What We Love About Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellent Lotion

August 27, 2020

Read on to find out why we love Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellant lotion and why we would also recommend it to other parents.

Kindee is one of our recent discoveries that we love because of its effectiveness in keeping mosquitoes away from our two little ones. We would say that we were very happy with it because aside from being effective, it was also mild to our babies’ skin. 

Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellant Lotion review

What We Love About Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellent Lotion

    Switching to Kindee 

    We have long been users of another more popular mosquito repellent brand. It is, in fact, one of those brands that we also grew up using and trusting. However, we noticed that it was not too caring for our sons’ skin. They would end up with red blotches on their skin. 

    Our orders of Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellant Lotion
    Switching to Kindee

    Although it was nothing serious because it was just some random irritation on the areas where we applied the lotion, like any other mindful parents, we still wished that we could use a brand that would not cause any skin irritation at all. 

    As such, we headed over to Lazada and found Kindee natural and organic mosquito repellent lotion. We browsed through Facebook and Instagram and saw quite a bit of post attesting to both Kindee’s efficacy and mildness. 

    We immediately bought a bottle of Kindee and used it right away when we received the package. We instantly thought that we have found a brand that can be our long-term partner in warding off pesky mosquitoes and other insects. 

    What we like about Kindee 

    Here are the top reasons why we love Kindee Organic Mosquito repellent lotion: 

    1. It is truly effective against mosquitoes 

    Before using Kindee, we used a spray brand (I could not recall its name) because it claimed that it was all-natural and mild to the skin. It was indeed gentle and also smelled good but it was not too effective in controlling mosquitoes. 

    We would still see random red bumps caused by mosquito bites, which was not good at all and was always a cause for alarm. 

    Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellant Lotion is effective and gentle

    With Kindee, it was a whole new level of peace of mind. There were no more random bites, thus assuring us that our kids are safe and protected when they use Kindee. We would use it after a bath, when we need to go out for our unli dapa, and also at night. Again, no more waking up to the horrors of finding mosquito bites on arms and other exposed areas. 

    2. It is gentle to the skin 

    As I have mentioned earlier, our biggest issue with another mosquito repellent brand is the slight skin discomfort is causes. Like any other responsible parent, we are conscious of everything we use for our babies. 

    With Kindee, it has consistently been gentle to our kids’ skin. In fact, Kindee claims that it is safe enough to be used on newborn babies. The brand takes pride in its lavender-based formulation that offers numerous benefits to sensitive skin. 

    Kindee is moisturizing to the skin which is a plus factor because we know that it provides extra care to the skin. The extra care is something that we did not expect from a mosquito repellent cream. 

    3. It smells good 

    The scent is not really a deal-breaker when it comes to anti-mosquito lotions but it is always an advantage if it smells good. This is what we really find delightful in Kindee, it smells really good. It has a mild lavender scent that does not smell like chemicals at all. You would definitely want to use this product on your kids once you get to try its scent. 

    Other Kindee products 

    Aside from anti-mosquito lotion. Kindee also offers other similar lavender-based products like anti-bacterial gels, sunblock, body wash, and skincare items, and even oral care products.

    Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellant spray
    Kindee Organic Mosquito Repellent Spray

    If you want to buy Kindee organic mosquito repellent lotion and other products, you may check out their store here


    Kindee is a safe and effective mosquito repellent lotion that we love to use for our babies. It is one of the recent finds that we are really happy about. If you are looking for an anti-mosquito product that is reliable, then Kindee might be for you. 
    Have you tried Kindee organic mosquito repellent lotion? If yes, how was your experience? Please share them in the comment section below.
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    1. This is great finds Daddy IV. kindee is safe and effective mosquito repellent lotion that we love to use for our babies.it is truly highly recommended product.

    2. Super Useful and Informative, thank you for sharing this Kindee Ph mosquito repellent truly patuloy tayong makakaiwas sa Dengue or any kind of Mosquito at laking tulong rin sa mga Kids, this is really must need for Now highly recommended 💯💯❤ I REALLY LOVE THAT PACKAGING TOO, So Cute and For Kids po talaga ang datingan...

    3. If it's safe and effective,I should switch on it. For years ive been looking for, a brand that is perfect to use ,this might be the perfect choice for us

    4. Napakaganda po pala nitong Kindee, to be honest po hndi po sya Familiar sa akin. Pero gusto ko syang masubukan pra sa anak ko lalo nat napakalaking tulong po pala nito para sa kanila para maiwasan ang Dengue .. Perfect din po talaga ito sa tag ulan. Very recommended po talaga ito.

    5. Eto Ang need po natin ngayon Lalo nat tag ulan maraming lamok at uso na Naman Ang sakit na dengue naku ako po ay naspulan na ng sakit na yan at ang mga anak ko
      Magandang gamitin po itong Kindee Ph mosquito repellent magiging protektado na Ang buong family especially Ang mga kids sa kagat Ng lamok highly recommended talaga itong gamitin 🥰👍 thank you for sharing this Dad On The Move 🤗🙂