Blackbird At The Nielson Tower Soars High: A Review

Monday, 5 March 2018

Blackbird Restaurant in Makati City oozes with class and appeal, and offers an unforgettable menu of fine-dining food.

Blackbird at the Nielson Tower has all it takes to create a lasting impression. Set within the historic Nielson Tower in Ayala Triangle in Makati, Blackbird oozes with an appeal, class, and a romantic ambiance. For those who are not yet acquainted, the Nielson Tower was the former radio tower and the passenger terminal of the old Nielson Airport, which once served domestic and international flights.

Pizza at Blackbird Restaurant

Blackbird At The Nielson Tower Soars High: A Review

    Our experience at Blackbird Restaurant

    At Blackbird, expect the first-rate service in a fine-dining setting. Diners may choose to go to the Grill Room, the main dining hall of the restaurant; the Cabin, for big groups who want exclusive private dining; and the Garden and Terrace, for those who prefer Alfresco dining.

    Salad at Blackbird Restaurant

    But we were not out on a date when we went here. It was for the annual Christmas celebration last year with my colleagues. We booked a seat at the Grill Room. The soft lights that bathe the space created an ambiance that is both sophisticated yet relaxed.

    Grilled tiger prawns at Blackbird Restaurant

    After we were all sat comfortably, we scanned and carefully scrutinized Blackbird's menu. Eventually, we settled for the following dishes:

    1. Roast salmon, cauliflower puree, Guanciale, and Crispy lentils
    2. Branzino fillet, roast fennel, tomato, potatoes, lemon, and rocket
    3. Grilled tiger prawns, nori and wasabi butter, and spring onion roti
    4. Courgette, goats cheese, spinach, chili, and garlic
    5. SRF Wagyu flatiron, smoked potato puree, shimeji, bacon, and red wine jus
    6. Dry rubbed Wagyu hanger steak, mustard butter, and twice-cooked chips


    In terms of presentation, the dishes were plated beautifully, like works of art on display. They were attractive, the typical “too-hard-to-eat” type of arrangement. But of course, it would be a sin not to enjoy the flavors of such fine-looking dishes.


    Taste is what one would expect from a fine-dining restaurant. They were very good; all cooked just right. I particularly loved the beef dishes because the meats were moist and tender. 

    Steak at Blackbird Restaurant

    The servings were, however, very small. While patrons and other diners do not come to Blackbird expecting a buffet spread, the servings could use just a little more extra.


    Again, Blackbird is a fine-dining restaurant so expect to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Furthermore, aside from food, what you really pay for in a restaurant such as this is the experience. Thus, despite Blackbird’s soaring prices, the occasional indulgence wouldn’t hurt, especially if you are celebrating.


    Blackbird Restaurant experience

    In the end, we had a good time at Blackbird Restaurant. After all, it's not every day that we get to enjoy a fine-dining meal. The ambiance is unforgettable and the service was commendable.

    Story by Khris Macalma-Jose

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