Tea Tree Café: A Visual Feast

Friday, 9 October 2020

Tea Tree Café offers an unforgettable experience to diners with its artful decors, cozy ambiance, and delicious food

Tea Tree Café not only offers delicious food and drinks, but it also provides guests with a visual treat through its interiors that feature amazing designs. It’s like a coffee and tea shop and art gallery rolled into one. 

Tea Tree Café food and restaurant review

Tea Tree Café: A Visual Feast

    A friend brought Khris and I to Tea Tree Café some years ago when we were buying some things in the Lagro area. The visit to the café came as a surprise because we never had any idea that there was a nice coffee shop within the vicinity, partly because the restaurant was relatively hidden from most passers-by. 

    Ambiance at Tea Tree Cafe 

    Upon entering Tea Tree Café (it was at the send floor of a building), we were immediately greeted by attention-grabbing wall décors and framed artworks at the top of the stairs. We had no idea if those were original works of art but they looked good, nonetheless. 

    Framed wall decors at Tea Tree Café
    Wall decors

    The actual restaurant interiors also had framed paintings, vases, painted plates, and various other decors on the walls and on cabinets. 

    Tea pots displayed at Tea Tree Café

    The tables and chairs also look attractive, especially because non-matching chairs were used per table. 

    Lights made of tea cups and pots at Tea Tree Café

    Meanwhile, when we looked up, we noticed that the overhead lights were made of teapots, cups, and saucers. They looked really amazing. 

    The Food 

    We ordered nachos, Spanish sardines pasta, and baked lasagna. For drinks, we decided to try wintermelon milk tea instead of coffee just for variation. 

    Artful plate at Tea Tree Café
    Artful plate

    Food arrived quickly. What we noticed though was the nice presentation of the nachos and the pasta dishes. In a way, they looked expensive but in truth, they were all affordable at less than P100. Definitely a steal! 

    A plate of nachos at Tea Tree Café

    We started with the nachos. The crunch of the tortilla chips were satisfying. It had generous cheese toppings as well as dollops of garlic mayonnaise sauce. It was a great way to set off our meal. 

    Spanish sardine pasta at
    Spanish sardines pasta

    In terms of taste, they were okay. We were not really expecting too much but the food was delicious and filing. The Spanish sardines pasta had generous amounts of sardines in its sauce. On the other hand, the baked lasagna had layers of beef, tomato sauce, and cheese that resulted in bursts of different flavors. 

    Baked lasagna at Tea Tree Café
    Baked lasagna

    As for the milk tea, it was also good. I am not really a fan of milk tea but I am perfectly fine with having occasional sips. Anyway, it was milky with just the right balance of creaminess, sweetness, and bitterness from the brewed tea. 

    The verdict 

    What we found most unforgettable about Tea Tree Café are its beautiful interiors and eye-catching decors. They were indeed a visual feast! 

    A cup of winter melon milk tea at Tea Tree Café
    Milk tea

    As for the food and drinks, they were delicious and affordable. As such, Tea Tree Café is a nice place for having afternoon snacks while catching up with friends. 

    It was a little far from our house but had it been nearer, we would have gone here more often. However, it essentially sits in a good location because it’s located in front of a school so a lot of students can enjoy Tea Tree Café’s food and drinks after their classes. 

    Tea Tree Café Fairview, Quezon City experience

    All in all, the great food, good ambiance, and attractive cost of their items make Tea Tree Café a recommended hangout place.

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