivery services, who has been a dependable service provider ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. I think we really took Grab Delivery for granted prior to the pandemic; we only realized their utmost importance when we were all cooped up at home and could not go outside.

Grab Delivery review

Grateful Dad #7: Grab Delivery

So, yeah, Grab Delivery riders have been our regular visitors for close to two years now. We order food through GrabFood and we send out (or pick-up) items via GrabExpress.

On the other hand, our orders from Lazada and Shopee get delivered to us either via Lalamove and Ninja Van. Lately, we’ve been encountering delivery riders from TokTok and I think the additional service is welcome given the ever-growing popularity of online shopping and food delivery.

We also took GrabCar when we needed to go out for errands, so that’s also a huge convenience for us. You even have the option to book drivers that are fully-vaccinated for a small fee increase.

I’d also like to commend Grab for the vast improvement of their services over the years. To be perfectly honest, in the not-so-distant past, I would readily book an Uber car over Grab. Uber used to be so efficient, more affordable, and the drivers were so respectful.

I’m saying all of these based on experience because I’ve encountered Grab car and taxi drivers asking me for exorbitant fees to take us home to Novaliches. I also encountered one Grab car driver who almost dropped us a few blocks away from St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC) in Quezon City.

While I did admit that I made a mistake in pinning our destination, I was expecting the Grab car driver to be more understanding of us especially because Mommy Khris was heavily pregnant with Miguel during that time. We had to bribe him with a P50 tip just to take us inside the SLMC compound.

Anyway, I thought that with Uber’s exit from Southeast Asia a few years ago, Grab’s service quality would decline. Well, I was happy to be proven wrong because Grab has greatly improved its services since then.

And it’s not just GrabCar, GrabFood and GrabExpress are also equally reliable. It’s easy to give directions and instructions to drivers so I’m always confident that we’d get our food delivery or parcel without headaches.

So yeah, Grab (as well as the other delivery services) has been a lifesaver especially this pandemic.

To end this post, I’d like to share a somewhat amusing story related to GrabFood delivery. Some weeks ago, Mommy Khris and I were thinking of ordering chicken for the kids. After deciding on where to order, we settled on BonChon chicken.

Grateful for Bonchon's Klassik Fried Chikin
Klassik Fried Chikin Rack

I placed an order for the usual Bonchon chicken flavors while I ordered crispy squid for myself via GrabFood. I ordered the Klassic Fried Chicken with gravy for the kids because they surely wouldn’t want the flavored ones. They instantly liked the Klassic Fried Chicken so I ordered a Klassik Fried Chikin Rack (plus other items for ourselves, of course) the next day.

The customer service representative was quite amused and remarked that we might've missed Bonchon so much, to which I replied yes. I just realized later on that it’s been more than a year since we had Bonchon.

Grateful for Bonchon's Crispy Squid
Bonchon Crispy Squid

The crispy squid was my favorite so I was relishing each bite of it. While I’m not fond of eating chicken, I have to admit that the Klassic Fried Chikin indeed looked delicious. The skin seemed temptingly crunchy, as such, any chicken lover would be satisfied with it.

Well, we were also grateful because Bonchon made us happy with their food.

How about you, are you satisfied with the delivery services in your area? Do you think it can still be improved? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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  1. Joaquin Eli Bacod8 February 2022 at 01:41

    Kaya nman tlgang nkakabilib ang mga grab riders isa sila sa mga mggndang tuluran . Sa panhon ngayon ng pandemic anjan sila para maghatid sa atin ng pagkain ❤️😍

  2. ok naman po yung mga delivery riders dito sa amin specially yung sa grab food kaya hindi nakakadala mag order kasi bukod sa convenient na para sa atin safe pa tayo kasi pandemic pa hirap makipag sapalaran sa labas.