Why We Love The Kitchen Sink Play Set (Sulit Shopee Find)

February 15, 2022

Sharing with you my review of the Kitchen Sink Play Set, another wonderful product that we found in Shopee.

We found another highly recommended toy set in Shopee and it’s called a Kitchen Sink Play Set. It’s no secret that we love buying toys for our kids. However, we make sure that the toys are sulit (worth every penny) especially because they’d just be dumped in the toy basket once our kids get tired of them. I’m sure other parents can relate to this but, of course, that’s not enough reason for us to scrimp on our kids especially when it comes to things that they enjoy.

Kitchen Sink Play Set review

Why We Love The Kitchen Sink Play Set (Sulit Shopee Find)

    What's the Kitchen Sink Play Set?

    The Kitchen Sink Play Set is composed of a battery operated “faucet,” a basin, plastic fruits and vegetables, kitchen tools, a soap dish, and a plastic dishwashing container. It definitely looks like a toy kitchen sink and it works like an indoor Zen fountain. I mean, the concept is the same in the sense that you have a battery operated machine that sucks water from the basin and then brings it out from its tip or the faucet.

    You can wash the toy plates and food items in it just as you would in a regular kitchen sink. In a way, the Kitchen Sink Play Set does look like a portable kitchen sink that you can bring when you camp out or when you have a picnic. That’s how functional it is.

    How to operate the Kitchen Sink Play Set

    Setting up the Kitchen Sink Play Set is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

    • Just put triple A batteries in the power compartment located at the bottom of the faucet
    • Screw the compartment shut (there is a plastic gasket around the compartment to protect the batteries from getting wet)
    • The faucet then goes into the slot of the basin
    • Put water into the basin
    • Turn on the faucet by turning the lever

    That’s it. Wash the fruits and vegetables and enjoy.

    The benefits of the Kitchen Sink Play Set

    As I’ve mentioned earlier, we make sure that the toys that we buy for the kids are worth the purchase. It should not just be affordable but it should also be sturdy and educational.

    Kitchen Sink Play Set pretend play from Shopee
    Kitchen Sink Play Set

    Having said that, here are the things that we like in the Kitchen Sink Play Set:

    1. It encourages pretend play

    This is what we really like about the Kitchen Sink Play Set. It stimulates pretend play in kinds and encourages them to be imaginative. It’s also a good opportunity to teach them the foundation of hygiene, cleanliness, and some basic kitchen concepts.

    2. You can use it to teach your kids the names of fruits and vegetables

    While your kids are playing with the Kitchen Sink Play Set, take the opportunity to teach them the names of fruits and vegetables.

    3. Introduce the concept of colors and shapes to your children

    You can also take advantage of playtime to introduce the concept of colors and shapes to your kids.

    Where to buy the Kitchen Sink Play Set

    We bought the Kitchen Sink Play Set in Shopee but it’s also available in Lazada. The price may vary depending on the shipping fee but the total should not exceed P500.


    We love to buy toys for our kids but we make sure that they are educational and of high quality so that they are worth every Peso. That’s why we love the Kitchen Sink Play Set. I’m sure your kids will also love it when you get the chance to buy it for them. It’s a good looking toy set that will catch their interest for a long time.

    Kitchen Sink Play Set benefits

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    1. Joaquin Eli Bacod15 February 2022 at 02:57

      Napaka ganda nga po nitong toy na to . Talagng magugustuhan ng mga kids . And very affordable price lang din pla siya 😍 thank you for sharing ! 💞

    2. Ang ganda din po ng Kitchen Sink Play Set  and the best talaga yung mag enjoy na ang kids sa toys nila at the same time may natutunan din sila.