Charaptor: Have Your Fill Of Delicious All-You-Can-Eat Barbecue

March 12, 2016

Charaptor is possibly one of the most popular restaurants in Makati when it comes to grill-all-you-can barbecue.

Charaptor is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable restaurants in Metro Manila when it comes to all-you-can-eat barbecue. It offers an extensive array of appetizers, meat and seafood choices, and vegetable sidings that you can grill based on your liking.

Meats on the grill at Charaptor

Charaptor: Have Your Fill Of Delicious All-You-Can-Eat Barbecue

    Our experience at Charaptor

    We went to Charaptor because we had an intense craving for isaw. We heard many good things about it so we thought of trying it for ourselves.

    We were initially thinking of going from Makati all the way to UP Diliman just to buy isaw but decided not to because we thought it might not be such a wise idea after all. While the UP campus would have provided a welcome change in the atmosphere, it was also unrealistic to go there because of the notoriously heavy traffic in EDSA. 

    It was quite easy to go to Charaptor since most cab drivers knew where it was located. That was understandable because it had grown very popular among the crowd from Makati as well as from nearby locations.

    The ambiance at Charaptor

    When we arrived at Charaptor, it was exactly how we pictured it. There was thick smoke everywhere because of all the barbecues being grilled and it had a bar-like ambiance. It had a generally relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, which was nice especially if you are coming from work and want to de-stress.

    The tables were fitted with grills, similar to that in Yakimix. However, the grills in Charaptor are charcoal-fired. An exhaust pipe is placed directly above the grills but it was not powerful enough to suck away all the smoke. 

    As for the actual buffet tables, we were expecting it to be a little chaotic with people competing over the prime cuts of meat but it was surprisingly orderly.

    The food

    So how do you begin your food adventure in Charaptor? You can opt to get appetizers first and eat this first while you decide on which food to get. 

    Chicharon bulaklak at Charaptor

    We got several pieces of crunchy, crispy, and sinful chicharon bulaklak (deep-fried pork large intestines), first and enjoyed these with a spicy chili-vinegar dipping sauce. If you do not like chicharon bulaklak because you want to "limit" your cholesterol intake, you can also get French fries.

    While you are nibbling on your appetizers, you can already load up your grill with your choice of meat, fish, and vegetables so that these are already cooked by the time you finish your appetizer. 

    Choice of meats at Charaptor

    In terms of meat choices at Charaptor, you may get chicken thigh and wings, pork barbecue on skewers, beef strips, tuna chunks, salmon belly slices, pork liempo, bacon-wrapped tofu, and pork and chicken isaw. 

    Plate of fresh meat for grilling at Charaptor

    We got several sticks of chicken and pork isaw, bacon-wrapped tofu, salmon slices and tuna chunks, pork barbecue, and liempo. You can also get basting sauce which you can brush on your barbecue to keep it moist and flavorful.

    The pork and chicken isaw were definitely our favorite. They were delicious; marinated well and packed with a lot of flavors. We liked our isaw a bit toasted and then dipped in spicy vinegar sauce. 

    Grilled isaw at Charaptor

    The bacon-wrapped tofu is our second favorite. The tofu was seasoned well and the bacon provided a layer of savory flavors to the tofu chunks. 

    As for the fish, we tried the salmon strips and tuna chunks. We overcooked them a bit but they were still delicious. The grilled fish was best-dipped in the toyo-mansi sauce. 

    As for sides, there are vegetables like corn on a cob, sliced bell peppers, and eggplants. These are all marinated and ready for grilling. If you are thinking of eating something heavy to go with your grilled meats, you can also get rice and pasta from the buffet table. 

    Basting sauce at Charaptor

    To complete the whole grilling experience, there are several dipping sauces that you can choose from at the counter table like spicy vinegar, toyo-mansi, gravy, barbecue sauce, and cheese.

    We also ordered refillable drinks. If you need to refill your glasses, just go to the bar where you can choose from lemon iced tea, orange and pineapple juices, red iced tea, blue lemonade, and regular lemonade. If you want a beer to go with your barbecue, you can order it separately. 

    We were definitely enjoying our food at Charaptor so that we made several trips back to the buffet area until we were stuffed and almost couldn’t breathe. 

    Our verdict

    When we were done eating, we got our bill and were a little surprised that our hugely-satisfying meal was less than Php1,000 at around Php845. 

    Charaptor review and experience

    Charaptor is definitely worth a visit. It's a nice place to hang out on a Friday evening and get a few drinks. It had good music but not too loud so that customers can still talk without having to shout. This restaurant is also ideal for once-in-a-while visits, especially if you are suddenly craving for smoky, char-grilled treats.

    Charaptor is located at Building D, SM by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City. For inquiries, you may call them at the telephone number +63283306056.

    Credit Cards are accepted at Charaptor.

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    4. Charaptor a place for those Filipino street food lover. Eat all you can barbeque, that is pure love. Eating with the sauces we love plus overflowing drinks, you can eat for hours in this place. Charaptor is definitely worth a visit