5 Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila

March 16, 2022

Dumplings are delicious all year round and are available in these five eateries all over Metro Manila.

Chinese New Year may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should put your cravings for dim sum on hold until the next spring festival. With centuries of Chinese influence prevailing in various parts of the Philippines, dining spots offering all sorts of dumplings and dim sum are within your reach.

5 Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila

5 Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila

    And if you’re looking for something hot, savory, and flavorful, xiao long bao (XLB) or soup dumplings are something you should taste. That said, here are five soup dumplings spots within Metro Manila to satiate your XLB cravings:

    1. Dong Bei's Xiao Long Bao

    Dong Bei’s Xiao Long Bao is a hole-in-a-wall eatery in Yuchengco Street that sits across the Estero de la Reina in Manila. The store’s sign can be easy to miss, so it’s best to keep watch when looking for the eatery especially if you’re commuting from your house for rent in Manila worth 5k

    Dong Bei's Xiao Long Bao Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila
    Photo from clickthecity.com

    Despite being a small eatery, Dong Bei’s Xiao Long Bao receives long queues dues to its delicious and juicy soup dumplings. Waiting will be worth it because you’ll have a basketful of steaming xiao long bao with perfect pleats, tender meat fillings, and hints of kutsay.

    2. Gloria Maris

    When it comes to food, size matters. And if you’re after larger portions of xiao long bao, head over to Gloria Maris, a restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisine with branches in different parts of Metro Manila. Over the next weekend, invite your friends living in apartments for rent in Muntinlupa and head over to Gloria Maris in Alabang Town Center to enjoy all types of dumplings and Chinese dishes!

    Gloria Maris Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila
    Photo from Gloria Maris Alabang Facebook Page

    Besides having larger sizes, Gloria Maris’ XLBs have more distinct flavors than the traditional soup dumplings. You’ll taste sweet, succulent pork dumplings with thin molo-like wrappers. The overflow of filling and flavor will surely satiate your cravings and hunger.

    3. Bai Nian Tang Bao

    Love seafood? Bai Nian Tang Bao in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig is the right place for you. This restaurant aims to bring the original flavors of xiao long bao to the Philippines. The restaurant’s soup dumplings have crab roe broth that has been cooked for at least twelve hours. In addition, the procedure to make its xiao long bao is at least 20 steps, making the soup dumplings perfect and savory.

    Bai Nian Tang Bao Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila
    Photo from Bai Nian Tang Bao Facebook Page

    Bai Nian Tang Bao also serves giant tang bao, which is a soup dumpling that is as large as a steaming basket. Due to its size, you’ll need a straw to sip the delicious broth out of the dumpling. Be careful as the soup is piping hot!

    4. Lugang Cafe

    Lugang Cafe is another popular East Asian restaurant that has several branches within Metro Manila. Its menu consists of Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine, which means you’ll get to taste different kinds of Oriental flavors.

    Lugang Cafe Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila
    Photo from Lugang Cafe Facebook Page

    This restaurant serves steamed and fried dumpling variations, with steamed xiao long bao as its most popular dim sum choice. Patrons of the restaurant recommend you to try the classic pork xiao long bao with truffle paste and pan-fried pork dumplings. Best of all, it has several branches around the metro, so you can visit one from your house for rent in Manila or from neighboring cities.

    5. Choi Garden

    After shopping at the famous Greenhills Shopping Center, have lunch at Choi Garden at 12 Annapolis corner Purdue Street. Like the other restaurants in this list, Choi Garden’s soup dumplings are handcrafted to perfection. Its XLBs have the ideal meat-to-soup ratio, making every bite worth it.

    Choi Garden Best Soup Dumplings Spots In Metro Manila
    Photo from Choi Garden Facebook Page

    Choi Garden’s xiao long bao has thicker wrappers, giving the dumplings a chewier texture. Pair your soup dumplings with shredded ginger, vinegar, and soy sauce for the best-tasting dumpling feast ever!


    Dumplings are perhaps some of the most delicious Oriental dishes introduced to the Philippines. For the Chinese, they bring luck, prosperity, and good fortune. The good news is that these five xiao long bao restaurants are open every day of the week and await you on your next brunch or food trip adventure!

    Best Xiao Long Bao Spots In Metro Manila

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