Nice Print Studio for Miguel’s first photoshoot

December 28, 2018

Nice Print Photography is synonymous to high-caliber photography and is sought-after by high-profile clients and celebrities.

Nice Print Photography is perhaps one of the most familiar names in the field of photography, particularly in the wedding, debut, engagement, and events scene. 

Nice Print Studio baby photography

Nice Print Studio for Miguel’s first photoshoot

    Nice Print Photography

    Who would not recognize Nice Print Photography, especially since many local showbiz personalities and celebrities hire their services for their own weddings and engagement shoots. 

    Baby woodland theme one-year-old shoot at Nice Print Studio

    Indeed, the quality of the photos and videos are top caliber. I think they do not even need the endorsements of all the celebrities because of the quality of the photos that speak for themselves. 

    Nice Print Photography was our dream photographer for our own wedding in 2014. However, because of budget constraints, we settled for another supplier. 

    Baby sitting at Nice Print Studio

    While our wedding photos turned out okay, we sometimes think that our wedding album might have even been more spectacular had we contracted the services of Nice Print Photography. Little did we know that we would eventually have the opportunity to have our family photos taken by Nice Print Photography.

    We wanted to have photos of Miguel taken before his first birthday as a keepsake. When Khris was recently searching for a photographer, she discovered that Nice Print Photography had an outlet at SM City North Edsa called Nice Print Studio. 

    Baby Christmas red theme at Nice Print Studio

    Khris immediately inquired and soon found out that they offered packages that are easy-on-the-pocket. We availed of an Advanced with Post-processing Package which includes one 11 x 14 print with a frame, two 5R prints, six 3R prints, and six wallet-size prints. 

    The package also came with a full hour photo session with four setups and props – the first set-up follows Miguel’s birthday party theme (Woodland Camping), the second one is "first Christmas," the third scenario is cake smash, and the last one is a family portrait.

    Nice Print Studio 

    Nice Print’s studio is located at the third level of SM City North Edsa. We initially imagined it to be a spacious location but it was just a small studio. Nonetheless, it was more than adequate for solo shots as well as small family shots. It can be hard to accommodate groups of more than five though. 

    Baby smiling at Nice Print Studio

    Nice Print Studio is almost always fully-booked throughout the day, even more on weekends. As such, it’s advisable that you call them way ahead before your intended shoot day. 

    It also goes without saying that you should arrive on time, else your slot will be given to the next customer in line. 

    We learned this the hard way because we got stuck in traffic in Fairview on our way to SM North Edsa. We arrived 15 minutes late but there was already another client being photographed. We did not have to wait long though and we were soon in the studio for our turn. 

    Miguel's photoshoot 

    After a few minutes of preparation and after setting up the props, we were already crazily doing our best to make Miguel smile.

    It was quite a challenge to get shots of Miguel smiling because it seemed like he was not in a mood for play or he was still not comfortable with the new environment, including the strong lights and the camera flash. 

    Baby cake smash at Nice Print Studio

    During our shoot, we also had to briefly take a break because it was already the slot of the next client. When we resumed our session for the cake smash, Miguel would not touch his chocolate cake because probably he was feeling a little icky. We tried to coax him to play with his cake but, alas, to no avail.

    Family photoshoot at Nice Print Studio

    I knew it was difficult to take good pictures of kids but I did not know the extent of how challenging it actually was. 

    Throughout our session, we had to muster all our strength and patience just to get Miguel to smile. Imagine having to do that throughout the day so it was hats off to our photographer for her unlimited patience and cheerfulness. 

    Family photo at Nice Print Studio

    We finished late afternoon. However, upon checking the photos, we found out that there were only a few shots with Miguel smiling and that’s in only two setups. 

    At this point, we were surprised when our photographer offered to shoot us the following weekend at no additional cost, just to be able to capture pictures of Miguel smiling. Of course, we readily agreed. 

    Mommy and baby at Nice Print Studio

    Fast forward to the next weekend, we arrived at Nice Print Photography on time for our second photo session. Thankfully, Miguel was in a better mood. He was more relaxed and smiled more generously as compared to our previous shoot. We breezed through this shoot soon enough.

    Baby and daddy at Nice Print Studio

    When the photographer showed us the pictures, we were impressed with the quality of the shots and we were happy to see Miguel’s precious smile captured attractively in the photographs. 

    We were also able to get the printouts from our first session and we were pleased with the excellent post-processing of the photos. They were enhanced professionally while still looking natural. 

    Our verdict

    All in all, Nice Print Studio is highly recommended if you are looking for expert photographers to handle your newborn shots, family portraits, and even event photography.

    If you are interested, Nice Print Studio’s contact numbers for its SM North Edsa Branch is (0927) 400 7854 and (02) 351 8804. Nice Print Studio has another branch at SM Megamall which you may get in touch with through (0927) 499 3967 and (02) 621 3624. 

    Nice Print Studio’s packages include Basic, Family, Newborn, Maternity, Solo, Toddler, Graduation, and Posh. Prices range from Php1,250 up to Php7,000. 

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      1. It is so important to find photographers you know and like and are comfortable with!

      2. Neil Alvin Nicerio28 December 2018 at 07:10

        We also availed Nice Prints for our prenupt and wedding. Great service. :)

      3. Such cute photos! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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      9. Would love to visit Nice Print’s studio at the third level of SM City North Edsa.

      10. This looks like a really nice photo-studio, glad you managed to book them for this, now you have a keepsake forever, the pictures look amazing, so sharp and so well done, and it was great of the photographer to offer to shoot you again at no cost just to have more pictures of Miguel smiling, she went above and beyond :D

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        Awesome photos! I love the last one of the whole family!

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