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The summer sunshine seems to be different in this side of Batangas, splashing an abundance of colors to the entirety of the place. The blue seawater over the horizon seems to be at its richest hue while the grass carpeting the property was a bright cerulean. It looked like an entirely different world, a deviation perhaps from the rest of the resorts scattered in that stretch of shore. Forget the illusion of grandeur though, in fact, the sheer simplicity and bucolic appeal of this place made it all the more alluring.

We were at Anilao Beach Club, a small yet quiet seaside spot, for a weekend of sun, sand and seawater. It was a great day, the sky was cloudless and the water was sparkling as it caught the sun's rays. The beach was not too expansive, and neither was the sand white nor fine enough. As a matter of fact, the beach was pebbly. Nonetheless, it was still an appealing place, perfect for a day of lounging and just being lazy. The air-conditioned cottages were made of native materials, complete with thatched roofs, capiz windows and bamboo floorings. It was the perfect amenity to complete the beach getaway vibe. Add to that coconut trees swaying to the sea breeze and you have the perfect beach getaway.

trees and cottages
Coconut trees and cottages
If you are an avid diver, you can arrange for a diving trip. After all, Batangas is known to be home to some of the best dive sites in the country. The waters surrounding Batangas host a thriving habitat of colorful corals, fishes and other marine creatures. Alternatively, you may arrange for a tour in the nearby islands via any of the boat operators in the area. It was not an island-hopping tour per se but the boatmen can take you for a ride in the open waters for an hour or so, including a quick dip in the crystal clear sea. Don’t forget to bring snorkeling gears with you. Otherwise, you may have to rent a set from them.

Off island-hopping
Visiting one of the islands
Beach volleyball is available if you want a serious physical activity. You may also opt to kayak near the shore to enjoy the view beyond the beach while slowly paddling. Use of these facilities are free of charge if you are checked in the resort.

volleyball field
Volleyball field

Kayaking near the shore

souvenir shot
Souvenir shot along the beach
As for food, you may arrange to have your meals cooked by the resort’s restaurant. Expect fresh seafood and beef in the menu, both abundant in the province of Batangas. Sample their grilled fresh catch, sizzling tuna belly and steaming bulalo.

tuna belly and grilled bangus
Sizzling tuna belly and grilled bangus

Steaming hot bulalo soup

How to get to Anilao Beach Club

Via Private Vehicle

Take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) from Magallanes or Alabang, Muntinlupa then make an exit to Diversion Road in Balagtas, Batangas. Drive straight to Bolbok, Batangas and make a right under Bolbok flyover, proceeding to Bauan town. Drive all the way to Maghinao Bridge then make a left going to the town of Mabini. Drive all the way until you see the statue of Mabini (new tourism triangle), then make a right going to Anilao.

Via Public Transportation

From Manila, you may take any bus bound for Batangas City Pier. You may alight at the Batangas Grand Terminal and then take a jeepney going to Mabini in Anilao. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Anilao Public Market. From there, you may take a tricycle going to the Anilao Beach Club.

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