F1 Hotel’s F All-Day Dining: Enjoy Delicious Local and International Cuisines

February 28, 2018

F All-Day Dining offers delectable food items that will keep you coming back for more.

F All-Day Dining, F1 Hotel's signature restaurant, offers a well-curated selection of local and international cuisine to suit the discerning palate of its diners. F All-Day Dining is a cozy restaurant; its interior is not too big so that its guests can enjoy both the food and the company of their friends or loved ones. 

Steak at the carving station of F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel
Carving station

F1 Hotel’s F All-Day Dining: Enjoy Delicious Local and International Cuisines

    F1 Hotel in BGC

    F1 Hotel Manila is one of the most easily-recognizable landmarks in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), having been the very first hotel to open its doors in the community. 

    Tempura at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel

    As such, it manages to stand out among the plethora of food and hospitality establishments that have sprung in the area. F1 Hotel caters to all types of travelers, whether on a leisurely trip or on a business and takes pride in the quality of their amenities and services.

    Our experience at F All-Day Dining 

    F1 Hotel also puts a premium on the quality of food that they serve in their outlets, and so we took the opportunity to try their dinner buffet at F All-Day Dining when we had the chance. 

    Dinner date at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel

    Of course, we somehow knew that it does not get too crowded at F1 Hotel so we thought it was the perfect venue for a celebration.

    F All-Day Dining features a layout that almost all of us are most probably familiar with – rows of dishes on a counter, dessert on the next, and fresh seafood on a separate stall. 

    The whole restaurant floor is confined in a modest space and the tables evenly-distanced from each other. The room was just enough for diners to move comfortably without having to worry about bumping into other people.

    The food at F All-Day Dining

    Speaking of food, there’s really not much difference in terms of what F All-Day Dining offers as compared to similar restaurants. You will find the same carving station, salad bar, some international cuisine, Filipino dishes, cold cuts and cheeses, fresh seafood, and sweets.

    Salad station

    F All-Day Dining offers a good selection of salad greens, toppings, and dressings. We took a few greens and other accompaniments. it was just a small plate though because we would rather skip the starters and go straight to the main course.

    Carving station

    I have been so used to eating in buffet restaurants that my choices have become predictable. I usually start with anything from the carving station – steak or roast beef – with a little potato and vegetable siding or Yorkshire pudding if available, and then drizzled with gravy. 

    F All-Day Dining’s Roast Beef Belly is exceptionally tender, juicy, and tasty. It was hard to resist going back for seconds, so I gave in and indulged.

    Cheese and cold cuts

    Cheeseboard at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel

    There was a cheeseboard and also a cold cuts board. The cheese board had what looked like cheddar cheese and Emmental cheese. 

    Cold cuts at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel
    Cold cuts

    There were fresh grapes and raisins, and traces of cashew nuts. I helped myself to a few pieces of cheese, some nuts that I managed to get, and slices of prosciutto, salami, and beef pastrami. The cheeses and the cold cuts actually tasted quite good, it had me craving red wine.

    Classic favorites

    Other notable dishes on offer were the fall-off-the-bone Pork Ribs Barbecue and the savory Callos. Of course, our meal would not be complete without fresh seafood. 

    Meat dishes at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel
    Meat dishes

    It was a pity though that the serving trays only contained a handful of small shrimps and mussels that evening; it seemed like F All-Day Dining already stopped refilling the trays early in the night. No matter, I managed to forage some shrimps and mussels which I asked the chef to cook in garlic butter. 

    Vegetables and fish at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel
    Vegetables and fish fillet

    We added slices of sausages to the fresh seafood so that we would have something more to munch on. At least the waiters brought the seafood and sausages to our table.

    Dessert station 

    Carrot cake at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel
    Carrot cake

    We capped our dinner with scoops of ice cream because we felt the pastries were already too heavy. We came back for more scoops because the cold ice cream was a relief to our taste buds for all the savory meats that we enjoyed.


    Cupcakes at F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel

    All in all, we had an enjoyable meal at F All-Day Dining. At some point, we felt that the servers were not refilling the trays but we realized that it was already quite late when we went here.  Nevertheless, the food was scrumptious and the service was excellent.

    F All-Day Dining in F1 Hotel review

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    1. This is a good experience in trying out F1 Hotel's F All-day dining, you can be able to have something different compared to other buffets. If they do not offer much at least you have enjoyed the food they do have. All in all, it was a new experience dining in F All day dining

    2. Talagang Mabubuosog ka dito kung ganito kasarap ang foods nila. 😍😋 Must try po talaga ito. At huwag nanatin Palampasin pa ang Mga foods nila.. 😋😋

    3. Very Nice Resto Daddy and Mommy, And Super Sulit po talaga pag Punta Mo dito, dahil sobrang mabubusog ka sa sarap mg mga Foods, Dessert and even ng mga healthy Fruits. Ang dami pa ng mga Serving Nila... talaga nman po sulit na sulit ang ibabayad mo at perfect for Dating or for the Family, Highly Recommended 💯💯

    4. Just by reading about this blog I'm really sure that F1 Hotel's F All-day dining will give the best experience to customers. There's a lot of food to enjoy in this place. Maybe I could ask my friends to visit this place to.

    5. AiringMyLaundry8 May 2022 at 03:18

      Yes please, all of this food looks amazing! Eating is one of my fave things to do ;)

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