Our Little Spark Bearer

March 16, 2022

Our children, especially when they are still toddlers, can be annoying at times but they also bring limitless joy to our lives.

Our second son Rafa is very much what you’d expect from any child his age. He’s very active and he’s extremely playful. He’s also very curious about practically anything that caught his eye.

Our little spark bearer

Our Little Spark Bearer

He also loves doing the exact opposite of the things that we told him not to do. He’d climb up in tables, on the sofa, and in the terrace balustrades when we told him not to do so. More than once Rafa almost fell but it was a good thing that I got hold of him first before that happened. He’d just give me a hearty laugh when he saw me panicking.

Every morning, Rafa would pull his sack of toys from where it’s perched and then pour out the entire contents on the floor. He’d always be smiling while he did that. When he’s not doing that, he’d go to his Mommy, who’s in the middle of a meeting, and ask for milk or the toy on top of her computer desk.

In the past, Rafa would tear pages off his sketchpads, storybooks, and even magazines whenever he felt like it. It’s a good thing that he’s already beginning to surpass that stage and starting to take interest in the stories that I read to him or the different animals that I show him in photos.

When he went to the room upstairs, I’d hear him running around nonstop if he wasn’t asleep. By afternoon, he’d know when it’s time to go down and ask his cousins or his yaya to “Go! Go!” He’s absolutely overflowing with energy and it’s contagious.

Rafa, our little spark bearer
Rafa, our little spark bearer

We’d spend the entire afternoon running, playing with his favorite balloon, or looking at the passing vehicles from the gate.

Whatever his Kuya Miguel has, he also wants to have it. He’d take a toy or a piece of stick from Miguel just because he likes what his Kuya also likes. Of course, we tell him that it’s not right to just take something away from his Kuya or from anybody else for that matter. He has to first ask permission from that person to borrow an item.

I sometimes lose my patience with him; it’s easy to be annoyed when your little one is making it hard for you. I do raise my voice at times but I make it up to him and explain to him the reasons why I get angry. He may not fully understand every word or idea that I’m saying but I think it’s a good practice because he’d eventually be able to comprehend.

However, above anything else, beyond the chaos of raising a toddler, we’re nothing but grateful to have Rafa in our lives. He breaks the monotony of our daily routine, he makes our days lively when we feel that the pressure at work is getting a little too much, and he’s our little spark bearer.

If he has an uncanny ability to create commotion, Rafa is also able to effortlessly give us peace.

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  1. Ohh dear...he is just so cute adorable. This story meant a lot when he grows up & read this then . Thanks for sharing this heart warming lovely story here. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing