Christmas Dinner at The Wholesome Table

January 11, 2019

The Wholesome Table remains as one of our most favorite restaurants around Makati City. It was the fourth time for Ynah and me at The Wholesome Table last December with our close friends and, with each visit, the restaurant never fails to delight our palate with our usual favorites.

It took us a long time before we could finally arrange an overdue meet up with our friends Rayne and Tina. It’s a good thing that the Yuletide season never fails to bring people together, no matter how busy they are with their day to day lives. So, for our Christmas dinner, Khris and I promptly suggested that we have dinner at The Wholesome Table since we have been craving meatloaf for many months before.

The Wholesome Table's healthy and organc menu selection

The Wholesome Table remains as one of our most favorite restaurants around Makati City. It was the fourth time for Khris and me at The Wholesome Table last December with our close friends and, with each visit, the restaurant never fails to delight our palate with our usual favorites. For our Christmas Dinner, we got to try other bestsellers from The Wholesome Table’s menu.

We ordered Be Energized, Classic Spaghetti Bolognese, Meatloaf, Miso Glazed Salmon, and Sizzling Tenderloin Tips.

The Wholesome Table's Be Energized Salad
Christmas Dinner at The Wholesome Table: Be Energized Salad

For starters, we had the Be Energized Salad.  It’s a hearty mix of lollo rosso (red coral lettuce), romaine lettuce, kale, grilled cilantro chicken, walnut chorizo, avocado, three-bean salsa, golden mango vinaigrette, and cheddar cheese. 

We liked how Be Energized is served fresh and crisp. The chicken, which was a bit smoky and herby, added a savory touch to the vegetables. The fruity dressing also balanced the mild bitterness from the kale as well as the richness of the other components of the salad. This is actually a filling salad with a lot of ingredients that are delightful to munch on. This is a good start to any meal at The Wholesome Table but can also be a healthy meal on its own.

With a good start and with our conversation buzzing, we moved on to the mains. I initially took several forkfuls of the Classic Bolognese Spaghetti. You can never go wrong with this timeless pasta dish made of rich grass-fed meat sauce and parmesan cheese. The flavors are well-balanced, with hints of tartness and natural sweetness from the sauce.

The Wholesome Table's meatloaf
Christmas Dinner at The Wholesome Table: Meatloaf

As I had mentioned earlier, we were excited to feast on the meatloaf among all the dishes that we ordered. This is a comforting meal of thick homemade meatloaf served on top of organic mashed potatoes, and smothered with bacon mushroom gravy. It’s really good. The sight of the meatloaf’s thickness is enough to make one’s mouth water.
The consistency of the meatloaf is also excellent; it was firm and not crumbling but it also yields easily to the fork. It tasted as good as the last time we had it. The mashed potato is the perfect side dish but the first time I had this meatloaf, I completely enjoyed it with a cup of brown rice (white rice is the best accompaniment, in my opinion). Anyway, Tina’s feedback was that the meatloaf and the mashed potatoes were a bit bland, even with gravy. However, for us, the flavors were spot on.

The Wholesome Table's miso-glazed salmon
Miso-glazed salmon

I ordered Miso Glazed Salmon for Rayne, which we all had a bite of anyway. It was a slab of miso-glazed salmon meat served on a bed of tomatoes, micro greens, and organic black rice pilaf. Rayne, however, said that it was cooked medium rare; he prefers it well-done. At any rate, I loved it as it was with all its slightly fatty juices and tender meat. The sidings were also delicious that it disappeared almost in an instant.

The Wholesome Table's tenderloin tips
Tenderloin tips

Another outstanding dish from The Wholesome Table is the sizzling tenderloin tips. According to their menu, it was grass-fed beef tenderloin strips with tamari garlic sauce, a sunny side up fried free-range egg, yellow corn kernels, and Garlic Brown Rice. This is a meat lover’s favorite and a dish that is best eaten with rice. We wished the serving was bigger so that we can enjoy it more.

By the end of our Christmas dinner, we were absolutely full from all the delicious food that we ordered. The new dishes we tried were excellent and we were happy with our decision. At the same time, our old favorites completely satiated our appetites. It was a great meal to cap a year of many good things.

For other locations of The Wholesome Table, please click here.

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  1. Nice read! That food looks amazing!!

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  3. Looks amazing! Great way to spend a Christmas!!

  4. That food looks divine! I am glad you had a great Christmas dinner and I wish you a wonderful 2019.

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  6. Neil Alvin Nicerio11 January 2019 at 20:22

    Deliciously presented. You made me quite hungry looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing your meal.

  7. Woow!! Very nice post you have shared here!! Love it!! thank you : D
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  8. Wow! All of these dishes look really wholesome and home cooked! I could definitely go here when craving some comfort food. And you cant go wrong when it's grass-fed, and good for you! Thanks for sharing this place!

  9. Seems like someone had a great time...

    I am feeling jealous now LOL :P :P

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  15. The food is mouthwatering. I like the salmon!!! Never knew and heard about this restaurant in Makati before. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Thank you very much! You should try it when you are in Makati City.

  16. I personally do not observe the holiday and the association of it with dinner and outing conflicts with my beliefs. For those that do belief in this perhaps they may find it of benefit.

  17. This was a really great review of the Wholesome Table. The food looks absolutely delicious and it really looks like it was a good time.

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  20. blair villanueva15 January 2019 at 00:58

    I agree with you about Wholesome Table. I once hosted my boss birthday at this place and he also approves the food. He likes them!

    1. You can never go wrong with The Wholesome Table. Thank you!

  21. These dishes look phenomenal! I can see how this would make a Christmas dinner one to remember. Thanks for sharing your experience at this place (and for making me hungry)!