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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Top of the Citi is one of the fine dining restaurants located in the heart of Makati City.

Top of the Citi raises the bar when it comes to upscale dining in Makati City. 

Makati City is no doubt one of the most attractive cities in the Philippines. Bustling with business at day, it transforms into a laid-back cosmopolitan district at night. And what better way to enjoy the Makati cityscape during the night, with its tall illuminated skyscrapers, than to behold it from a lofty view. This is exactly what Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie wants you to experience, Makati's other side, its unseen facet beyond the flurry of an office space. For those who are unacquainted, Top of the Citi is one of the fine dining restaurants located in the heart of Makati City, specifically at the 34th floor of Citibank Tower.

Top of the Citi

What to expect at Top of the Citi

Top of the Citi is a space more often reserved for business lunches, cocktail parties and functions, rather than, say, dinner dates. On the other hand, if you want to impress a special someone, then by all means, book a table. At night, the bar gets rather busy when patrons wind down for a few drinks after a busy day at work. The terrace is more recommended if you want a stunning 360-degree view of the metropolis.

On one very rare occasion, we felt rather ostentatious and convinced some of our friends to try out this restaurant. We ordered its dinner set menu for the evening composed of Kale and Mesclun Greens Salad, Cream of Broccoli and Asparagus Soup, Mango Sorbet, Roast US Beef Tenderloin, Blackened Tuna Fillet and Caramelized Profiteroles.

The salad was brought out first. It was fresh but I couldn't fully enjoy it because it had a bitter aftertaste. The soup came next; it was creamy but a little bland.

Top of the Citi
Cream of Broccoli and Asparagus Soup and Mango Sorbet
In preparation for the main course, the Mango Sorbet was served to balance out and cleanse the palate. It was a cute scoop of what looked like shaved frozen mango juice. It did its trick of cleansing the taste buds.

Top of the Citi
Roast US Beef Tenderloin and Grilled Blackened Tuna Fillet

The main course is a plate of Beef Tenderloin in Wild Mushroom Sauce, and Blackened Tuna Fillet, paired with potatoes and steamed vegetables. The beef was packed with flavor and very tender -- cooked just right so it easily yielded to every stroke of my knife. The same goes for the tuna fillet; scrumptious and juicy.

Top of the Citi
Caramelized Profiteroles
Capping our meal was the Caramelized Profiteroles -- cute little puffs coated with melted sugar.

What can I say about this meal? The mains were delicious but I could use another helping of the beef tenderloin. The rest of the food were similar to the usual hotel food which I find a little bland. Nothing wrong with it, I think that's really how food in these types of restaurants is prepared. It's just that my Pinoy palate was looking for something punchier. Oh well, at least I got to try fine dining and felt like a millionaire even just for a brief moment. Ambiance and service, as can be expected, are first-rate.

Top of the Citi

Cover photo: Kale and Mesclun Greens Salad

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