The advantages of using GPSmyCity downloadable city guides

Monday, 10 April 2017

GPSmyCity is a Blog2App platform, a pioneer in transforming travel blogs into GPS-powered mobile apps. These apps can be downloaded in smartphones and tablets, and serve as personal city guides.

Travel apps are essential tools that can make every traveler's life easy and convenient. From scoring the best deals in flights, hotels and attractions, to itinerary-planning, there are free downloadable applications out there that can cater to your various needs. One such tool that should be in everybody's smartphone or mobile device is GPSmyCity.

GPSmyCity downloadable city guides

GPSmyCity downloadable city guides

GPSmyCity is a Blog2App platform, a pioneer in transforming travel blogs into GPS-powered mobile apps. These apps can be downloaded in smartphones and tablets, and serve as personal city guides.

As far back as 2009, the company has been publishing city guide apps on the iTunes App Store and was on Google Play Store in 2013. GPSmyCity is the largest publisher of self-guided walking tour apps, covering over 700 cities globally. These apps have had over 12 million downloads since being made available at the App Store.

Here are just a few advantages of using GPSmyCity:

  1. Read articles offline. No data or WIFI? No problem. You can read your favorite articles at your most convenient time or plan for your itinerary whenever you want to.
  1. Have your personal tour guide. While travel article apps can be downloaded for free, you have the option to upgrade it for a minimal amount. What you'll get is an offline map and a GPS-enabled engine. Thus, when you want to visit an attraction, a landmark or a restaurant, simply click the "Go There" button next to the name of the place. You'll have an offline map plotted for that place which you can follow either by foot or vehicle.
  1. Travel at your own pace. Since you have the city guides right in your gadget, you can go there at your own pace. No need to be bound by the hectic schedules of being in tours. Plus, you can already ditch confusing maps or bulky travel books on your next trip.
  1. Save money from tours. Be adventurous and plan out your own trip. This way, you'll immerse yourself deeply in the destination you are exploring. The best part is that you can also save money from expensive guided tours.
GPSmyCity downloadable city guides

In fact, some articles from Ivan + Khris' Travels are now also available for download via GPSmyCity. These are:

  1. Puerto Princesa City Familiarization Tour
  2. Where to Eat in Baler
  3. Day 3 : Roaming around Cebu City
  4. Puerto Princesa Food Diary
Should you wish to take these articles with you, simply click on the above titles. If you have not yet downloaded the GPSmyCity app, you will be directed to the App Store where you can download it. Otherwise, you will be taken by the app directly to the article where you can save it for offline viewing.

Furthermore, I am happy to announce that upgrade to the article Puerto Princesa City Familiarization Tour is available for free beginning today, April 10, 2017 until Sunday, April 16, 2017*. Click on "Upgrade" and the article-app will be linked to an offline map and GPS navigator.

Meanwhile, if you have travel articles that you think are potentially helpful to travelers, you may register for free as an author at GPSmyCity. This is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog as it entails no extra work. GPSmyCity will convert your existing articles into handy travel apps.

The income from the article app upgrade will be shared between you, the blogger, and GPSmyCity. Bloggers/publishers will receive 70% of the article net sales, which is the article gross sales income less the commission fee charged by iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and the cost of a third party offline map.

Don't worry about your content because you retain full ownership of it. You just have to grant GPSmyCity exclusive rights to convert your blog posts into mobile apps and publish them on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. GPSmyCity requires exclusive rights to avoid duplicate publications on the app stores which is prohibited by both Apple and Google. For your reference, here is the complete terms and conditions.

*If you upgrade one of my travel articles beyond this period, you will be charged a minimal free, from which I will earn a commission from GPSmyCity. All funds will be used for the maintenance of this blog.

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