Peppy Olive: Wholesome and Delicious Food

October 13, 2020

Peppy Olive is highly-recommended if you are looking for delicious and affordable Mediterranean food.

Peppy Olive offers healthy and delicious Mediterranean food offerings. It’s the first restaurant that I think about if I am looking for a light and wholesome lunch without sacrificing flavor. 

Peppy Olive restaurant review

Peppy Olive: Wholesome and Delicious Food 

    I discovered Peppy Olive from an officemate. I used to buy salads from another restaurant but it was quite expensive so I just go there on rare occasions. 

     However, when my colleague found out where I usually bought salad, he recommended Peppy Olive for its great-tasting food and easy-on-the-pocket price. I couldn’t be happier for having had the opportunity to try Peppy Olive. 


    The ambiance at Peppy Olive 

    I have not had the chance to eat at Peppy Olive because I usually order my salad to-go. However, Peppy Olive is just a small kiosk with a few tables on both sides. It’s really just an open space where people eat quickly while people pass by. 

    Just the same, it looks pleasant because it is located in a quiet corner. There are also no long waiting lines so it doesn’t get uncomfortably crowded. 

    The Food 

    What I like about Peppy Olive is the flexibility it offers customers in customizing their meals. They do offer rice meals though. 

    Falafel salad at Peppy Olive
    Falafel salad

    If you opt to customize your meal, you can start by choosing your base and protein: pan-seared chicken, braised pork, beef kebab, fish kebab, and vegetarian falafel. These come with either multigrain rice, pita sandwich, or salad greens. 

    Next, you can choose two side dishes such as tomato and cucumber salad, chorizo and lentil salad, roasted vegetables, roasted tomato, Moroccan chickpea and carrot salad, cabbage slaw, couscous salad, and hummus. 

    Finally, you have to choose the sauce that you like: roasted tomato sauce, honey balsamico, Greek vinaigrette, charmoula, and white garlic sauce. 

    For the Peppy Specials or the set meals, you can choose from the following:

    • Chirpy Chicken Salad (made of Moroccan chickpea and roasted tomatoes in honey balsamico sauce) 
    • Kebab O’Fish (a rice meal that consists of chorizo and lentils, couscous salad and roasted tomato sauce) 
    • Falala-Fel (either rice or pita with cabbage slaw, tomato and cucumber salad, with white garlic sauce and roasted tomato sauce), 
    • Be Happy Beef Kebab (either salad or pita, and consists of tomato and cucumber salad, and roasted tomatoes in white garlic sauce); and 
    • Braised Perky Pork (either rice or pita, and consists of roasted vegetables and Moroccan chickpea salad in charmoula sauce)  

    If you love hummus, you can order any of Peppy Olive’s Hummus Bowls: Plain, Falafel, Chicken, and Pork. These are served with pita and your choice of side dishes. 

    Lastly, you can also order extra sides like chicken, braised pork, fish kebab, falafel, pita, rice, hummus, salad, and sauce. 

    After placing your order, you will have to pay for it then wait for your number to be called. 

    Falafel on a bed of greens at Peppy Olive
    Three pieces of falafel

    Personally, I like to order falafel salad with Moroccan chickpea and carrot salad, and hummus, and charmoula dressing. The salad greens are the usual lettuce but sweet potato tops are added for extra nutrients and fiber. 

    Falafel is a great protein sauce and a delicious alternative to meatballs. It is deep-fried ground chickpeas, so it has a crunchy crust with a creamy center. Falafel is also great with pita bread (I remember having this first during our trip to Macau) or with rice. 

    I like the creaminess lent by the hummus to the salad. For those who are not in-the-know, hummus is a dip made of ground or mashed chickpeas and mixed with tahini (roasted ground sesame), lemon juice, and garlic. 

    I like hummus with pita as an appetizer and Khris and I would order it when it is available in restaurants. 

    Meanwhile, the charmoula (or chermoula) is a dip or dressing made of coriander, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, and salt. I like the flavor of coriander that’s why I always order charmoula. 

    Charmoula tastes predominantly of herbs and lemon, with a hint of salt and garlic. I would always prefer this dressing over traditional vinaigrette in salads. 

    As you can see, the food selection at Peppy Olive is made of healthful ingredients. Nevertheless, food is consistently delicious and fresh. 

    The verdict 

    Peppy Olive’s food selections are perfect for the health-conscious. They are made of wholesome items that can be beneficial to overall body wellness if they religiously adhere to its Mediterranean roots, which I think they do. That’s why I always go here if I want something healthy and delicious for lunch.

    Peppy Olive is located at Second Floor, Three Central, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. For inquiries, you may call them at telephone numbers +639663206276 and +63288661271.

    Peppy Olive food and restaurant review

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    1. Ang hirap talaga minsan kumain ng healthy foods lalo na para sa kids dahil hindi nila gusto ang lasa. I'm glad to discover this Peppy Olive na nag-ooffer ng masasarap na pagkain at the same time healthy. Sobrang sulit dahil itsura pa lang nakakagutom na, perfect din sa mga nagdadiet. 😍🀀

    2. Very Nice Place And for Sure Highly Recommended Specially For all the People Who on Diet and Really Wants to Eat Healthy but So Yummmy Foods., This Peppy Olive, the Healthiest and Delicious Meditterenian Cuisine was one Of the Best Healthy Foods in the Philippines, Must Visit And try all the Healthy Food na Hindi Nakakasawa ...

    3. What an healthy option to crave and satisfied. Not just an ordinary kind of food but absolutely healthy and delicious. You always defined your food experiences with a good review

    4. Thank you for sharing po dadi iv must visit po ang place kahit maliit lang ang kiosk nila still mukhang masarap pa din po ang food nila and healthy food which is highly recommended lalo na po ngayon may pandemic pa din dapat more on on healthy food lang tayo

    5. So nice naman po nitong Peppy Olive. 😍 Must try po dito, lalo nat nag aalok sila ng healthy and masarap na mga pagkain sa Mediteraneo. Siguradong magugustuhan po talaga natin ang pagkain nila. Lalo nat Napakaganda din pala nito sa kalusugan natin.. Siguradong babalik balikan din talaga natin ito. Heto pa naman ang kailangan nating pagkain para mas maging healthy pa tayo... Hindi lang sya basta masarap bukod pa dun napaka healthy pa. Very recommended po talaga ito..

    6. I like that Peppy Olive offers and delicious foods. It's nice that you can customize it and there's a lot to choose from. I like the ambiance as well, a must visit.

    7. ROXAS EDGARDO8 May 2022 at 03:11

      This is look so yummy and healthy daddy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ hndi ko pa sia natitikman but this is must try tlga

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      Walang hanggang suporta para sa inyo daddy πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ’•πŸ’•

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      Wow sa Makati Lang din pala to πŸ˜ƒ thanks for sharing this po, pede namin try to pag nag get together kami πŸ˜ƒ

    11. Tama po. Very healthy and masarap. :)

    12. ROXAS EDGARDO8 May 2022 at 03:16

      Indeed, kitang kita nga po yung Healthy food daddy.. and so afford din . 🀀🀀 thanks for sharing always, im here po always to support your informative blog πŸ’•πŸ’•

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      Always welcome po. You really deserve a Genuine and Never ending Support Po. Kahit Wala si Giveaway πŸ’•πŸ’•

    14. Yes po, Makati lang po ang Peppy Olive. Ok na ok po sya i-try. :)