Anilao Beach Club: A Weekend Well-Spent In Batangas

July 01, 2023

Anilao Beach Club is a beautiful resort in Batangas that is perfect for quick getaways with your friends or loved ones.

Anilao Beach Club in Batangas is a quaint yet charming beach property located in Batangas. Its cottages are made of bamboo and other native materials that give it that provincial feel. Anilao Beach Club is perfect for a quick beach getaway but it also offers world-class dive sites for enthusiasts as well as beginners who would like to experience seeing the underwater wonders.

Boats at Anilao Beach Club

Anilao Beach Club: A Weekend Well-Spent In Batangas 

    Our experience at Anilao Beach Club

    We went to Anilao Beach Club for our annual summer outing. When we arrived at the resort, we noticed that it was just a small property but it was beautiful nonetheless. The cottages look cozy and airy, although they were airconditioned.

    Cottages at Anilao Beach Club

    Although the resort is small, it does not look cramped. There is enough space to move around comfortably. There are even long tables outside so it's a great area for bonding with friends at night. We even had a game of Pinoy Henyo here as well as a few drinks. 

    The beach at Anilao Beach Club
    The beach

    The summer sun was shining brightly when we stayed here, not that we were expecting it to rain. But it just felt different, the sunshine that is, when you are at the beach. The colors everywhere looked amplified, the water glistening over the horizon, and the sky is at its bluest.

    When we had settled our bags in our designated rooms, we quickly changed into our swimming attire and swam on the beach. The resort offers simple, in fact, basic amenities but we had a wonderful time here. We slept comfortably during the night and we enjoyed our activities during the day. 

    What to do at Anilao Beach Club

    You might be thinking that Anilao Beach Club might just be another boring resort in Batangas. Well, it's not boring at all. In fact, there are a lot of things that you can do here. Some of these are the following:

    1. Beach bum

    There's nothing more ideal than spending your day at the beach doing nothing. Well, you can listen to the waves, feel the strong sea breeze, and wade in seawater. 

    Swimming at Anilao Beach Club

    Anyway, why just wade when you can swim? Go ahead and indulge, the water in Anila Beach Club is enticing.

    2. Go island-hopping

    Island hopping is one of our favorite things to do when we are in Batangas. We inquired at the reception area if boat operators offer island-hopping and we were lucky that it was. So we arranged for a tour of the nearby beaches. 

    Island-hopping at Anilao Beach Club

    It was not really an island-hopping tour per se but the boatmen can take you for a ride in the open waters for an hour or so, a quick dip included. You can bring your own snorkeling gear or you can rent from the boat operator. 

    3. Go for a dive

    If you are an avid diver, you can arrange for a diving trip. After all, Batangas is known as the home to some of the best dive sites in the country. 

    Diving at Anilao Beach Club

    The waters surrounding Batangas host a thriving habitat of colorful corals, fishes, and other marine creatures. 

    4. Play beach volleyball

    Beach volleyball at Anilao Beach Club
    Beach volleyball

    Beach volleyball is available if you want a serious physical activity. You may also opt to kayak near the shore to enjoy the view beyond the beach while slowly paddling. Use of these facilities is free of charge if you are checked in the resort.

    5. Ride a kayak

    The use of kayaks, life vests, and beach shoes is free. As such, you can enjoy kayaking on the beach as much as you want. 

    Kayaking at Anilao Beach Club

    Don't venture too far out into the sea though as there are no lifeguards on duty at all times.

    Dining at Anilao Beach Club

    Don't worry about your food at Anilao Beach Club because you can arrange to have your meals prepared by the resort’s restaurant. 

    Sizzling seafood at Anilao Beach Club
    Sizzling and grilled seafood

    You can expect fresh seafood and beef on the menu since both of these items are abundant in the province of Batangas. 

    Bulalo at Anilao Beach Club

    We had Anilao Beach Club's grilled fresh catch, sizzling tuna belly, and steaming bowls of bulalo. The food is hearty and delicious, so it's worth buying it here than going outside. In fact, we did not see any nearby restaurants except for small neighborhood stores selling halo-halo and basic things.

    How to go to Anilao Beach Club

    Via Private Vehicle 

    If you are bringing a private vehicle, take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) from Magallanes or Alabang, Muntinlupa then exit to Diversion Road in Balagtas, Batangas. 

    Drive straight to Bolbok, Batangas, and make a right under Bolbok flyover, proceeding to Bauan town. Drive all the way to Maghinao Bridge then make a left going to the town of Mabini. 

    Drive all the way until you see the statue of Mabini (new tourism triangle), then make a right going to Anilao.

    Via Public Transportation 

    If you are taking public transportation, you may take any bus bound for Batangas City Pier. You may alight at the Batangas Grand Terminal and then take a jeepney going to Mabini in Anilao. 

    Ask the driver to drop you off at the Anilao Public Market. From there, you may take a tricycle going to the Anilao Beach Club.


    We just stayed overnight at Anilao Beach Club but we felt like it was a well-spent weekend. Aside from our activities at the resort, we went around the neighborhood and bought halo-halo and snacks from the stores. 

    It was nice talking to the residents who were all eager to tell us stories when they found out that we were just vacationing.

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    Anilao Beach Club review

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    1. After ng pandemic masarap po dito pumunta perfect mag unwind and relaxing view din po. Pwede ka pang mag volleyball and kayaking 🤗 Kahit yung food nila parang ang sarap din po. Must visit.

    2. a vacation where you can do a lot if things than just getting a dip on the beach. there is so much to do at Anilao beach club. a getaway that the family will surely enjoy